How do i learn russian


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I'll teach you your first phrase. Я тapaкaн - Ja tarakan - I am a Turk

Thank you ameriga you are my greatest ally

don't listen to him. тapaкaн means cockroach in russian

Looks like Finno-ugric as hell.

You cant

is this good or bad

Good. I like Finno-ugrics girls.

Not working, please link to post


wats happedening here?

lmao, what

looks kinda autistic

Wtf i hate america now
Russki is my greatest ally

She makes custom videos, I think, and whitey got mad :DDDD

what a whore

>Russki is my greatest ally

Yes, hi.

This wouldn't happen if you would just slapped your women

he looks indian

Why did this happen?
Is he rich?

No just she's russkaya

Escort maybe
Or white trash

Why do Russian girls on interpals hate me for being spic then ((

Do not u believe in love between a Turk and a Russian girl?

these guys are not turk wtf. Indian or something.

Hmm sorry then

Our women love brown men.

That doesnt look like a turk whatsoever though

very typical turk and his ruski waifu

they're probably looking for a gook boyfriend


Are you showing them your bank account balance?
avg wage in Russia is 250$

....and 2 years after marriage

İyi akşamlar Western friend
How about duolingo?

So it's only possible for brown guys to get lowest tier gold diggers?
What if I just want a nice average looking girl?

no for us.Turk-Rus' marriages are one of the least divorce rate in Turkey.

Turkski-russki marriages are actually the most stable relationships here though
Unless the women is 2nd generation

Literally all women are gold diggers.
You must either handsome or rich. Those are the rules.

>average looking girl?
that girl also wants money.

she's ugly as fuck and her kid even more

I may teach you tho


Do not.

>google translate

Is Russian a good language to learn?


pls be gayboi, pls have a penis


Only if you're a masochistic;





Isn't that funny?

Tarakan -> Tarkan -> Turk