natural hierarchy edition

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The accessory follows the nature of the principal.

Throw out Christ and bring back Thor?


BOOM, big reveal

To have my neck and yours broken, or to be thrown into the river, is that good?

everytime i breath i fart a little

new creps

/balk/ > all the rest this shit of a board has to offer.

might become a drug dealer

hello nigger

The raven that scours the country can feed its nest.

Lads, feel like I might be a tad evil

what ever happened to /fug/

Received more than 10 messages from a non-familial girl this year. Moving on up boys!

The enlightened white man learns from the mercy and humility of Christ and strives for the strength and fury of Thor.

We must be both the lamb and the wolf.

fuck off JF

why and what drugdsd

superb gimmick

Do you want total war
Throw out Christ and bring back Thor?
Do you want total war
Unleash the beast in man once more?
Do you want total war
Dance and do the lion's roar?

Do you want total war?
Do you want total war?
Yes, you want total war!
Yes, you want total war!

Do you want total war
To see life's will return once more?
Do you want might to prevail
To kick aside the weak and frail?
To smite your foes that they might die
To splatter blood across the sky?

Do you want total war?
Do you want total war?
Yes, you want total war!
Yes, you want total war!

Do you want to rise and kill
To show the world an iron will?
Do you want to stand and fight
To rip asunder this pallid night?
All return the will of man
Let it burn and start again

Do you want total war?
Do you want total war?
Yes, you want total war!
Yes, you want total war!

might tell the rozzers about this

Excellent edition

The raven that scours the country has a hole in the wall as a home.

ayo hol up

so you be sayin da jews are forcin cultural marxism on western culture and part of that is the acceptance and mimicking of black culture by white people nigga

well shiiiiiieeeeetttt


French gorgets tbqh, dare you to wear one

All me

thoughts on quiches now album?

yank hours over yet?

Do not set up a home; otherwise you will break up your father´s home.

couldn't stay active enough

t. ngú abdul mohammed

nope. they're never over

fuck off JF

easy ish money and only stuff that i take myself, so md and lsd and mushrooms
do you want a business card

and the shining apple watches you over from heaven because we are gods, and we see int is good, so we gave them barbi

kurva anyátok

Well congratulations! You just landed on the world's only "Done For You" free money system.

the only recommended youtube clip by Kamen Rider


Woman is a real pitfall, a hole, a ditch, Woman is a sharp iron dagger that cuts a man´s throat.

fuck off cunt

will if you post a pic of yourself wearing one and holding a small french flag

make me

Just beginning actually

coalburner she is

Need a fat yank to bully

fuck off cunt

Love barb


>md and lsd in britain
where you from la

Why isn't here no artifacts from the battle of Hastings?

There are

any lads here with just a small willy

any leftypol lunch hour man about

Hallo wundervoller Mensch


that's what Sargon did

ruthlessly mocked and ridiculed her for years, bullying her and attacking her insecurities

then made her hug him lmao



every single swede is a fucking cretin

Simply won't be clicking this

>you will not replace us

nigga how is white genocide real just start having kids lmao


getting my daily dose of molyneux and sargon lads

gutted that PJW quit youtube

>Amazon emails at 10am saying my package is on the way
>still no package
Fuck OFF

I'm a traditionalist, in the mold of Julius Evola.

honestly doubt there's a single being in the entirety of Scandinavia that I couldn't heem

People have less babies when they have less resources. Resources are being extracted from Whites, and given to nonwhites, and they get more resources the more kids they have. Welfare literally incentivizes nonwhite birth rates.

mate why does your flag have a fucking leaf on it lmao

feel deliciously grotty

will be putting myself in a state of sleep within the next five or ten minutes

the last guy is 100% a CIA stooge

Dolph Lundgren is from there.

literal who


not a sausage

in high security American prisons white inmates must join the Aryan Brotherhood to survive
this is America's future

Savonarola did literally nothing wrong.

he'll get pasted mate

They still make white runts kneel and suck.

Haven't you seen OZ?

started reading the bible (NJB)

looks like a greedy kike

>we've been spreading our memes

stopped watching there

just pulled up at the co op
anyone want 'owt?





spinach and ricotta tortellini with a tub of arrabiata sauce please mate


Girolamo Savonarola wanted to expel the Jews from Florence but the (((Medici))) protected them








>50,000 babies born in a year
>200,000 shitskins brought in, a good chunk of which will already be pregnant or get pregnant immediately upon arrival
It's not possible to outbreed systematic replacement like this.

the human mind is a crazy thing
the more i dwell on joining labour the less my objections to winding up in a shitty southern-scottish constituency branch campaigning for a wanker disappear