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British cuckold edition

Women buy stereotypes... it's easier to be an ugly French guy than a handsome Pole

>very easy mode
French, Italian, Spanish, Korean

>easy mode
German, American, Swedish, Japanese

>normal mode
UK, Canada, basically every Slav and Latino country

>hard mode
Turkey, Africa, Middle Easy

>very hard mode
All the Asian countries that aren't Japan or Korea

When being an African scammer and an online dominant collides.

>mfw italian chad with a posh british accent
am I literally unstoppable?

Greeks are so handsome and white

you can't do a real British accent, no foreigner can

I have my job clearly listed on my profile, a few girls today messaged me asking me if I was a model. Feels good man

Hi turk

fok off m8

It is pretty good m8. I speak pretty much like the lads in "Men behaving badly". Yeah, it is "BBC English", but that is as good as it gets for a non-brit. It is good enough to fool non-brits anyway. Girls irl ask me all the time to speak with a brit accent, then they lauch, then they fall in love with me. Shit is cash.

Godspeed user

>he failed on easy mode

he might not be a white french

a bigger virgin than all of us

can confirm I get 100 views a day and around 20 messages

I'm as white as they come man


>Autistic pilot scared of responsibilities
>Estonian serial killer
>Future lonely cat lady
>Indian guy
>fake chinese produced pilot guy
>Korean sociopath

>guy who fails on easy mode

>all beta cuck posters

>Brown person with jungle fever
>Sup Forums passer
>Manly Trannly
>Egyptian with a personality disorder

>hidden homo

>Niceguy beta boy
>Moor who whips out his underarm at any opportunity to show how non-white he is

>tfw no russian gf

>Korean "intellectual" who will blabber endlessly until you go away

>homosexual dream twink manlet

>girl who looks like a digimon
>guy who isn't white enough for korean girl to like

>need update!

>manlet fatso

>>Moor who whips out his underarm at any opportunity to show how non-white he is
Not bad, not bad.

There's also a Portubro that shows up from time to time, though.

Pretty sure the Canadian cuck is a pajeet, desu.

fuck off chad

this, all chads get the fuck out

>>homosexual dream twink manlet
isn't that guy an alb*nian?

no difference

>This Yank cuck fixation

>This user only accepts messages from users from Europe, North America or Australia/Oceania.
>This user does not accept messages from Turkey.



If I were a Spaniard Chad I wouldn't even speak English.

this,seems all the hottest girls and guys i saw in spain couldn't speak english for shit

only weird/ugly/autist types spoke good english

spain is interesting


fuck you mate
you can't call it failing if I don't even try

>niceguy beta boy

genetically inferior people need to compensate for their inferiority with valuable skills

I know most of you are young, but there are really no one in their 30s here?

>tfw your qt isn't responding on kik but is online on IP
she bloqued me, didn't she ?

what brings you to 4chinz as a 37 year old?

yes she did. time to move on.

This time of day on interpals is dull as fuck. I might as well sign off at 6pm.

Feel like making a new account, but will only get good pics in a few weeks or months.
Do I even have a change of finding a good QT's without pics in my profile? (I think I do, but am not sure)

they don't have a use for English in their lives, hell, they don't even speak/type proper Spanish either.
Maybe if I worked out just a bit or had a bit more social skills I could be a Chad, I still dream of that.


It's hard roach, I found her by pure coincidence, sent her a retarded message and things went smoothly.
First time ever I had a conversation flow like that and first time my autism stayed in standby.

I tried 2 other girls and it died after 3 messages

Calm down mate I'm not really gay :^)

>be photogenic
>get paid for being yourself and doing nothing

some people surely got it easy, eh?

leave off for a couple of days then message her again, if you can't get a convo going or she doesn't at least say "sorry I have been a bit busy" then drop her

The honest truth is whichever girl you message is already talking to lots of other guys, even if you think she is "your" qt chances are you are not her favourite, she has other guys she prefers messaging and you are one of her backups

you have to play the same game, have lots of prospective girls you could meet up with and don't get too attached to any of them

i remember i once used two fakes accounts to talk to a girl

she kept not reading my messages and kept talking to the fake

felt bad man, but it's happening every minute

idk then. maybe she just didnt see messages? you should still be cool about it, she is not the last girl on earth and certainly there are always better ones.

