The British Isles has such comfy and beautiful landscapes. Don't you agree Sup Forums?

The British Isles has such comfy and beautiful landscapes. Don't you agree Sup Forums?

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I'd live there if it weren't so expensive

view from my computer
pic taken about 6 hours ago

>you arrive in Grimsby-upon-Shitterspoo

not as nice as nearly anywhere in europe or north america

Is it so expensive living in the countryside?

although actually i only really like the coastal parts of connacht and munster in ireland, don't think the res of it's that great really
norway's not exactly lacking in landscapes afaik and i doubt british isles are going to be much better

Very comfy!

Do you make the photo montage yourself OP ?

That's true but it still has its own little charm.

Yes, I did. I'm not particularly good at the technicality of it, but at least I made effort finding nice photos that is representative I think.

Where do you browse for pics?

It all has its merits, but all that green is just so comfy. It is the most pleasing color to the human eye.

I'd mail you pics if you were willing to do a French one tbf
Maybe it's not complicated but it already is too much for me

Wales 4eva

Well, most countries with some size to them have comfy landscapes, some more than others, but I can tell you that we don't have that same type of comfy landscape here as you have there. I particularly love your cliffs and your hilly green fields.

better than here I'd say

bout 20 mins from me

Not at all. I live on a 12 acre property and it cost $150K with the house

Google desu. I make some research, and then I find pictures. It's fun because I get to look at a ton of nice imagery of said country's landscapes. I now know more about the British isle's lands than I ever did before.

Sure I can make one for France too.

Misunderstood your question...

Living in Europe in general is much more expensive compared to here

You know what I love the most about Europe? The grass, that neat, low grass that covers the countryside. That shit doesn't exist here, it'll all be at least knee-height, pic related.

It can also look nice, but just not as nice as the colder climate landscape of Europe.

I don't believe that unless you mean living in the cities.

Can you buy a 12 acre property in the English countryside for 150K USD?

he's right if he's talking about buying property or land
i dont know about just living though

>tfw England is leaving the EU so moving there is gonna get a lot more difficult
what do lads

reckon that looks like it could be italy or greece or something

*unmoors longship*

I agree. They're very nice.

No because it's smaller and there's less of a supply so the cost goes up.
Why would you even need that much land unless you're a farmer or some shit?

>british isles


fuck off paddy, nowhere out of Ireland is the name seen as even slightly controversial

just apply for a visa
chances are if brexit even happens in any meaningful way (it won't), most parties are keen on making such travel deals quite easy anyway

cheeky bastard

It makes me giggle when British towns have this in their names.
Head to the country, bud.
Yeah, I think ours is better, but that doesn't mean yours isn't incredible.

>the british and irish isles

You're wrong.

You're not part of Great Britain, but you are part of the British isles. Just because you're not part of their union doesn't mean you're not in the same geographical lands.

>Sure I can make one for France too.

Well if you do I'll try to be there when the thread pops to thank you and save it
I won't flood the thread with pics 'cause this is about the comfy British Isles but I have quite a lot among which I could select a bit from every region

>nice scenery
Where all them overcrowded cities like Nameshire-upon-River at?

>No because it's smaller and there's less of a supply so the cost goes up.
Yeah that was my point. It's difficult to find a single acre in the countryside with a house for 150K.
>Why would you even need that much land unless you're a farmer or some shit?
Why not? Land to roam, get exercise, garden... it only goes up in value.

Do you hang out in /fr/?

in Ireland the name is seen as the Anglos cucking and oppressing them yet again
big controversy there

yes BBC Earth sold that idea to me too

nah Great Britain a qt

Stop being a faggot.

Yeah quite often, mostly in the late afternoon and night

I can't be bothered dealing with their feelings about what said island group is called.

Ok, then I'll see you there at some point.

See you there then, thanks user

Not to mention that part of the island of Ireland is owned by the UK. Even in political terms, the island is still at least partially British.

I agree, just wanted to clarify since you seemed confused about his objection
Irish ""people"" are completely retarded and actually think people outside of Ireland who use the name are doing it specifically to slight them when in actuality few people outside of Lesser Britain even know the name is considered controversial anywhere

Yes, that's a good point.

I love the look of grassy/mossy mountains of the northern Atlantic
There is just something unique compared to the heavily forested mountains of eastern North America.
If I ever won the lottery I would spend the rest of my life hiking around these places

That's about as retarded as trying to claim that Switzerland is not in Europe since it's not a member of the European Union.

literally the comfiest place on earth desu

Fuck off West Ireland.

Ireland and Britain have very ordinary landscapes. They look nice from a plane though

Fuck off you slavic cunt.

Did it cross your mind that 'ordinary' is entirely subjective?

>that's a good point
It isn't really. A segment of it being British doesn't mean the entire island is, and it's a poor basis for labelling the entire island as such.
And just to add the name thing doesn't bother me that much.

