Is Italy a developed country ?

Is Italy a developed country ?

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Why do you question this?

It was. 2000 years ago.

it still runs through their veins

Cairo, Egypt

It is as dirty as Paris and Berlin.

Of course, they're in America's zone of influence after all

The sad about this is, that this is the exact place the coptic christians have to live.

Why can't we treat the Muslims the same way here?


>butthurt frogs and krauts


More like butthurt albanian and algerian shitskins on euro welfare

those are outside selling hash not on a tibetan origami forum sperging out

Italy is gud but what about graffitis?
There is graffitis everywhere, even on old buildings and ruins. That's fucking gross, please Italian people do something about this.

that's true unfortunately, but it's mostly south-american immigrants that do this. Especially in Milan

I like it

not really though

You're country's still 100% worth to visit though.
Good people, Awesome food (really awesome), and It's so beautiful. It's kinda like france but slightly better.


fuck me

Italy is more third world than Brazil, half of Italians have never used the internet in their entire lives:

Yes we are

>tfw my dealer in france was an albanian

too much developed

plot twist


I am serious though.
countries which had been developed too much become just like Italy or China with no exception.
Don't laugh old man. We all are to be like them.

y-you too

>fuck me

it's a G7 country what do you think?
dumb frog eater

They have easy access to it tought. They simply aren't interested

It's a fucking shitstain. Hopefully it will get nuked.

I want italian gf pls

italian girls hate ligurian jews

is france?

Sure, it is developed. But it is the retarded equivalent.
>italy we have to do x
>5 years later
>italy you've let the mafia do its thing but we still haven't done x
>just give us the fucking law to do this
>HURR DURR aight

but italian girls are qt

please stop spamming