I am William of Nassau

>I am William of Nassau
>of German blood.
>Loyal to the fatherland am I
>I will remain until I die.
>A prince of Orange
>am I, free and fearless.
>To the king of Spain
>I pledge my loyalty

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>its another le "sweden isn't as cucked as other countries" episode

>bash negerlands
>indonesia to the rescue

Bolan, pls

>I am Vladimir
>of Rus
>I the 5th Hokage

why sverige?

>>To the king of Spain
>>I pledge my loyalty
Why is this in the Dutch national anthem?

update your anthem

You're not Hokage, Vlad, you're a pidorashka


a lot of loyalty for a subjugated kingdom

i think this should be our anthem

good choice

It was written prior to the dutch revolt and william the silent worked for the spanish kang

I suppose it's to reflect the conflict between personal loyalty of a faithful servant on the one hand, and the duty to defend one's people against religious oppression and tyranny.

yeah that's a sick anthem I'd back that too

>My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius
>commander of the Armies of the North
>General of the Felix Legions
>loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius
>Father to a murdered son
>husband to a murdered wife
>And I will have my vengeance
>in this life or the next.

>William the silent

That's very nice of him.


>William of Nassau am I of Duytch blood.
>Loyal to the fatherland am I until death.
>As prince of Orange am I free to start this war.
>I was loyal to the king of Spain until that bastard started prosecuting my peeps.
Thank you for the IKEA money.

Fucking saved