How are (actual) white people treated in latin america?

are they treated like gods or do people banter them for being a different color?

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they harvest their kidneys

Soy Amerindio. Preg├║ntame lo que sea.

In white majority countries like Argentina or Uruguay, they are hated only by underclass shitskins, by it's actually a very recent phenomenon. (Soros is probably behind this)
in other parts they are either very rich and don't care about other people (Bolivia), or are poor as every mestizos and they don't care about them. (like in Colombia)

the only really noticeable anti-white mentality happens on Mexico, when they call you "Guero" when you are too white, but they actually dislike pure indians too, a bunch of butthurt mongrels.

>In white majority countries like Argentina or Uruguay

>In white majority countries like Argentina or Uruguay

Outside of memes it's true, the original meme is they are actually butthurt that americans and their propaganda shown them as mestizos when they are actually white, so they start to repeat "we are white! we are white!" and because internet people are assholes, they did exaggerations calling them black mens, and only summerfags and Sup Forumstards believe this unironically..


they are treated like gods. this is full of shit.

Most of them have spanish and italian blood and they speak spanish so by definition they can't be white. I bet you are from there.

>In white majority countries like Argentina or Uruguay

interesting and very true. Here you can find whites in every social class. It's a strange phenomenon. however, whites tend to still overrepresent the middle and upper class. This is the case as well in Venezuela and maybe Brazil as well. It's not uncommon to see whites somehow living in favelas or working as street cleaners, keeping an eye on cars on the street, etc... White here means southern euro btw. Racial segregation is not as marked here as it in north America

Why are Argentinians and Uruguays this delusional? You are a bunch of light skinned mestizos.

In the case of Colombia, it's because whites are probably more numerous, they are not afrikaner tier population like in Peru or Bolivia.
the same thing happens on Argentina and Uruguay with poor whites around mulattoes or amerindians, but for some reasons, those last year there is some tendencies to associate them with middle class and upper class, and some racial antagonism appears, some financial people are behind this, like for the feminism.
So only Anglos are white?

No, YOU are.
>Brazil literally use a reversed one drop rule, when a nigger is mixed, he's considered white.

>So only Anglos are white?
Correct :^)

Serious, compare any Argentinian and Uruguayan crowd with any Italian crowd.

Bunch of light skinned mestizos

>So only Anglos are white?

And other germanic peoples.

They looks pretty similar actually.
but Scandinavians are Chinks hybrids.
pic related

Whatever they are, we are not white, Armando.

They don't kek You can clearly see Amerindian traits in most Argentinians

Why is this stupid self hatred gobbled up by people? Literally every European is white, but being white is irrelevant. I was in Chile a few days ago, everyone is a beautiful shade of brown, and they're the best economy in Latin America.

Success has nothing to do with your skin colour, race or genes, and everything to do with ones culture, environment and willpower.

It's not self-hate, retard, I don't want to be associated with lesser races like yours.

> Lesser races
There are no lesser races. There are only lesser peoples.

>light skinned mestizos

hahahah the eternal mapuche

Wog detected. You should stop that self-hate, whites don't like you.

Actually not, but you're right at some point.
Most of the white population is on the region of Buenos Aires, and the region of Buenos Aires have more than 60% of the country.
some northern areas of the countryside are full of mestizos, and they are not immigrants.
there are mestizos argies but they are not the majority.
and also immigrants from Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

Nice cherry picking lad ^:)

*more than 60% of the country's population

>cherry picking
How? Are they from a special European only region of Argentina?

Why even obsess with w*iteness. Who gives a fuck if you're a cumskin from some irrelevant South American country.

Are treated normal except for SJW and black power retards

How can't you see Amerindian traits in Messi?

I don't see spics very often but If I didn't know who he was I would say he was Italian/Spanish

are you trolling

Messi is clearly non-white.

Like I said, Italian/Spanish

Nice numbers, sir.

They are beautiful desu. I love Chile and Chilean people. I want to become a Chilean.

Is Messi considered white in Turdey?

I'm talking about non-white ancestry.


It's funny that you say that because his dad is primarily Spanish and mother Italian so those "Ameridian traits" seem to be European as well


but they have flat butt

kek, then you are nigger tier

There is a thing in South America, if you are 1/3 Italian and 2/3 non-white, you claim to be Italian. lootings&btnG=

literally only underage basement dwellers with no life don't consider him as white
he's not swarthy
has no african/asian traits
light brown hair
what do you want me to call him, you spastic?

