The 3 best countries in the world

the 3 best countries in the world

prove me wrong

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Netherland is Morrocan shithole
Canada is full of chinks
NZ is based i agree

Greece is better than those shitholes

New Zealand and Canada are full of Anglo subhumans

Not the Netherlands. It's in the middle of europe and has an uninteresting landscape. It's not nearly north enough or south enough to be beautiful.

nz is a useless boring shithole full of ugly boring subhuman
an australian wrote
that if you add the maori subhumans
this shithole is 30% asian

not in any measurable unit

>Canada is full of chinks

Yeah 4% of the population holy shit they are on the brink of taking over


scandinavia is ugly and you are the most boring people in europe

they are subhumans
and many of them here are chinks

Why are there kiwis in Germany?


japan is a shithole

>muh landscape
Netherlands is more successful than you will ever be. Mountains don't mean shit, they're just pointless rocks with no use at all, the Dutch realized this.


holland is ugly and boring
so are the people
and scandinavians

you worthless subhumans

>that flag
Of course.

i dont agree
shitskin countries

Go back sucking circumcised brown dicks.


Those are the best

Not australia, no. Endless dull deserts, terrible people, uneducated and hick, plus racist against asians (particularly chinese). No good food either.

boring shitholes full of subhumans

Of all the people that have called me a spic, shitskin, lawnmower, walljumper, etc IRL, None of them have been Australian.
Australia is cool.

greece is a poor shithole full of hairy subhuman monkeys.
literally no one talks about greece in the developed world unless it's to laugh about how poor and worthless it is as a country.

nz jails for elf hentai

you are the subhuman who is jealous of Greeks

inferiority complex

Our biggest problem is that we share a border with G*rmany. We can never be one of the best countries with them next to us.


you are just an assmad subhuman, greece is so shit you had to go to germany to work. but at least you can be among your turk and albanian brothers, there are many of those in germany.

thats the only reason why you subhumans exist

subhuman shitholes

>say Gaymany


But they have been anglos, haven't they? The kind that are the majority in australia.

i was born in this shithole
you are jealous of Greeks
inferiority complex

you are assmad
you subhuman

I am a Greek

subhuman shitholes

What about Am*rica :(

america is a shitskin country

>Literally a place where you can't breathe
>Listing your own country as one of the three best countries in the world
Please stop posting

Canada? Trudeau gives millions of dollars to terrorists. I'm a pretty normal dude but this makes me want to kill myself.

South Korea are slaves to the US.

Just visited and the American influence is just sickening.

That's not a bad thing ;(

drinking acid that burns you from inside isnt a bad thing either

Whoa there, I thought Germany only hated the jews.

>be American
>get hospitalized and charged with exorbitant cost over 10 million dollars

>Canada is full of chinks

>He fell for the memes

We're not much better

Saw your head off, David.

How can we be one of the best countries when my boiler just broke? Now i don't have warm water until tomorrow. I truly live in a third world shithole.

this is what it EXACTLY happens in your country. make a little bit room to cut off your budget on the military and spend it on free healthcare, man?

I am a Greek

canada is filled with so many subhumans
and now you think 4% chinks is not much

Thanks, but I have to remind everybody in this thread.

moving to New Zealand tomorrow

any advice?

Is it G*rman?

>tfw you will never be accepted by Australia
>Or any other country for that matter

Beware of the Maori they're primitive Indians living deep in the woods they steal white people's wimminz at times.

G*rmans don't have boilers working on gas. They use the gas for other purposes.


chinese dont care subhuman

you boring subhuman

Who cares what a bunch of bogans and abos living in a desert filled with venomous animals cares?
Go to South Auckland after dark and try hang out with some Maori fellas, they will show you a good time.
You should be more careful, Germany might send up back to Syria if you keep acting up like this.

I am a Greek you subhuman

Stop generalising us and being racist against anglos

very ironic sven

>Cmd + F
>17 results
Do you have an inferiority complex? Also I think it's time somebody reminds you that you must be 18 or older to use this website.

Jesus Christ stop being a cringy faggot.

The same principle applies

Greek are untermensch. Time to go into the oven

It's just, you have been the group causing so much destruction in the world, primarily unto other cultures and societies. So many languages have been made extinct because of english. I don't hate you in any kind of genetic sense. Maybe it's not even anything specific to your language and culture, and others would cause the same thing if they had the same amount of speakers and strong nations as english. But you have simply hurt the world too much for me to ever not think that your existence is bad for humanity. Sorry...

>canada is filled with so many subhumans

Yes Hans, lets talk about countries overrun with subhumans. How're your girlfriends late night walks in Cologne going?

Well if you wanna hate us for the actions of our ancestors, that's fine, they did do a lot of bad stuff.

And we do continue to do some bad stuff but when it comes down to it, would you rather china or russia be the biggest boys on the block?

You'll miss us when we're gone.

>Helping the entire world develop technology, medicine and just about every single other single aspect of modern life.
Without us they would still be living in mud huts dying of disease, sure they could have done it in a nicer way but objectively colonization has helped more people than any other type of movement in society in the history of the world.

M8 most people here hate m*roccans and mass immigration. It's just that every election people are tricked into voting for parties that won't do shit

let me guess you are a filthy neo-liberal globalist normie?

I love it when the process that generated most of the wealth found on earth is now a derogatory meme buzzword

only 2.2% of our population is moroccan
t. centraal bureau der statistieken

Don't respond to turkosaurus. He's a worse poster than Rasmus ever was.

Easy. Best cunts are Colombia, Venezuela, brazil, Spain and the usa