Is it expensive to live where you are Sup Forums?

Is it expensive to live where you are Sup Forums?

>$700 per month in Chicago

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>live in Sydney
>$400 per week in rent

Better than london or NYC at least

costs $350 a week to rent a 3 bedroom house in newcastle, no idea about units

That's cheap as fuck

I pay $1200 a month for a 1 bedroom 800 sq. ft apartment in the suburbs which is average

300€ per month in Lisbon with water and electricity bill included.

>tfw buying a 3br house in SE portland soon

350k, gonna rent out two rooms for ~650 each. Lets get dim sum at HK cafe bros.

No, but you have to queue for some years (~3 in Malmö, ~7-11 in Stockholm but goes up by 1 year every year) to get a lease legally or pay $100,000-350,000 to buy one (Malmö)
(Malmö has 300,000 inhabitants)

That's pretty good. Bad neighborhood or no windows?

I'm paying $850 per month in downtown minneapolis.

It's in a neighborhood that is half hipster and half spic

I live in the most expensive state of Mexico, Monterrey.

Around 600 dollars per month for a department.

Ah that's like mine. 1/2 hipster, 1/4 black, 1/4 somali.

why can't you just pay more than anyone else and rent immediately?

That will only cause a massive rise in rent.

This is basically my apartment

Bedroom and bathroom on the side out of frame

$1200 a month Chicago suburbs

Forgot pic

heard of supply and demand before?
if supply is low you need high prices to create incentive to increase it

>Seattle $1400/month
>Fuck my shit up
I hope Jeff Bezos fucks up somehow, so Amazon and all the other tech shit goes under with it.

Then the landlord would have to pay back the "excess" rent if caught.

350k is not bad

Houses go from 90k 2br to 6 mil 2 br in northern illinois so its fucked

You sound so naive. lol

I should move to mexico and get an elite apartment for like 1300 dollars a month so everyone thinks I am rich

But as it is right now it's much worse, your alternatives are:
1) pay for a flat
2) study (for as long as you study you can live in student housing/dorms)
3) bribe someone
4) rent one second hand
5) queue

For that amount you can live well in the most expensive part in here called San Pedro, I live in a kinda expensive part called Obispado.

>Buy and flip cheap houses in Mexico
>AirBnB to dumb tourists for what it costs to stay in first world countries
>Make millions

Why wouldnt this work?

Because they're not that cheap or have maintenance costs, or tourists won't pay your price. The locals would do it if was profitable.

Kek can I really get an apartment like this for $880 USD a month in San Pedro? That would get me what is in the OP here

It's a nice looking apartment and a little bigger than mine. You're probably paying a reasonable price.

I'm the minneapolis guy. It's no chicago but I got a nice view and it's a 5 min walk to the center of downtown.

Probably, you can get something better if you look harder

>per week

What part of Seattle? $1200 here, Greenwood. That's less than market though because I've been here a while.

Monterrey is complete CHI though
Entire city is nothing but Texas license plates

No it isn't, retard.

>will be staying over a different state during next uni course
>rent is 3.5k a month which roughly translates to $200 american bucks
>I was also offered a shared house with 3 or 4 other people for 2k pesos or $120 liberty coins
What do you americans think? it's a pretty average-looking apartment, nothing special about it.

>will be staying over a different state during next uni course
>rent is 3.5k a month which roughly translates to $200 american bucks
state in which country m8? $200 in the US for rent means you are sleeping in someone's closet

>shared house


>$1400 for a (shitty) one bedroom apartment near the university
I need to get out of here, all my neighbors are the kids of rich Arabs. New people just moved in and one of them drives a Jaguar F-type.

Colima, Mexico.
There are smaller apartments for 2.5k mxn (around $150 usd) but I settled for that one.
I didn't pick the shared house José.

>Colima, Mexico.
I'm jealous m8. I want to see a proper volcano once in my life, but I didn't have enough time when I worked in Guadalajara
>I didn't pick the shared house José.
Do whatever is cheapest. Don't fall for the rent jew. Spend as little money in college as possible

I'm gonna try to visit El Nevado as soon as possible m8. As for the rent, I'm getting some money from my uni to pay my expenses, around $1500 burger dollars. I also have like $600 saved for the trip.

200 buckaroos in porto. I'm glad I havent't been cucked yet by all the chinks buying up all the houses

>$0 with mummy and daddy

get fucked wagies

I like the black and white photographs you have there.

I pay around 200USD.

Its a good neighborhood where its near everything.

For that closet? My place is easily 3 times that size and actually has a separate bedroom/living room/kitchen. I pay $695, get free internet, and only pay electric for basically the same neighborhood situation in Milwaukee.

Absolutely nothing under $1000 (that is, unless you want to live with flatmates), and that $1000 figure is with a kitchenette at most and only sometimes a toilet of your own.

100$ per month.

Not particularly.
10 minutes from citycentre in a midsized city, nice neighbourhood
>Water charge ~$730
>Property tax ~$1470
>Property Insurance ~$1950
>Electricity ~$2300

I live in a 2 bedroom flat in a nice neighbourhood, it's £600 a month

That's just rent, not including bills or council tax