burgers? nah, not a fan edition

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I’ll drown my beliefs
To have your babies
I’ll dress like your niece
And wash your swollen feet


/brit/ is a rorke general

Fact: British womens belong to the Algerian bull

literally nearly got raped by a nigger bender down a dodgy canal in brum earlier and only got one (You) for the story

was literally really scary at the time and probably more mental than anything anyone else has done today

>been seeing a japanese lass that goes to the local uni
>told me she'd like me to meet her friends tonight
>arrived at the pub and saw a group of about 7
>literally couldn't tell which one was my gf
>ran home before they spotted me and have been avoiding her calls all night
Think I've fucked it.


think this needs to be updated

think cider is the only nice alcohol, shame its only 3% or whatever


dont leave

that's where you're wrong x *places my hand on your crotch*

to the right honourable gentlemen who made this image, do you have autism?

People don't care about things that 'almost' happened, lad

got called a waste of oxygen in MFI

the election was only last month

no new election until june 2018

you can get stuff thats much higher percentage

like what? wont it taste worse

Repost it la


really fancy a beer but im on a diet and alcohol contains so many empty calories

amwf just...works

cider is 5% on average you utter mongoloid

you own fault for living in a shithole

It's the result of a poll conducted on /brit/, presented in a colour-coded graph. What kind of person can't figure that out?

eating less meat these days

>drinking for the taste

I don't have any "smug anime girls trying to hold back laughter" images, so have this instead

Drink my cum it's a lot of calories :)

you a poof lad?

Henry Weston's Vintage is 8.2%

Almost got run over by a bus today. They drive past the top of my street every fifteen minutes, if I was on the road at the time I'd be dead!

good radiohead posting desu

well i didn't see it so the results are invalid~

your tiny hands
yourr crazy kitten smile

where do I buy that. Need something available in my local corner shop

Burgers are tras-

just trying not to be fat that's all



you're obsessed with poofs mate

alri alan

I'll fix that for you
*Shoves my throbbing cock down your eager neck hole*


>tfw his wife is dead now and he recorded that song for AMSP knowing she was about to die



Can a lucozade sport bottle be used as a homemade enema?

there are actually only 103 circles?

I used to drink for the taste, when I drank. Found lots of cocktails delicious. Maybe you're doing it wrong or maybe they're an acquired taste.

quite fond of the /biz/ pink wojak

reckon we're being invaded by vikings lads

They sell it in my local corner shop

>think cider is the only nice alcohol
Absolute poof

what's her endgame?


Yea. Rather use my benis and give your lower bowel a good rinse out with my urine tbqhwyl


what then

get some scrumpy, that stuff can hit 8% lol

old rosie really kills me

me the cat

signed rebecca, aged 9

the destruction of the white race


Suicide hopefully

Talking about this guy?



downloaded the naked city and serpico lads, are they alright films?

that sonng was written like 20 years ago sweety


who the fuck does this

really cant decide if she's gorgeous or rank tbqh


no they're shit delete them

ive lived in a city my entire life so I never get to do this

like cloudwatching but at night

why download them if you don't know


who the fuck does this

you didn't read my post the song is about his wife and having kids with her and he recorded it for their new album knowing she was about to die from cancer

t. inner london runt

an Icelander couldn't even comprehend this type of encounter
I at first thought he was going to rob me, after he started following me he put his hand in his pocket and I thought he was drawing a knife
turned out to be a harmless bender but kept asking me if I was down here for head (willy sucking) and said he could see my 'big tings' through my jogging bottoms
true but I'm moving away soon
although I did drive into the city and walked through the old part full of abandoned factories and generally full of dodgy behaviour

>babestation germany

used to do it at school during lunch break sometimes x

I live in the countryside but there's nothing special about staring at the stars


What a slag

Haven't seen The Naked City but Serpico's pretty good. Check out Donnie Brasco if you like that one. Carlito's Way as well, if you haven't seen it. 10/10 Pacino.


>reddit spacing


UK and specially england will be white minority soon, how do you feel about living in a post-white society? Will UK remain the same? Will the transition lead to ethnic conflicts?
U.S are doing fine it seems.

does high % cider not just taste shit like beer then


the gf playing now

People who live in countries that actually have dark skies and want to feel a sense of existential wonder

Stop walking around with your tings swinging about

only just realised what a massive roastie she is
also tiny tits and bad tattoos

watching a livestream of a girl with a 10 inch willy

>shit like beer
literal 12 year old detected

serene choon


If some chick ever said this shit to me I'd be more scared than relieved.