How do they think of each other?

How do they think of each other?


We don't think about each other too much. I used to like them but now they're covertly supporting the disintegration of Spain so fuck them and get nuked.

nothing significant I imagine

catalonia will never be free


I would have wanted to visit Spain or maybe live there for some time.
Good warm climate is great to live in.

We don't really think anything about Spain.
This is a Eu country where people live better than your average Russian and live to party.
They also have bull sport.
Russian girls think that Spanish men are hot.

t. Oriol Joan Martínez Guadalmedina

>disintegration of Spain
oppressing, bullying and forcing decent, hard working catalonians to pay for your lazy asses is just gross. they are fed with your bullshit

why do you ask, because they are both from the other side of the continent?

*fed up


Independent Chechnya when then?

Give us back our gold fucking commies

>hard working chechens

you poor delusional thing

El oro esta bien donde está hijos de puta, total, la mayoría lo sacarían de catalunya por no decir todo.


chechnya basically lives off russian central government's funds. support of putin and his party in chechnya is one of the highest in russia

>Russian girls think that Spanish men are hot.

>tfw no russian girls in my area

Good alcohol, hot girls top writters
>mfw it works for both countries

Do you have good writers?

Spanish literature is trash and your women look like brown hobbits. Never heard anything about Spanish alcohol btw, so it's probably nothing special.

Tons actually
There is some really good spanish poetry from the Golden Century and the beginning of the XX century.
Also some pretty good theatre.
The civil war has been overworked but there still are some good works from that time and the postwar

stop shitposting, retard

I think you are country of anime, humble femine men with small penises and porno with seafood and pukes.

Russian girls are one of the main fetishes of Spanish men and I think it goes both ways but I can't confirm

Shut up you moron, at least provide some argumenta




Is that suprising? Slavic girls are hot as fuck and I love their tsundere attitude.



Russians have no soul, their fun is literally die of cirroris or directly thrown down a cliff.

Belaruse being the hero as always


Are they human being?

t. wh*Te russia :DDDD

nice try

>hot girls top writters
Name some for Spain. I've never heard anyone mention Spanish literature and so far I'm not impressed with your women.

>Never heard anything about Spanish alcohol btw
I've had some decent red wines but that's about it.

I feeel personally insulted
>Cervantes, Quebedo, Becker
>el siglo de oro, medieval tales, epic fantasies and gruesom realistic comedies
>lazarillo de tormes, el cid...


Cervantes is literally the only one I've heard of and your country used to be a super power.

Well, we are not responsibles about your lack of culture.

Chechnya already held a referendum and voted to stay
Also Putin is feeding them with sweet $$$