Wake up

>wake up
>everybody in the world adore and love Russia
That's nice!

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Wish my country was allied to you instead of Americunts

the world would have been a much better place if r*ssia didn't exist.
everything that your shithole touches becomes shitty and corrupted by your influence

Your mum is allied with my dick

annihilation of all russians is my best day

You must love Russia! If you love Russia, Russia might come for you one day.

You should love Russia

Save us from American imperialism Russia-kun

Lol nice blow

I love my russian bf :3

I wonder why most of the Russians are so autistic. is it because they're commie?

what do you mean, Russia might come for him. it's frightening

You love Russia?
If you love someone or something from Russia it counts as loving Russia!

This is not frightening at all. Russia would never hurt her lovers! You should love Russia too!

It really was low hanging fruit

Hey russians what could this mean

>yey benti maiku

I heard it from a song, it might be ukrainian

Be my Russian bf

Doesn't sound Russian, maybe you misheard the lyrics? Also, love Russia.

I can't, I can only be a gf.

I try to find the song, you might listen to it

oden'te maiku?
put on a singlet?

I can settle for that :3

I only like submissive boys who love Russia. Or I force them to love Russia.


how do you like my new tights?

You are an arrogant one. Yet I see, that you are dishonest with your true feelings, in actuality you love Russia don't you?

send your delicious mtsvadi pls

Cпизжeнo c вк

Of course, I love Russia! Russia is best country!


'Tis good, Russia loves you too.

it is

>Jebem ti majku!


this is the song, the phrase is at about 1:07

I can look it up now myself

even Poland?!

That's fucked up