Why don't you have a colombian gf?

Why don't you have a colombian gf?

i'm asexual

deme una, parcero

Don't >>>> Can't

i heard they eat ass


Post feet

what about the ''girls'' (men) ?

kek, it's true

t. knower

What if I do?
What are you going to do against it?

Nothing, be happy

I have an Argentine, does that count?

White women are crazy and useless. Hispanic women are crazy and useful.

Slutty and the ones that emigrate here are usually ugly 150cm ugly amerinjuns

They sure know how to fuck, but they are mostly sluts and gold diggers

Don't they eat ass?

That's what I've heard

please don't do this

because all the women I know are ugly.


Yeah, I don't like it when they try to do that

Because i don't want, thanks

Bro congolombiano, deme una :3