Underappreciated countries edition

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I'm of Lao descent AMA

Flips are gay

san fransisco

They are Polish of Asia.

They are everywhere and no body wants them.

Atleast Polish are alittle less uga booga and more cultured. And more hot

would have thought that would be the chinese

>a little less uga booga

say that to me in real life, ese.

Bitch niggas pls

>underappreciated countries

Never been there but armenia and georgia seem like fun places to visit

I'm bored


Duterte better kill you off you degenerate

Australian posting from Sài Gòn.
What to do while here?

sex touristy things probably, or maybe go see a museum and look at how they defeated the corrupt 'Murrican

go to airport get a ticket out of that place and go to malaysia instead


Get a plane to middle of vietnam visit rice terraces smoke shisha and bang qt viet also visit cu chi tunnels

Start a sweatshop factory.

Fuck a trap and get AIDS

Stop confusing us with Thai ladyboi

ut we are deporting those without E-cards by the boatloads, we are no longer full.

Not enough

As a mainlander I can attest to the fact that we only use FB and are too retarded to use anything else.

My bad

Can I come I'm sick of being around white trash and niggers ?


>40 million Facebookers
>barely present anywhere else

Our English ability is fucken shit.

Really? I kind of recalls seeing plenty of tweets about BCC and Siam Paragon back in 2014.

viets provided us free soccer streaming on FB

What would liberals say?
Even caning illegals are inhumane nowdays.
Well why not, even backpackers are hitting the streets for money and even my city have foreigners all over nowdays.
Look at the bright side, no reporting links for deletion since its not in english.

I'm so hungry, got no money no nothing. what to eat ?? pls halp!!

Is this Burma?

Go to the nearby food outlet and start washing dishes for food.


Lol i read that that place is empty. Seem like Camberra 2.0: Southeast Asia boogaloo.

About Burma, while literacy rate is high and that it used to be a British colony in that English remain the unofficial national language besides Burmese, then why are Burmese anons rare on Sup Forums, let alone /asean/?

Internet is expensive as fuck, i think the most expensive in all of Southeast Asia.

More than ours? I always thought we have the highest internet sub

Our internet is actually cheap by SEA standard. It's cheaper than Thailand or Indonesia.

The biggest problem is that Internet in Burma remains heavily censored (more so than ours) until very recently when democratic reforms are implemented thanks to Aung San Sur Kyi.


I can see the current regime pulling off a propaganda stunt like this.

Minus the hammer and sickle but you get the idea.

kamu koling-koling, aku lagi pusing
kamu miskol aku, aku lagi dongkol
please deh aku jenuh dengan omongmu
please deh aku jenuh.

Kek, these shits are everywhere, yet no one cares of them.

On the positive sides, they now make banners like "Industrialisation, modernisation have to go along with natural protection", "Education goes hand in hand with the development".

What's civil society like in your country? As in promoting social stuff like environment and alleviating poverty?

That's what you call propaganda? I just think they're big pictures the government puts there because they don't know what else to draw.
At least it's not degenerate or rainbow shit.

Hey Asean bros, what would you think of Japanese imperialism protected against western colonialism?
And, what would your counties be like today without Japanese imperialism?
Do not get me wrong, I am not justifying of imperialism, however my ancestors did to free you guys from western slavery system for sure.

Both are wrong

>I'm not justifying imperialism
>Imperialism is a great thing by the way
That cognitive dissonance must be something huh nip.

without Japanese Imperialism, American and Spanish architecture here would be very much intact here. we were a once country that represents east meets west, now that's a distant memory.

>American and Spanish architecture here would be very much intact here
>declare open city in Manila
>still bomb it to the ground
Fucking Japs kek.

and they sent our country decades back. it doesn't help that we've already agreed to be independent from the americans, so we had even less help to rebuild.

What do you praise cucked culture so hard, you soulless cuck?

You are fucking disgraceful to own knid.

you didn't have to destroy everything you cunt.

Are you

Kek. Notice that the illegals are not even sad. I knew an Indon who got deported but he just made a new passport under a different name in Indonesia and came back in 2 months. Even rejoined the same construction company. Stopping illegals is a useless task. Instead, tax them at entry and exit and for every international funds transfer. Make them pay income tax too. Thats an extra 3-4 million people who we can add to the tax base.

