International Food

What food is your country known for?

I'll start with the obvious, I just made a veggie Pizza from scratch. About to put it in the oven.

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I fucking hate American posters on this board. You guys either post stupid shit on purpose or are actually retarded. Like that fucking gross abomination of a pizza. This entire thread now will be yuropoors and cockroaches spamming ">american cuisine" with le lauginh pepe faec. You retards make it hard as fuck to be an burgerposter on this fucking board. Fuck you and your faggot veggie pizza.


PLEASE tell me that isn't cheddar on your pizza

This, but unironically. It must be a lot easier to enjoy Sup Forums as a European or Latin American. Even east Asian.

>american cuisine

Very good, keep trying your best!

Everything related to cuisine, duh.


That looks terrible.

Gouda actually

I ate a similar one last night and it was amazing. I soaked the eggplant in pickle juice though this time to add a tiny bit of sour.

When's the last time you cooked anything besides meth?

That actually looks like an ok pizza. Maybe a little messy but overall it's fine

It's done ^.^

finnish food is famous all over the world. some people call us the Italy of Northern Europe

>veggie pizza

Would you care to post some actual unironic Finnish food? I know very little of it. I know what mämmi is and I've seen pictures with some weird bright pink sauce that didn't look good but I don't actually know what it was.


What's wrong with veggie pizza? OP's pizza specifically looks like garbage but veggie pizza can be good.


eat real food

>OP posts food he made himself
>you find shit off Google Images and tell him to make "real" food

Oh yeah I actually have seen this pic on here but I forgot about it. Most of that looks fantastic tbqh, and pretty familiar. Why does everyone say Finnish food is shit?

Typical Protestant stuff. Relatively simple and healthy but most of us eat too much foreign junk food.

Scandi food is underrated as fuck. I wish it was more popular in America but I don't guess it's exciting enough to become a fad. In my experience your stuff is pretty simple but quite tasty.

Probably pretty similar to the other Nordic cunts? Any idea what the bright pink sauce I'm referring to is? I'm pretty sure that was from Finland... Nice trips btw.

>pasta, meat and bread
WOW!!1!1 So original, thank god we have you northerners or food would suck!

Beetroot salad

Oh okay. I actually really like beets so I might like that, it just doesn't have the color of something edible, you know?

Don't let the others bully you lad, that unironically looks very nice. Only criticism is that it may have been in the oven for about 2 minutes too long.

It's not good. At all.

Oh okay. I'll take your word for it, then. Roasted beets are great though.

We are knuckledragging snowmen who eat barbarian foods.

If you that too much, your piss will turn to purple. Happened to me as kid multiple times

Lingonberry porridge

Eat that*

One of my best friends was recently on vacation in Italy and she said that by the end, she was tired of Italian food. What was she doing wrong? She loves Italian food (as do I) so surely your variety isn't that limited? I just found that remark strange.

>eating vegetables
>not even deep fried

Maybe she dined in your typical tourist traps?

Norway apparently has the best cheese in the world: Kraftkar.

Knowing her, I wouldn't think it likely, but it's possible.

That's probably sour cream/kefir/yoghurt or whatever finns use.

pic related is chłodnik litewski (lithuanian cold soup) known in lithuanian as saltibarscai or something like that - cold borscht.


Polish staple food


Pierogi are great but try this

jeebus christ please don't post.
i'd kill for a plate of re-fried pierogis with sauerkraut, meat and mushroom filling.
food of the gods

Ate some slices. Bretty dank. The pickled eggplant was a great idea.

Gotta get dem 5 flavors

Our cuisine is a ripoff of the american one.


it looks great anoon, I'd eat the absolute fuck out of it, never mind the bullies

I've never had them with sauerkraut inside but that sounds god tier.

Your cuisine is bad, boring and overrated I do agree.


What? We eat this too.


Aspic is literally a french dish. French eat it too.

I'd kill for white borscht now

My mom makes this very often during summer
>pierogis with sauerkraut, meat and mushroom filling.
ONLY RUSKIE!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1

Have you ever heard of marionberries?

Damn you reminded me that I have some pierogi ruskie in my fridge

I thought borscht had to have beets in it by definition and that's why it's red. Is that wrong? What's I'm white borscht? I think the red kind is good and very comfy.

Okay then.
Do you have a "fizzy bread soda, ham and vegetables" soup?

Red is great, Poles usually eat it with uszka (ushka) during christmas but white one (similar to our żurek) is our thing

No I don't think so

>Poles usually eat it with uszka
worth mentioning that our red borscht differs from others too, I meet Ukrainian who stated that Polish red borscht is uneatable (silly).

what a douche
I always devour it like a starving African kid

This thread lacks good Polish kiełbasa

I thought that it was traditional to have pierogi with sour cream and chopped herbs...
Maybe it depends on the region of Poland.

When will you learn that there is no such thing as an American identity?
You have thugs and their cultures and you have European culture. Taking things from either is not making it American.

I don't think we have that, but we have bread soda. I never figured what it can be used for. I gib the recipe pls, it sounds and looks interesting.

Finnish cuisine is said to be creative yet mysterious

Polish pierogi can be filled/served with lots of stuff

And what do you think about kotlet schabowy?


there should be 12 meals in a traditional polish christmas dinner. borsch, pierogi, and fried carp are part of it everywhere I think

Polish fast food
it's ok

thank you

Do you consider falafel and hummus an Israeli cuisine or middle eastern in general?

One thing about pierogi - don't call it pierogies / pierogis.
Pierogi / pierożki is already plural, singular would be pieróg / pierożek

>What food is your country known for?
It isn't

challah hu akhbar

I think that all Poles are addicted to it.

yeah they serve great huge zapiekanki with shitton of different ingredients to pick in my city just for 7zł, it's far better than paying 20-25zł in Mcdonalds or whatever

The US doesnt have a national identity or a cuisine. No traditios, no culture. But the pizza looks great despite not having meat.

Do you think i take pictures of food i make?

kek at the fucking insecure sperg
nothing wrong with the OP's pizza
haters and self hates can go fuck themselves

>pasta, meat and bread.
You just described Italian food.

>You retards make it hard as fuck to be an burgerposter on this fucking board.
So take the hint and fuck off for good. Sup Forums would improve dramatically is all of the burgers fucked off. Most of you are Sup Forumstards anyway, so you may as well go back.

more like pasta in different shapes, bread, rancid wine and rotten cheese full of worms. That's the worlwide glorified italian ''cuisine''

Yes unironically
I'm not a big fan of pierogi and most of the Polish dishes but Zapienki>all other fast foods

not a total ripoff though. i'd say 60%. you eat rabbits and we don't. so that's your own thing

why do amerifats put soo much toppings on pizza
I m just wondering how does it not fall apart

Rabbit is pretty good, famalam. I've had it several times I'm American restaurants. You'd like it.

what is that? pure lard? looks gross

it's a jelly with meat

because salmiakki

kek at the butthurt kangaroo nigger. we will keep annoying you and there is nothing you can do about that. stay mad faggot

sure i'd try it. just saying it is not a thing here. what kind of restaurants/stores serve/sell rabbit meat?