sweating yank twat edition

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first for yanks

DRUMPFS is finished!!!!



love a bit of 'me

>In the article, Professor Bobbitt also suggests that if Trump were to be impeached rather than resigning of his own accord, this would happen not on the basis of the President receiving a bribe but of him having offered one.
How exactly is it illegal to be offered a bribe? It's hardly your fault.

He was the briber, not the bribee


im in Seale, a village of

thicc octoroons lads

maybe so it stays that way you stupid cunt


yea vanilla
haven't played retail in years either
trying out the Elysium private server

the EU, and the fact that Seale will be probably be majority non white within a few decades if things continue as they are.

pic of the main 'street'

over the counter codeine has been banned in france after a teenager OD on it now its prescription only
rarely used that shite but 2 euro for a good high will be missed

people who smoke are fucking disgusting

they are always unpleasant/rude cunts you want to avoid really

don't think the yank was rusing us lads

>tfw the time for arguments is passed

anyone here injected smack

thailand was the kpop nonce from nottingham

Maybe they don't want their homes requisitioned to house economic migrant (((refugees)))

did you ask him about Josh Worthington?

dads been drinking since i got back at midnight last night. he's sitting in the garden by the back gate so i'm forced to listen to him drunkenly babble about the garden before i can escape

yank with his lambo

horde are the uncivilised niggers
play alliance

no shut up fuk of and dy


What qualification does moly, PJW or sargon have to comment on complex affairs?



>trying out the elysium private server
my nigga

come horde

ridiculous to punish the sensible majority because of a few morons

>why YES, I base my entire world view on skewed statistics based on silly projections

>watching political youtubers

spooped >.

Nah lad just sniff it seems easier

very low class

literally nobody is immigrating to Seale
its an expensive place to live and you need to be descended from someone from Seale to be able to livr here

My dad's 2006 Citroen C1 had these
Don't get what they meant by that

mental post
dont like the twats but authority argument is really stupid

thailad was the amateur boxer from nottingham

I've been to Seale
There's a hiking path nearby

stop doxxing yanks, you sad twats

What is this

josie do you need help?

yea but I have fun with Shaman and the Barrens
might roll a tank though so I don't have to struggle as much getting a party for dungeons

the tinder hook up

what's that tree hiding from?

effects are not as good

absolutely delusional rorketard

I have done and it was awful

Why the fuck does Britain have this grim grey cloudy weather 24/7

not for long

what class are you?
I might just roll shaman yet again but being a DPS sucks for finding parties and I don't like healing, though I mostly do pvp and questing anyway

mainline crack straight up the shitpipe here

either IV it or smoke it

ironically live in a very large house in Weybridge

Leftypol invasion is back

Please fuck off you cringy 13 year olds

probably because they care deeply about thier country and don't want to be ruled by mustafa jamal welfarious IV in 15 years time?

fuck off you clown


sorry but:
being a peer-reviewed academic who specialises in a topic surely means you have better authority to comment on something than just an average guy - for example

how popular are private servers nowadays?


looks like kino's back on the menu boys

same reason why labour runs candidates in rich areas
thick cunt

>what class are you?

>I might just roll shaman yet again but being a DPS sucks for finding parties
it's not that hard. plus, you can always say youre a healer in dps spec :-)

>though I mostly do pvp and questing anyway
nice, i am currently ranking

been to the Morrisons there
very nice

anyone that uses the word rorke - ironically or unironically - needs to get of /brit/ now

>Why the fuck does Britain have this grim grey cloudy weather 24/7
because it's summer

this only works for science

>absolutely delusional rorketard

hello uneducated rorke

6700 online right now on elysium


you might want to check what the % of classes there are if you can
I know on some vanilla servers the amount of plate users can be massive because pallys are so good

I should say what realm?


lefties charge money for people to see that. fucking hilarious.

genuinely going to die in 36 minutes
quite sad desu

elysium pvp, of course

>Citroen c1

refuse to believe people still play wow

>you will never be able to afford a small house in the country where you can spend the entire weekend walking the dog or dicking around in the garden which is far bigger than 1m x 1m with no mentally ill neighbors kicking the fences

this is eternal suffering

Because the Gulf Stream.
You'll miss it when it's gone.

>absolutely delusional rorketard

>hello uneducated rorke

refuse to believe you're not dormers

shame desu better luck next life x

/brit/'s a very interesting place, you get a real mix of people in here, most of whom would never EVER mingle in real life.

Elysium is big which Is how I heard about it
Last one I played was Kronos but apparently a lot of people migrated to elysium
Nostralius was the really big one a while back that blizz killed personally
And Felmyst comes out in a week

come live with me x

what does dormer means

hmmm tempting

Ah yes Sunderland

Business idea: report Elysium PVP to blizzard

dormer is somebody who sleeps

post lefty choons

residents in a (students') dormitorium


well i do go to sleep like everyone yes