>flat butt
Non-niggers aren't bothered by this. The big butt = sexy meme needs to stop.


Sudaca, spic, latino, tano, nariz├│n, etc. calling him white is something only very dark nations would do.

>has no african/asian traits

Are you fucking kidding? Are Turks really Siberian tier non-white?

We don't claim to be white but that guy can pass as local in southern europe, turkey, iran, caucasia

So exactly the same as in North Americans. I see.

You should have dropped the Irish culture by now. Irish lads were assimilated ages ago.

nobody is obsessed here, on the first place I was just asking the question of OP, but for some reason a simple post provoked intense butthurt from disgusting chicanos like you.

>OP asks an interesting question
>Sup Forumstards go "muhh argentina white xDD" t. pablo

>Falling for the bait.
Messi is one of the whitest people you'll ever see, everybody knows that

Shut the fuck up frog


you are talking about me?
I was just peacefully responding, not my fault if a simple reality triggers people so much.
taking that meme seriously is just pure cancer, and I noticed it's always some american or mexican being triggered by it.

>We don't claim to be white but that guy can pass as local in southern europe

My ass. You just don't see native traits because you were may more raped by mongols than us.

>taking that meme seriously is just pure cancer
YOU are taking it seriously
better post "tut" instead

Also to answer this question.
I don't really know t b h but I do know a wetback that's probably whiter than 99% of this board and he doesn't get treated any different. He hangs only with Mexicans and has a very thicc accent but from what I've seen they treat him the same. He doesn't consider himself white doe.

I'm talking about pretty much everyone in this thread. Look how everyone's arguing whether argentinians are white or not and some dumb ass australian living in +90% community saying race has nothing to do with anything

>In white majority countries like Argentina or Uruguay, they are hated only by underclass shitskins,
What are you talking about retard? Literally nobody hates anyone over race here

Okay if that's "native" then i'm Korean.

I did nothing wrong, I just tell some informations I know.
not my fault if people started to memeing.

You will never find a Med with his mongoloid traits on eyes, buddy. Even his kid looks mixed

it's more common in argentina, but don't deny there is something like this on Uruguay too, anyway classism is over racism on pretty much every latin countries, it's not like the anglo system.


Only a Turk would believe this could pass in Southern Europe

Spics, not Spanish or Italian. Guidos don't look like this.

>it's more common in argentina
No idea, ask an Argentinian
> but don't deny there is something like this on Uruguay too
There isn't, I live here and nobody cares.

Two different countries, stop mixing shit up because you feel like it.

>inb4 but I saw some racist on the news
well of course there are racists everywhere but that's it, we care more about someone not being Uruguayan than his race.

Also class

>Mexico, when they call you "Guero" when you are too white, but they actually dislike pure indians too
That world begins in the colony times,you stupid indio in any case spaniards in 1700's here inveted this world ,indians like mosly argies here are not hated, they are ignored just like other sudacas, you just are a meztiso ridicouls indian like most of your brown shitholle

Like gods by employees
Like suckers by pedestrians/criminals

Why does people like Zimmerman called "white" in the US and not Hispanic...?

from that to calling messi a churka is a bit...

>a french expert, seniores

Because most Hispanics are half white or more?
I dunno, just guessing.

>Here you can find whites in every social class.
Lying on the internet is pathetic

*get called

Messi is literally a mestizo, he has an injun grandmother

Something wrong, my buttblasted friend?

noticed how this indian is an argentinian

if you ever come here (I hope not) you'll see it for yourself

What colombians consider white actual white people consider latinos.

According to amerifats i look amerindian because of eye shape

that's where your wrong. Whites associate latino with the typical amerindian looking or mulatto latinoamerican, mediterranean looking ones can pass as whites irl (not in the internet). They even have the term "hispanic white" to refer to them

meant for


>replying to that argie
this guy is a literal wizard, don't give him (You)s

Post a picture of colombian people you consider "mediterranean white" I want to laugh

Yes, listen to the whitest country in the Americas.

use google lad. I'm too lazy for that shit right now

reminder that this is a white argentine

argentinean people from buenos aires

We call him negro, in Colombia you would call him guero