I dunno lad, she sent stuff like pic here, and kept complaining she had pervs asking for weird stuff.
And I don't know how kik works but if my messages are stuck at delivered but she's online on ip, it's fucked.
Oh well, felt good to feel like a normie for 3 days.

yeah I've done that, it's funny when you reveal yourself and they get all butthurt and indignant that their shallow hypergamous nature was found out

I'm a /r9k/ runaway lad, it's not that easy for me.

hate to tell you this m8 but being told your sweet isn't really a positive with girls you want to fuck

she's on the other side of the planet lad, my dick isn't that long

I know but your ambition here should be to actually go meet them IRL. The experience will do you much better than just shitposting on /cp/

I'm broke mate

Baby steps, ya know ?

well honestly you should not bother with interpals for now
first work on your appearance, go the gym and shit, then save some money

>go to the gym
>save money
pick one

i repeat, chad get out

yeah gym is a normie scam I was referring to exercise in general, getting your body and face in good shape

I was memeing with you.
I used to jog three times a week, then I sprained my ankle and broke my knee like a retard.
I'm also starting a training this september but for now I'm working for free

No u

its always easy. you just really need to want to change first

you're very rude for a leaf

Tfw grangran posts my message on /cp/, no need to shield my name tho, I'm a big boy

>tfw not on the list
feels good man

>tfw girl offers photos in exchange of French voice messages

I fucking love speaking French lads.

What the fuck


HAHAHAH what a slut

is she sending nudes? share faggot

>tfw not even known enough on a japanese imageboard to get on a list

>Tfw no Russian gf

>tfw russian gf
Want her?

are you a cuck? why do you share your gf?

Oi you had the Brits distinguished in a previous list

Why'd you censor your name when you posted it literally two threads ago?

Not gonna lie lads I really was hoping for a better response to this one


how old is she? looks underage

i ll find her from facebook and tell about you are posting chats to this site

What the fudge is this Polish up to?

it took like 5 seconds to find her. shes like 16 or something lul

She's 18, go right a head I don't care about some Turk

>it took like 5 seconds to find her.

gee professor roach, how did you figure that out?

Googling her username and clicking the first result ain't hard bud

You must be in the Discord

looks pretty sweet though

should I learn Russian, German or Chinese lads

Message her the exact same thing I did but with "Brit" and "Istanbul" :^)

You'll never be able to pronounce anything in Chinese
And Germans are completely worthless nowadays

Russian but block Russia so they know you love Ukraine

na i will not. shes pretty qt. too bad shes a bit too young

She messaged me first and then after a few messages asked my opinions on Turks, so I just sent the pasta

When has age ever stopped sand person?

idk ask this question to a sand person

guess shes trying to learn english better. too bad world is full of jerks

>too bad world is full of jerks
Just a bit of banter mate chill out

I detect a serious respect for women in this post

contrary to the popular belief i am really kind to women

i know, i know.

>tfw the more you respect women the more they hate you
where did everything go wrong in our species

Roach is a beta
Good to know, I'll try messaging your women.

>an Italian is sending me 400 word essays every message
Never had this before lads... a girl that's actually interesting

Not true. It's the more your let a woman walk over you the more they hate you.

This desu, you don't have to be an arsehole to get a girl to like you
The "nice guys finish last" meme is just for faggots with no stomach

well you can be a bit of a tricky bully , they like that

but yeah saying

"fuck me you're an ugly cunt" won't get you very far

I'm tall so I always bully short girls, they fucking LOVE that. But if I message them saying "kek midget 6"6 master race u fucking jelly?" i wont get far

I have the best QT in this thread