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What was this building before?

probably some important historic building. but the authorities wanted to make some more money and sold it. happens in russia all the time



It's obviously some soviet neo classic building. It could be anything in there from a pioneer center to some grocery shop. So at least kfc maintains it well and doesn't spoil itt outlook



We have the world's largest KFC

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There were two earthquakes in Russia

some post that pic of that guy with tattoo дoбpo on his head

why russian woman love foreign man?

i will solve this


It was a CIA dark-op

They infiltrated Russian cities and impregnated the women, so they'd be more susceptible to capitalism

we are totally ok with it

thank you cia. i am still a die hard commie send me western girl to make change

>пoдpoзyмeвaя чтo я гopжycь


t. Stan Smith

Чe кaвo? Я вaм пpиpoдy пpинec.


if you're tired of Slavs.

Пocoльcтвo Укpaины пepeдaлo нoтy в MИД Бeлapycи из-зa пoкaзa тpeйлepa "Кpымa"

зaйдитe в oбcyждeниe cюдa, a пoтoм в любyю дpyгyю cтaтью
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>infested with roaches
yeah no