Explain Compton to me

Explain Compton to me.

People rap about how hard it is to make it out of Compton.

The place is only 38 minutes away from Beverly Hills...
People from Compton can literally drive 38 minutes away and look for a job.

I don't understand why people from Compton act like it's a 3rd world Country that's hard to survive in.

My Girlfriend is from the third world in a place with more shootings and gun violence than Compton.

She isn't tough at all and she survived there...
So why is it made out that you need to be tough to Survive in Compton?

It was tougher in the 80s during the crack epidemic.

You think places in Beverly hills will hire retarded nigs?

There are so many shopping malls in Beverly Hills.

I am sure if you just bought some decent clothes, talked properly and asked around you could get a job stacking shelves at the very least.

>I am sure if you just bought some decent clothes,
This means that you need money and a proper place to store the clothes
>talked properly
That's a hard task for people who grew up in a bad neighborhood and barely made it through the school
> you could get a job stacking shelves at the very least.
Fuck this. This job doesn't pay well, it's boring and it gives no perspectives.

It's hard for a chimp to succeed in the human world.

yet a lot of people from Compton made it out of there and got richer than you will ever be with your college degree, it should really make u think.

You're conflating two things: irony and poverty. The car is meant to be an ironic joke; he's making fun of himself in a self-deprecating way. That said, poverty exists in the black community and such expressions of excess such as the photo you posted are not abnormal.

I grew up in Inala in a house with car wrecks in the front yard and parents that would scream and fight about child support payments.

I started slowly realising my family wasn't the norm around the age of 15 and have made an effort to not be like them.

I am doing kind of okay now despite family members ripping money off me and assaulting me the first time I tried to better myself.

The biggest problem is realising it's not normal to be lower class.. It's hard to do when that's how you grew up.

The paint is a pun on candy paint job.

Yes, I get the joke. It's a mockery of himself and those around him.

At least he is having fun.

Chances that somehow you'll join the top class are pretty low, you know?

yeah, of course. What else is the point? I'd drive that, and I'm as white as they come.

And Koko the gorilla is more famous than I will ever be. But I enjoy being a human.

>kiddy tier insults

I'm sure they make you feel better inside

At least I can be middle class and try hope my kids strive to be better than I was.

I only feel bad when I see a monkey faced nigger or a gypsy on the street.

This isn't my house but the kind of public housing I grew up in.

I actually thought this shit was normal when I was a kid.

This is part of the reason I get pissed off when someone tells me I have white privilege.

Good luck m8
Though in fact middle class is not a class but two kinds of borderline state.