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Good thread

commies are not allowed btw




don't tell me that you are a commie

>that image
future is great

Shit thread

i don't know a lot about economy, but i know that poles had more dignity and honour while living in the polish people's republic
now everybody either fucks off to the west or goes protesting in the capital to undermine the government, what's the point?

that is present

hmm I want 3d printer, and they are not that expensive t.bh

/balt/ is a commie general

Lithuania is a pretty shit anime.

how much are they?

Same here t.bh, shitload of people emigrate even more than in poland.

Fuck gommies and fuck fagzis

>his ideology doesn't want to kill people

Very sensible post, I agree

the price varies a lot t.bh
it can be from couple of hundred jewros to few thousand euros, but I have hear that you can get a really decent one for few hundred euros like that one in the previous pic

Wow. Thanks, I didn't expect that.


what enfuriates me even more is when some old fat faggot complains "b-but we had to learn russian in school against our will reeee"
well guess what, now you have to learn english, so what's the fucking difference
the system had economic disadvantages for sure, yet i think that with some modifications it could've worked just fine
also i know that in ssrs you had fucktons of russian and kaukaz immigration, but in /v4/ countries everybody left us mostly alone and no one was allowed to immigrate or emigrate except for diplomats or high ranking officials
i think that most people would agree that it were more peaceful times.

>status quo
fuck off boring faggots
*invades poland*
I see

Are there actual unironic gommies in this thread?


Good times

had a terrible nightmare this night where i dreamt of being stuck on a scottish island and i couldn't find my way back to my b&b because the paths and roads to it kept changing and shifting so as not to allow me return
finally my dad saved me but then we were attacked by some wendigo-like entity but my father embraced me, beat the monster the fuck up and then i woke up
pretty cathartic dream 2bh
>2d wife waiting for you in your home
yeah good luck fixing your birthrates japan, lmoa

no thank
god bless japan, can't wait for my own anime waifu


ehh there are pluses and minuses almost everywhere, but the most important thing that at least we are independent nation


love is the biggest business out there
Japan knows this and will make the most money out of it.
Everyone wants an idolization version of love, and they provide that with cute anime girls who don't complain and love your no matter what I don't mind this at all desu, this one step foward towards cyber punk

What is 3D printing material anyways? How tough is it compared to other materials?

Is this your new waifu? tired of satania?

but then again, what's the point of independence if everybody just emigrates to western europe and your homecountry gets depopulated?
i don't think that normal people will be satisfied with shitty 2d hologram waifus, unless complete and absolute vr with meaningful choices and time slow-down will be created
it will no doubt happen some day, but the day this happens is the day our civilisation dies
tomoko is pretty god tier but suzuha is better 2bh

I don't care about "normal" people
and there is already VR's and A.I's are already so amazing already, civiliisation doesn't need to continue forever anyays.
here's something cool, the future is already here


Most of them are plastic with different properties so like if you want to make something hard and non flexible you use one, if you want to make something that would have flexibility other and so on, also some of them might be more fragile or resistent to certain things like impact and blah blah

>but then again, what's the point of independence if everybody just emigrates to western europe and your homecountry gets depopulated?
it is really bad, I know, but I don't believe that everybody gonna leave

>tomoko is pretty god tier but suzuha is better 2bh
did you watched that animeh?

why, did you?

>why, did you?
what did I

watch watamote

shit anime
kill yourself


seen a bit, but dropped it t.bh

Why watch that crap when you can watch NHK? well maybe if you don't want to get depressed

Seen it, not bad but naruto(aka best animeh in the world) is better

Satou = Sup Forums
Tomoko = Reddit

does that guy remind you of yourself?

I choose to not answer this question ;)))))

don't be so shy

post your face
don't be so shy, when was the last time this general has made fun of someone anyways?

Is it true that Osama Bin Laden is hiding out in Lithuania?

Yep he's in my basement atm

never gonna happen t.bh

Why is he at your place

come one everyone here is so nice ;))))
are you insecure or something? hhahaha what a loser
I am helping him make a nuke

pfffffff say what you wanna say but your words have no effect on me

hahahahahahaha what a coward
go back to facebook!

I don't go to such places, why don't you go there "brave" man

don't go there either desu
come on don't be shy post your face

lel you act like a brave man, why don't you post yours heh?

this is me
now you post yours, you were the first one who acted very brave here

>this is me

wow fuck off racist
you're just jealous cause I am literally an angel compared to you


wow you are really a cute grill

I know I am amazing

That also turns me on

Why such a cute girl like you always shitposting in this god forsaken place


Buy me games, because I can that's why


ehh you are one of those gold digging girls I see

guten nacht

Wow, we're both such perverts

I just want to see you tied up and violated, how is that perverted.

It's not

That's a very pure goal

that's good hear!
*molests you*

Oh no
*gets molested*

I'm not a pervert!
*ties you up and sexually assaults you*
Haha, no way you could call me a pervert now!


>frogs are worse than mudslimes
Really makes me think

Is there even a difference anymore?

*muffled accusations of perverse behaviour*

Just had a spark of genius and made a pic

Hello lads. On lunch break right now.

Afternoon m8, what's for lunch?

Nothing exciting. Peanut butter bread roll.

*tricks you into sexually abusing me*
Muhahaha, who's the pervert now!

Oh no!

Now I'm the pervert

m-maybe.. we can both be perverts, together?


My leg hair is almost fully grown back, that's just tragic right there.
*does indescribably perverted things to you*
hahah it was just a ruse to get you to lower your guard!

My legs are still reasonably smooth, but the hair is definitely growing back

Warm day today. Very stuffy at work.

>still reasonably smooth
l-lewd, just send a chill down my spine
Mate wouldn't every day be warm? Whenever I've been to Oz the heats been unbearable.

>didn't get to use my outfit today

that's hot...

>no outfit
that is upsetting news

I got sick...

Oh I see, we can't have you ruining your cute new outfit can we.

Why are all the posts made by newzealanders and americans? This is supposed to be /balt/, where are the baltics?