Do you have any mutations or anything different about you?

Do you have any mutations or anything different about you?
I have an extra rib and longer torso. It makes trying to do core works outs like sit-ups a living hell.

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just a lame birthmark

10 inch dick :(

I have two additional vertabrae that are fucked up and fused together.
My back always hurts, but at least it made me slightly taller.

I have 12 fingers

Can I join the X-men?

My left lateral incisor grew slightly out of alignment with the rest of my teeth, so it goes straight from central incisor to canine with a weird shark tooth behind them.

I have a third nipple

Where is it?–Danlos_syndrome
I've thought about getting myself sterilized.

right under my right nipple, like lilly allen

I can dislocate my shoulder and I if I can concentrate I can smell stuff from a really long distance.

up your ass

>one extra rib
Adam, if you didn't fucking listen to that cunt Eve we would all be in paradise right now

post pic

i also have an extra rib!

I'm basically a physical wreck

Bad eczema, cysts on my legs, bad eyes, deaf in one ear, bladder problems, flat feet.

Oh, and ugly. Obviously.

the uk classic're British?

So what? You're God's leftover Halloween decorations

I have a crossbite, Could be worse.

Do you have any advantages over non mutants?


My sternum is asymmetrical, my voice gets deeper when I look down or to the right, I'm more flexible than average, I look like a spooky skeltal, and my skin gets glossy af with oil after only 2 hours after bathing.

I sometimes see the immediate and obvious future

doesn't this happen to everybody

I see colors darker with one of my eyes and brighter with the other one

I'm good to hear high frequency noises like wireless telephones and I'm have a good nose.

Forgot to add that I can see my heart beat through my skin, and my dick is bent to the left.

p-post pic please

I have stretchy skin
I also have hitchhiker thumbs

I have a skin condition called morphea on my right leg and stomach. Fortunately clothes cover it up.