"Tell me user. Why do you despise the Turkic race?"

>"Tell me user. Why do you despise the Turkic race?"

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I like the Turkic race. I dislike Anatolians who look browner than Arabs.

You guys kinda fucked the middle east and are the reason our armies suck
I would've said something nice but you're ugly, btw you aren't really turkic

Why would I hate Turkics?

turks and anglos are subhumans

Cringy thread made by a retard who wants to start a shit flinging war between retards

>I like the Turkic race.
>I dislike Anatolians
That's a geographical position.
>who look tan*
In the hotter regions.

>*ilk atisi yapiyor*

you have to go back


cevap verme direkt sagele bu tür tiradların sonu iyiye gitmiyor.


Why don't turks care about East Turkestan?

pan-turkicism is not a thing

Don't worry once we kill the wh*Te filth you can join the non-wh*Te paradise we will create.

it is a thing but we have more important shit to sort now


Hasn't genetic testing revealed that turks are mostly descended from the native anatolians and actually have little (like 15%) turkic blood?

no actually we're descendants of Turkomans who couldn't stop sucking persian dick and greeco-anatolians so by that logic it's more than 15% but when mongoloid dna is concerned it ranges between 5% to 25%+

>and are the reason our armies suck

>Amerimutt judging who's a race or not

no it hasnt

adam haklı angut

what does cCc mean


>Autosomal studies with recent methodology estimate the Central Asian contribution in Turkish people at 13-15%
>Several studies concluded that pre-Turkified, pre-Islamized groups are the primary genetic source of the present-day Turks of Turkey (i.e. Turkish people)

It was nationalist thing now its meme among children.

pfff, okay 1/4 german, 1/4 irish, 1/4 anglo, 1/8 amerindian, 1/8 mexican. we arent turkic we are just LARPing.

thank god everyone is a genetics expert here.

>that flag
>that picture

>Wikipedia as a source
nah not in my mood to insult americans today so instead i'll try to educate.

most of those sources are based on Y-Dna analysis rather than autosomal dna except for the 13-15% one (though it's kinda manipulative because it uses c. asian as a synonym for mongoloid)
take pic related for example.

Ottomans fucked over all the local leaders and shiiet and started to promote based on loyalty or just using janissaries because they feared revolts
And it just kinda stuck around
they also turned Damascus, Cairo and Baghdad that were once centers of empires into mere villages
Not to mention turkification and high taxes and forced army service away from home

What about all the Armenian heritage Turks have?

mostly reduced to eastern parts of Turkey. East of Yozgat is where the Greek heritage replaced with Armenian one but more or less same as this