>have a culture of no surrender
>be extremely strict with this
>the primary cause of all the fuckery in bataan
>BTFO by nukes so badly you and your emperor had to surrender like bitches
>still have US bases on your soil
I'm not sure which one of is the cuck.

Are you fucking dumb? You are so fucking weirdos to me as hell.You all pinoys like this guy really love symbol of colonialists(rapists)?

fuck off cunt

We lost war.
We still live in nation under the hegemony of winners that's why.

>You all pinoys like this guy really love symbol of colonialists(rapists)

like japan?

but seriously tho whats Japanese culture but a raped version of china

if we ended up with Japanese shinto temples and kimonos that would also be a symbol of rape

You don't sound real Pinoy to me.

I am not.

fuck off cunt.

>love the symbol of colonialists(rapists)
>said the Jap
>America's fellow Neocolonalist whose greatest war crimes are rape and murder

Being dragged to build railways must not be fun as well as eating tree bark and boiled cassava all day.
Still on the good side your the hardship made malays fed up with colonialism, demand independence from the bongs while rejecting the jus soli concept and Malayan Union.
The employers need to be caned in public as well, the illegals are the result of their demand after all. Employers already got plenty of time to register and the levy delayed till next year there is no excuse.

You are wrong. Our initial intention of war over there was the idea of Asian unification, that is by far from vandalism of culture to protect against colonialism.

Very widespread, basically very know of those stuffs.

>protected against western colonialism
>this delusional Jap

Sure, that would have worked out, if you guys weren't crazy japs. I mean fucking radio calisthenics in the morning or get shot? Dragging young civilian women to become comfort women?

Hell, you couldn't even do the best crazy thing (chink genocide) you wanted to do properly.

that would have been applicable if we have something as grand as the khmer empire
to protect as from the kind of colonialism you disagree

this butthurt
t. teacher kim from language school

I can not believe obsession of western culture by a fucking pinoy guy here

Why does banana seller pinoy man has this level of cuckolds and obsess so much of western things? You lost dignity being Asian. Do you like it when whites say to you " hey wash my toilet"?


Turn off your proxy, davido-kun

>Dragging young civilian women to become comfort women?
>young civilian women

Give me convincible evidences or sources about it to me first.

I wonder what would you guys treated women during war time.
Are you guys all saint, or what?

Also thanks to WW2 making radicalizing entire generations we get the best part of the constitution even though the rest of the constitution was cucked by anglos.
Truly eternal source of salt.

I am real Japanese man, friendo.

Well we are not east Asians
We weren't shinonized raped by china like you
People are obsesse with pop culture including Japan's.

I hated that we got westenized
But don't be delusional and say what you did here in ww2 is better than what you accuse the west did.

You simply miss your boat you should have done what you did during the 15 or 16 century and "japanized" our islands
But you didn't.

So enjoy the invader destroyer label
It is what it is

>what you did here in ww2 is better than what you accuse the west did.

Did I ? no. I just mentioned that we eventually freed you from western destructionism which is real fact.

>What would liberals say?

Jap women get raped by American soldiers once in a while

Jap too cucked to kick out Americans from their homeland

Jap even suppress Okinawans who dislike US military presence like good little cucks

The USA was to suppose to leave us already but because you attack us and destroyed everything they had to comeback

That's the thing what exactly do you expect us to be without the "western destructionism"?

I bet right now japan is more westernized the we are

Prisoner of the British: A Japanese soldiers experiences in Burma

This is a book written by Japanese soldier who spent in British prison camp.
He described the British( whites) as follows thorough his experience.
His conclusion was that whites see Asians livestock., trashes of roach, nothing less dogs.

Aida is best remembered for the theory that the 'rationality' of Western civilization was consequential upon the practice of raising and killing livestock. This hypothesis, called the "livestock rearing theory" (家畜飼育説 kachiku shiikusetsu),[2] was set forth in his 1966 book Rationalism (Gōrishugi). He associated the slaughter of domestic animals, which had been hitherto reared with great care, with the nonchalant belligerence of Western soldiers. In his view, Westerners are free from the kind of hysteria Japanese soldiers would often show at the sight of bloodshed. Aida blamed this very hysteria for the excessive acts of cruelty that the Japanese were accused of during the Second World War. Westerners, on the other hand, have so long been accustomed to calmly butchering animals that they developed a rational approach to slaughter, which they extended to human conflict. The Japanese hardly had any contact with livestock owing to the Buddhist taboo of eating meat and were too emotive to master the Western sort of nonchalance.

