Mexicans, is Veracruz different from the rest of Mexico?

Mexicans, is Veracruz different from the rest of Mexico?

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Yeah. It's the first stop when the USA invades.

Not really

It has great scenery

Oh I was there.
Ruta Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba is a great climb

Do a lot of them look like this?

A lot of people from Veracruz have black ancestors but they're heavely mixed with whites and indians.

Bunch of corrupt lazy indians,like all south México.

veracruz is not south mexico fag

Indians? I didn't know Mexico received such amount of immigrants from India.

It is though.

I've never heard of it being referred to as a part of Southern Mexico.

It's more similar to Cuba than all the other states (Danzon, for example). But other than that, no..

Jarochos are part of the Mexican identity, so they are more relevant than, say, Tlaxcala.


It's like a little slice of the US in that you will get shot

damn mexico looks like THAT!??

How is that different from the rest of Mexico?

its the mississippi of mexico, with tamaulipas being lousiana, and tabasco being alabama

it's a shithole

that doesn't make any sense

it literally does

the american south had tons of african slaves working on sugar cane and cotton, are violent as fuck, and are underdeveloped as fuck

>b-but muh veracruz port
literally the only relevant thing in veracruz

>Ignoring Tuxpan

America should continue the tradition of invading Veracruz

>literally full of zetas

Everybody has invaded Veracruz

top half of veracruz is central mexico, bottom half is southern mexico

Why is Veracruz so popular?

easiest way to reach mexio city

I like Veracruz, it's very green and full of natural wonders

Tell me Veracruz and the cities/towns/whatever behind it are defended by forts, naval bases, and army bases.

it's the only relevant port in the gulf

San Juan de Uluaúa

Neat. I like the sunken design.

>tfw our only ship of the line that could do ocean travel and face real battle sunk right there
F for Congreso Mexicano