>rish ""people"" are completely retarded
Autismal tier argument, but I wasn't expecting quality to be fair.
>actually think people outside of Ireland who use the name are doing it specifically to slight them
Except we don't. We don't expect people to be informed about our cultural nuances, the same way I don't understand yours in any great detail.

>about as retarded as trying to claim that Switzerland is not in Europe since it's not a member of the European Union
Switzerland is European, Ireland is not British. EU membership is not a requirement for being European, membership of the UK is required to be British.

Doesn't look ordinary to me. We have nothing quite like it here in Norway. Only thing I can relate to is the mountains, but even they kind of have a different look to them as well.

Why are you so angry at that post?

nothing I said was false
The British Isles is the correct and accepted nomenclature everywhere in the world except for Ireland and in essentially every language and nobody gives a fuck that the Irish in their delusions think it's offensive

Thanks for the debate and an insight into Sup Forums mentality. Slán.

From a southern French point of view Ireland is already pretty exotic and worth a visit


>Ireland is not British
Only the Irish believe this.

>live in north
>labour council build eastern bloc tier concrete structures everywhere
>chavs drive around and illegally dump trash in the virgin forests

there are some public footpaths through the countryside that will have 300 beer cans along just thrown everywhere by pissed up chavs

>TFW everyone calls them the British Isles anyway and there is nothing you can do about it

Of course but deforested fields and a few hills can't compare to something like pic related in terms of natural beauty in my opinion

Ireland and Britain are different to Norway but I wouldn't say they're nicer. Norway has big forests, mountains and fjords

Isn't north France like Britain and Ireland?

organize a trash pickup with a hiking or environmental association

Thanks user

i have no experience doing that

im sure i know who it is as well, last time i went jogging in the local countryside i saw two chavs smoking weed parked where all the dumping is usually done

We're coming for the cod. You have been warned.

That makes me sad. You should get some hick conservationists. I know rednecks who will beat the holy hell out of someone for polluting in their hunting and fishing spots.
Shut up. This isn't about giving the UK any power over Ireland.

>Switzerland is European, Ireland is not British. EU membership is not a requirement for being European, membership of the UK is required to be British.
Membersip of the UK is not requires to be located on the British isles. Ireland might not be british but it IS on the British isles.

Whether ours is nicer is subjective I think. But also irrelevant. Ordinary is not a word I would personally use about your landscape. I think it's quite beautiful.

hello i am iceland refugee
pls accept me into UK


Where in the North?

dude have you seen european housing prices?

come and get it


We should put our aircraft carriers off the coast of reykjavik and bully them until we get them back

chavs are our version of rednecks but even more useless

Right. However, as diverse and awesome as our sights are, we don't have the Scottish highlands. We don't have the kinds of coastal cliffs found in England. Americans, including my mother and sister, return from Ireland with remarks about how nowhere in America will you find that kind of deep, ubiquitous green. Accept that your islands are uniquely beautiful, dummy.

No. I'd probably live in a little apartment if I had to move there.

>tfw I arrived at Thames the other day on my ship
>no cod to be found
explain yourself

>Isn't north France like Britain and Ireland?

Some places are, Brittany looks a lot like some places in England and Ireland by its architecture, climate, cultural link to the ocean Normandy and the North have cliffs similar to your islands as well, and the countriside can be greeny like England

But think the places that look the more like Ireland and its tree-less grass are in the south, actually. In the Massif Central mountain range there are grassy green plateaux and rocky green peaks that remind me a lot of northern England or Ireland, pic related

I thought chavs were more like wiggers/ swag fags. Do chavs hunt, fish, and do agricultural stuff?

don't remind me
this is a 540sqft flat $325,000
if you want a proper house be prepared to shell out 500k+

>admitting you're British
Imagine being you.

Hehe, you're welcome. Happy with the result?

>buying property or land
>i dont know about just living though
How are those two separate things? Are you a gypsy?

forgot pic
and I just went to some site with real estate adverts and picked the first one

Very happy

what are you talking about
heard of this Irish crybaby syndrome first when an Irish exchange student got mad when we spoke about Bretlandseyjar (literally Britain's Isles or Isles of Britain)

>just to add the name thing doesn't bother me that much
I see the stats about reading comprehension under your Tóraí is accurate.

>Only the Irish believe this
Didn't know Yanks were ones to be concerned about what people think, seeing as everyone thinks ye are obese stubbornly nationalistic imbeciles.
Though ye're actions in recent months don't suggest much to the contrary, I suppose.

Most of Ireland isn't British. But Ireland is a part of the British Isles no matter what the paddy says.

>I judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a single individual
True Anglo mentality.

kek this whole discussion started in this thread because of the inevitable Irish complaining

>Didn't know Yanks were ones to be concerned
Why are you being rude? I stated an objective fact. The Irish people are seemingly the only nation who don't refer to Ireland as one of the British Isles.
Your use of that word as an insult towards my countrymen is highly ironic, given the context.