Filipino women get raped by American soldiers once in a while

Filipino too cucked to kick out Americans from their homeland

Filipino even suppress Dutertards who dislike US military presence like good little cucks

This look at what happen when we kicked them out

Calling out japan on their USA bases is a bad and stupid call out tbhwy

>I wonder what would you guys treated women during war time. Are you guys all saint, or what?

None of you answered my question yet tho.

Dutertards dislike US military presence because they're pro-China like good little cucks

>I wonder what would you guys treated women during war time. Are you guys all saint, or what?
Not like a batshit crazy jap would, that's for sure.

Really looks like some sort of flak tower.

You're all fucking delusional. It was the Americans that bombed Manila. And the raping / Bataan deathmarch were all lies told. The Japanese were kind people that if you go with their beliefs, they'll treat you kindly and feed you and if you are a cuck American supporter, you were instantly killed. That's pretty much how my great grandparents survived they war, as they told me. Remember that the government was split into between Pro-Japanese and Pro-Americans. It was also Filipinos killing each other.

>The Japanese were kind people
Maybe now but back in the war the Japanese were completely different beasts. They were beating up POWs and treating them harshly. Heck, the Kempeitai (police units) would hurt or even kill anyone (through decapitation, no less) who did so much as disrespect them.

user, even the biggest weaboos need to admit that the Japanese were really bad back then.

Frankly, I think you might need to take a crash course on WW2.

They are unkind to those who go against them, this was for the sake of Philippine prosperity. Look at where the Philippines stand now. In the fucking rubble of slums.

Siding with the Americans was a mistake. You do know that America treats the Philippines like a puppet and steals your resources right? Just like what they did to who knows how many small countries. And now they're at it again in the middle east. Fucking scums.

youre the one who need a crash course on ww2. don't blame entire populations for terrible actions of just a few

kayak mau batuk nih rasanya

>They are unkind to those who go against them
>this was for the sake of Philippine prosperity
>Actually defending Japanese atrocities
>Actually thinking the Japanese beating us up, massacring us, and using up our resources was "for our own good"

I know you're a national socialist (aka pretty much a fascist) but this is going too far.

I'm not blaming all the Japanese for what happened, I'm just telling him that defending Japanese actions in WW2 is not very good to say the least.

>it's a david-kun falls for japanese propaganda episode

Not necessarily true but to an extent this is true >The Japanese were kind people that if you go with their beliefs, they'll treat you kindly and feed you and if you are a cuck American supporter, you were instantly killed.
They actually did try their best to get support and facilitate non-western values. However, they were still batshit crazy because they lacked a more humanistic approach to things. While you get good results for listening, they take extreme measures for even the slightest slight.

>Americans bombed Manila
Both of them bombed Manila. But the fact that Japan bombed an open city is true.

Also Bataan wasn't a lie. The flips and Americans surrendered to the Japs in order ensure corregidor's safety, one of the last standing places that contained the opposing forces of manila. And while it's noble, the Japanese had a raging boner for people who surrender because of their code. This led to the death march.

The Japs were also raping openly. But, this is a big but, the rape epedemic was mostly found in places where active guerilla forces were found. They were the enemy's women, so they didn't give a shit.

Also, my father was alive during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines as well but I realize using his anecdotes isn't a basis for strong arguments.

Looks like more bullshit has arrived

I was wondering when will you show up

God help this shit flip centric thread

>Japanese atrocities
>Implying Japanese atrocities are real
>Implying Americans weren't cruel
>Implying Americans didn't bomb Manila and still believe that the Japs did it
Almost all of the world war 2 documents were written by Americans. Of course they wouldn't want to look bad in public.

My grandparents owned lots much land, but they supported the Japanese. If they didn't, they could've been killed by now.

>implying Japan didn't start their colonial conquests when they were lacking resources due to the industrialization boom
>implying they didn't do it to create puppets and steal resources
You need some early 1900s history and know their great feats against Manchuria and Russia.

it was the USA that bombed manila not japs

>My grandparents owned lots much land, but they supported the Japanese. If they didn't, they could've been killed by now.

That tells you a lot on how cruel japs were

The Bataan death march happened because they had too many prisoners but lacking in food and resources, so they had to make everyone march up until the closest support point. One of my grandparent's relatives survived that, and they said they ate a lot when they got there.

It's fucking war, the Americans could've killed them too but they stayed low profile.