potato famine edition

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can't wait for US-Korea war part 2

the thought of nork blood painting the peninsula red gets me ROCK HARD.

dont you mean 'tayto famine




idk why people blame the average brit for the potato famine t b h
it was our government what done it

>be irish
>surrounded by sea
>suffer blight
>forget how to fish

thats not funny

literally all normie shit


the irish are not humans

what the heck

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Hate wogs


yes it is
not our fault you didn't fish

an as yet unanswered historical question: why didn't they learn to fish

*exposes the league*

who's Judy? was she Chinese?

any nonse lad in?


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we did
the poor couldnt afford to buy it

He's gonna win it

found your problem mate

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i mean surely if you were that hungry and by the water you'd just catch one of the fish and eat it??

did the man say that the men had been kicking the ball all wrong?

fishing is free mate

the concept of humanity is historical


is pep /our guy/?

Probably because Brits celebrate over it.


The British Navy would open fire on any ship that left the immediate coast. Plus Ireland doesn't have enough timber to build proper ships independently

not our fault you were tight gits then is it

Footy Yank, which one is it:
Blue Bummers,
Protractor Boys,
Make a decision and stick with it, proper fans stand by their own clubs.

penal laws made it illegal for catholics




so the famine was the fault of greedy irish capitalist fisherman?

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>*infantry general* *tank general* *stealth general*

guarantee 99.5% of the population of the britain knows nothing about the famine except the name and where it was
no one celebrates atrocities here

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why would anyone refuse in that situation?

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Manifesto 2005
(part 1)

>■ Migration: The facts
>Over seven million people entered the UK from outside the EU in 2003: of whom 180,000 came here to work and over 300,000 to study, with the rest coming here as business visitors and tourists. People from overseas spent almost £12 billion in the UK, and overseas students alone are worth £5 billion a year to our economy. At a time when we have over 600,000 vacancies in the UK job market, skilled migrants are contributing 10-15 per cent of our economy’s overall growth. Since 1997, the time taken to process an initial asylum application has been reduced from 20 months to two months in over 80 per cent of cases.The number of asylum applications has been cut by two-thirds since 2002.The backlog of claims has been cut from over 50,000 at the end of 1996 to just over 10,000.There are 550 UK Immigration Officers posted in France and Belgium to check passports of people boarding boats and trains, and Airline Liaison Officers and overseas entry clearance staff are helping to stop 1,000 people a day improperly entering the UK.
>■ Building a strong and diverse country
>For centuries Britain has been a home for people from the rest of Europe and further afield. Immigration has been good for Britain.We want to keep it that way. Our philosophy is simple:if you are ready to work hard and there is work for you to do, then you are welcome here. We need controls that work and a crackdown on abuse to ensure that we have a robust and fair immigration system fit for the 21st century that is in the interests of Britain.

found a video of leftypol




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too right you silly yank cunt, will never understand proper football

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All of the ball has to go over all of the line

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hooted at this

brits owned all the industry. The famine was really Oliver cromwell and his ilks doing, if he hadn't passed all the penal laws and seized so much Irish land it wouldn't have happened

drinking lucozade

*mines salty tears*

Was trying to find the image of Tim in front of them but apparently I don't have it, only got this one

you must be a psychopath to vote for merkel, unbelievable

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bloody sunday

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kinda makes more sense of why he's scared of adult women now
why are ALL benders nonces /brit/??

are those the lads from that hammer video?

if the irish are so hard why didn't they just heem the anglo landlord and eat the food? you're weak and beta that's why

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don't care about your league

>good at tank warfare

The Soviets beat them in that too



(part 2)

>■ A points system for immigration
>We need skilled workers. So we will establish a points system for those seeking to migrate here. More skills mean more points and more chance of being allowed to come here. We will ensure that only skilled workers are allowed to settle long-term in the UK, with English language tests for everyone who wants to stay permanently and an end to chain migration. Where there has been evidence of abuse from particular countries, the immigration service will be able to ask for financial bonds to guarantee that migrants return home.We will continue to improve the quality and speed of immigration and asylum decisions. Appeal rights for non-family immigration cases will be removed and we will introduce civil penalties on employers of up to £2,000 for each illegal immigrant they employ.
>■ Strong and secure borders
>While the Tories would halve investment in our immigration services, we would invest in the latest technology to keep our borders strong and secure. By 2008, those needing a visa to enter the UK will be fingerprinted. We will issue ID cards to all visitors planning to stay for more than three months. Over the next five years we will implement a new electronic borders system that will track visitors entering or leaving the UK. Across the world there is a drive to increase the security of identity documents and we cannot be left behind. From next year we are introducing biometric ‘ePassports’. It makes sense to provide citizens with an equally secure identity card to protect them at home from identity theft and clamp down on illegal working and fraudulent use of public services.We will introduce ID cards, including biometric data like fingerprints, backed up by a national register and rolling out initially on a voluntary basis as people renew their passports.

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>Sadiq Khan's Uber ban 'could breach race laws as more than 90% of drivers are from minorities' say campaigners as 20,000 of the firm's workers email the London mayor

*embarrasses your Empire*

>the bastards at the Beeb ordered a take-down on all full episodes of 'key Dust so I needed to go to the original video for the single, instead of the introductory sequence

british army was deployed all over the country for that exact reason

never seen it but they look like violent psycho slavs

nice flag la