Trump is more or less going to go in. How will the war pan out?

Trump is more or less going to go in. How will the war pan out?

Depends if china is involved. Whichever side china throws in with will win.

Tomahawk missiles and special forces groups neutralize military infrastructure (and government leaders if needed). Airstrikes and paradrops in biggest airfields. Mechanized columns move towards Pyongyang, encircling the biggest groups of NK armed forces, which later get mopped up by rest of the US/UN forces. Insert navy support/landings if needed.
But the biggest factors are nukes and Chinas' involvement.

China already said if Norks decide to throw the first punch they will let them get destroyed. Right now Trump's just flying airplanes into their airspace and poking the bear waiting for the norks to shoot it down.

>un destroys nk's military stuff
>nk bombards seoul as long as possible
>war over

>soul gets destroyed by the artillery
>US comes in and takes control of north korea really quickly
>maybe some guerrilla fighting since they are all crazy for some time

We'll be neutral, as usual.

Mattis said he had a plan to get rid of Norks without Seoul going bye bye

>How will the war pan out?
Chinese paratroopers on Pyongyang. They don't want the US pushing up to the Yalu

I'll miss the K-Pop stars.

Ah yes. I too believe in miracles.

Somebody said he hinted at some type of "Kinetic" bomb, no idea what that is

Got it.

US attacks
DPRK subs nuke Los Angeles, San Francisco Anchorage, etc basically major cities on US west coast
US pyrrhic victory, South Korea back to stone age

I got a solid plan.
-get nukes.
-And then make the us leave.
-make sk into an authoritarian oligarchy
-imprison all liberals and feminists
-point icbms at japan for lols
-make dealings with best korea
-nuke the weebs and japs

As long as nukes stay home. I don't want the tards to legitimize nukes as an acceptable weapon. Then again, tard nr 2 nagged about why USA can't use nukes so he clearly wants to.

>North Korean pepsi can missiles making it even remotely close to the US
Nigga they'll be lucky if they even make it as far as Japan.

Honestly can't see China or Russia getting involved, unless the US let's the conflict drag out (which they always do).

Hope Kim kills a ton of fatties before he goes down

>nork subs
>capable of doing anything

Maybe he meant something like one of these?

we will invade singapore at that time and make them pay for buying our illegal sand by demolishing marina bay

They can already fly missiles over Japan.

God bless them.


I don't know, but supposedly it was not a nuke that Mattis was talking about, maybe electro-magnetic pulse so they can't launch anything

I hope Kim at least manages to nuke Seoul, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Trump made it to WW3 in less than a year as president, pretty based

Wtf why LA?

Help me someone

No, you dug this grave, you sleep in it.

You are the only ones in danger
There is no way they can hit us

Do you have missile defense?
You must

surely putting a warhead on the missiles is the difficult part?


Nuke NK already. I'm tired of that fat gook.

>Developed under the guise of "weapons modernisation"
Americans are such weasels and hypocrites.

I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass someday, hopefully sooner than later.

Japan's defense system is fuckin shit

technically we never stopped being at war

so accept that as typical nk talk

they have poked and prodded for so long, literally destroying south korean villages with artillery only 7 years ago

murdering us servicemen running maintenance in the dmz with axes

they have been given lots of chances

You better fucking believe in Mattis cunt
If he says he can do it he can do it

Time to take qt korean as refugee

China can't afford to support North Korea, and it's not even a military issue, but an economic one.

just don't make babbies as radiaded babbies become supermutants or something.

No he's not. Calm down.

Sure they can, anybody can afford war. It will be costly but it's not like hey have to listen to the people who voted them
Into power right?

It's more that they have very little to win and very much to lose by siding with NK. Status quo has been the most favorable for them geopolitically speaking, but I wager they rather face a refugee crisis and finally unified Korea rather than nuclear holocaust and shattered global economy.

It's encirclement that china doesn't want. another Japan at their land border is not tolerable to them.

Dude, you wager nuclear holocaust and a shattered global economy and the other option is always better to anyone. But that's politics, you have to be the mad dog to get your way.

How would an EMP stop them from firing artillery? Those things have analog mechanisms and fire gunpowder shells, they’re not rail guns. They have hundreds of those guns within a 50 mile radius of the city and they’re all pointed at it. Mattis is lying if he really said that he has a plan to keep Seoul intact, and googling it doesn’t show me that he actually did.

You have China opposing the US and suddenly half the world stops trading with them.

It'd be an insane hit to their economy.

He said stop a "launch", probably meant missile, not artillery.

Prolly harsh enough pre-emptive strike against artillery stacks while interrupting communications with some more well planned attacks could do the trick, while limiting the damage on seoul on minimal.

Carped bombing like it is 40s again or something...

Most likely this:
>US, SK, and Jap will bombard Nork trenches, bunkers, and bases near the DMZ. Attack crucial infrastructure in and around Pyongyang using drones, and try to destroy most Nork armor and air before troops are even sent in. Most Nork soldiers will be near the 38th parallel. So coalition forces from US, SK, Japan, and probably some Commonwealth nations will drop thousands of paratroopers behind the main Nork forces, creating a backboard and cutting off suply routes.

Half the world didn't stop trading with china in the first Korean War. Why would they stop now that china is an even bigger player on the international economy?

It would be an insane hit on the worlds economy no doubt. But who knows?you have to play the mad dog to not get bullied.

But let's splash some cold water. If the US were certain that china would not get involved they would have, and still can, invade North Korea to end this menace. But they haven't because they are uncertain that china will not intervene. It is the uncertainty of China's intervention that keeps the US from rolling over NK. So while you may think china would not enter a war on the North Korean side, the US government does not share your optimism.

>From there the main attack force will proceed slowly north, using a creeping barrage method using air support rather than artillery. When the main force eventually meets up with the paratroopers a large portion of the Nork forces will be either dead or surrendered.

That makes two of us

>Then come aquatic landings on both te east and west shores of North Korea. The rest of the war would just being sweeping up the remains of the Nork forces. At this point though, it is likely Kimmy has either fled or been killed by either special forces or his own soldiers.

Trump is a fucking idiot boys

Will you be safe during the nuclear fallout?

I don't think China would untervene even if the US attacked first. Just look at China's options: Help a little tumor who gives them some wheat, or not go to war with their biggest trade partner.

Meh, as I see it, USA attacking first would allow China to play political game and after USA has toppled the rockedman install the new more sane puppet government in NK instead of NK joining to SK like USA likely desires.

North Korea gives them cheap labour and goods but the real benefit is it maintains the strategic balance of US influence on the Korean Peninsula.

Well the Americans didn't think china would help them in the first Korean War either so take that for what it's worth.

The reason China even joined the first Korean War back in the 50s was because General MacArthur had troops push into China. If we had stopped at the border China would have never entered the war.

Your history is wrong. The un never reached the Yalu. China had already mobilized and planned a counter attack before un forces got to it.

Tenno Heika BANZAI

D-Don't worry! It's 1488D chess!

South Korean refugees VERY welcome

We are their middle defense umbrella.