confess whatever the fuck you want!

i have every photo set of a very prolific metart model

very happy i broke it off with that polish bitch

I let a chick from the Czech Republic hit me during sex, otherwise she wouldn't fuck me.

She broke my nose one, made a fissure near my eye, and broke two teeth in like the 50 times I was with her.

I told my friends I was kickboxing.

i like to annoy the japs but i really like them

are you sure she didn't tried to rob you?

Jose "the mad shagger" Oliveira

It's 1am and I'm taking a pill before going to sleep

I am Greek

I've run out of bait for the americans

I'm killing myself

This is terrible news for the Western World.

It is also bait

I am an amerindian

Just graduated, really confused and scared of the future, is this common or Im just being a fag?

Common. Did the same in June. Now it's all about making CV's and depressing a bit.

i feel like dying 24/7, we're all in the same boat.

anti-depressants help it from spiraling.

its pretty common dont worry. it takes 6 months to a year to find a job in most cases depending on your degree.

Whenever I get btfo, I pretend to be someone else and start defending my dumb posts.

I love my cousin

sneaky pajeet

Lol, got mine 2weeks after I started looking


I got a blowjob from a thai crossdresser. Was supposed to fuck its ass aswell, but after blowing my load I felt disgusted by the situation and left. Why couldn't I have gotten clarity before puttint my dick inside its mouth...

I'm 23 and I'm dating a 34 yrs old single mother

I have to change my location in the date app, because fucking argentine girls give me zero attention... So I had to change to shittiest place like Venezuela, DR, etc to have some girls.

Fucking whores m8...

I never learned how to write in English, feels bad man.

I dont really enjoy sex with prostitutes

I really like my girlfriend's sister more than her.

my older neighbour used me to practice kissing when I was 9

was she a qt girl?

Was this herero?

I am severely suicidal and have practiced hanging myself 4 times now

I have scars all over my torso that no one except me (and you) will ever know about

call me a pussy

that's cute

I jack off to shemale porn

I want to kill myself

>call me a pussy
say "meow"

catracho putaso


Has this been your only sexual encounter?

I have an envy of hapas/mestizos; because they often look prettier.

I like white girls but wouldn't mind marrying a qt mestiza

I am a Jew

Im sitting on a toilet



that's very rude to them

It was cute until I grew up and realised it was sexual assault

it's not a sexual assault if you don't mind :3

Ok here we go...

When I was younger (13-14yo) we used to go to the beach with my family, and stay in my aunt's house...

My aunt is a fucking milf, super hot, ginger and busty, so I used to sneak in her bed when she was sleeping, to touch her ass and p***y

she knew what you were doing

Idk... I used to sneak and hide under her bed (because they give their matriomonial bed to my parents) and wait till I'm sure she's sleeping deeply.

Then I used to place my hands under the sheet, etc... I was super, not gonna lie, it was best than sex, the adrenaline that you feel is amazing

My hair is turning grey and I think it's because of the stress of leading a secret double life as an online racist that I can't tell anyone or I'd get fired.

I feel like a trap like I was meant to be a woman in a mans body sometimes, I have a really smol cock and never really felt alpha or manly and always have had a loving heart but I also don't feel attracted to women really (although I still beat it to women + man porn) and I have met really told anymore about the trap tranny pet, the gay stuff is okay, I just don't wanna hate myself and I really wanna be how I feel best. I also think the culture is a bit weird but I would love a dick in my butt, my first GF ate my ass and I loved it. Trap Anons what do you think?

Also I used to put on my moms uneerwear and get boners, in middle school I tried to put a tampon in my ass (didn't work) and explored pads for some reason, and my mom painted my roar nails at some point really young, which all seem to have a lasting effect on me.....

And lastly anons I feel guilty and could potentially lose my job at school because last smemestwr basically I had grey-area sex with my GF/fuckbuddy at the time, she was drunk and I was high and I feel like I sorta took advantage of her and ducked without a condom, didn't cum, but still she didn't remember and felt violated the next morning and we didn't talk after. I will have to confront her because she's on my speech and debate team though, which is only from a place of kindness and forgiveness for a unforgivable action. I could lose my job if she tells someone who has to mandatory report it so it would fuck me really and I'm sorta scared about all of this and needed this thread.

Replies hyper appreciated :)

>she was drunk and I was high
you can always say she took advantage of you :^)

Looks good man! Keep it up!
You don't have to m8
Damn man, follow your heart, not your head or your cock.
I love you user. You can do it man.
You can do it too and it'll be okay
Hapa self hatred reporting in

The trick is also to get an offer before graduating.

I'm gay
I also believe in jesus christ as my lord and saviour
I don't believe I'll be saved and I don't intend to change that


Kinda wish I was a pale med so I could be white in the winter and tan in summer. Hate buying sunscreen if I want to go to the beach.

I'm white

Was at Ikea today but spent the whole time staring at other girls' asses

>tfw took a pic to use on faceapp as a joke and the female version of me looked like a solid 8/10

i started wondering how better my life would have been if I was a female, even my mother said she wished I was a girl

>other girls

I am 29, married, have a stable income and a home and I still can't stop browsing Sup Forums for over 12 years.

I'm a 23 years old kissless friendless virgin

How many sets are we talking about?

Obsessively read my ex girl's twitter and jack off to her insta pics

literally everyone does that

I just numbered them earlier today, 122 sets and 13 videos

Just turned 25 here.

Ferpiss dich Normie

21 gbs

I had a kid when I was 19 and my parents raise him while I use the welfare money and child support from his dad to support myself so I don't have to work.

katya clover?


Where are your kids old man?

Hmm, that's a lot of content. How long did it take to pool all of it together?

I don't want kids until I finish my backlog.

A lot of people do this.

nikia a
years, i followed her when she first started

I'm hopelessly addicted to alcohol. I drink every morning, every lunchtime, and all night long, every day. I even sneak into the toilet cubicles at work to drink gin during the day. I went to the doctor about it on Monday, but all they did was refer me to a substance abuse charity. Going to drop by that charity tomorrow to try and get some naltrexone and benzo prescriptions to withdraw safely

Oh well cheers and good luck.

Thanks. I want to have two daughters though.

I use the internet because I have no idea how to make friends. I'm not even autistic either. I think most people just have friends by the time they're adults.

That's dedication, my man. Hat's off to you.

I wish I was a grill but I'm not willing to be a tranny

I fucked OP's mom last night