I've just woken up to realise that my torso got burnt after taking a siesta in the garden...

I've just woken up to realise that my torso got burnt after taking a siesta in the garden. Are we Spaniards officially white now?

t. british tourist in spain

only british people would visit spain in the summer

Puedo asegurar que soy 100% espaƱol, putos guiris.

Lmfao nice try shitskin

i got a suburn in march in london, it just means we have subhuman skin

That happens to me too

How is that even possible? All ecuatorians I've met are 100% masterrace Incan machupichus.

*spanks your ass hard*

>brown nipples

You're not fooling anyone, Mario.

Why are wh*te people so icky?

The are sunburnt red though.

Because the majority of ecuadorians in Spain are poor indios from the Sierra that migrated there after the our economic crisis in 1999.
Not me or my friends or family look like them, but i've seen them too.
I am not full white but i do have pale skin.

White people are superior

I am OP and I honestly prefer my body to his. He has a weird shape.

Ah yes your flabby body that's never been within a kilometre of a gym is truly preferable


that's not how nipples work and I'm a nipple expert

cute nips

how to get body like this?

As if...

>white people shape is disgui-

start to go in a gym

Shitpost on /fit/ for two years. Also eat chicken.

I'm 45% on my way to unlock this mode. In one year I hope to look like him.

Wish me luck, muchachos!

Ah yes whites look awful.

dieting and watching what you eat is for homos. If you can't get women with a beer gut you're beta.

Why do you save his pictures? Are you gay lol?

go to gym and suck guys sperm until you're high test

looks disgusting, only fags like this look

He is on juice so he just wants to get bigger

Same. Feels good.

with perfect genetics like that it's disrespectful to put as lil work in his body as he has

LOL nice cope


How do you do it? I'm fat and clueless about the gym

>this is how dyels cope

read /fit/ sticky

Nice try homo. I have muscular arms, shoulders and chest from work, not vain masturbation from the gym. I still have a beer belly because I eat what I want and drink a lot of booze. I have a gf. Only betas work out.

"I-I dont want to look like this anyway... g-girls dont like it... I only do things girls like... (please like me, please?"

>I-i just admire the male physique I swear I'm not gay

>drink a lot of booze
Lmao real winner here

Hell yeah I am. I'm not a pussy downing protein shakes, if that's what you consider being a winner. Fagboi.

>Are we Spaniards officially white now?

Even brown people can get red desu but it isn't as noticeable for obvious reasons

I dont like that look, women dont like that look, its expensive and takes lot of effort to maintain, i have nothing to cope with. I work out to be healthy and athletic, not to look like i have baloons under my skin

>I dont like that look
Lol what is your position and achievements in life for anyone to give a shit what you like? What is your name?

>women dont like that look
I assure you that people stare and compliment such a body much more than your flabby and deflated looking sack of shit lmfao

In my opinion white is the best skin color all around. 8000 years ago no white people existed, therefore it is a very recent evolution, a testament to our success and how far humans have come.

It objectively looks aesthetically great, like delicious milk or cream. What's more it often comes with light eyes and hair, and the ability to digest milk, so it's a pretty neat package, overall.

olive skin truly is the masterrace
>tan when you are exposed to uv
>pale when not exposed nearly for max d3 absorption

like genetic pottery

>ywn have olive skin
>but people who rule over you have it
it's not fair.

This desu

Who's that semen demon by the way?