Laura-poster, are you here? I say we have an AMA for the based Laura-poster

Laura-poster, are you here? I say we have an AMA for the based Laura-poster.

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Sure, ask away!

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Do you sage the threads that are about to die, or bump them?

Both. The majority of my posts are saged though.

It also depends on the board. For example, threads on Sup Forums and /x/ will get bumped less often as I have Laura posts specific to those boards.
On Sup Forums, threads get bumped more often. Some user explained to me that good threads would typically go ignored/die with few replies and asked if I could help them out in that regard.

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Your work is much appreciated.

what is your fursona?

do you have a Sup Forums pass
the captcha kills my 4channing

Thank you! Nice to know some anons appreciate my Laura posts.

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Are all of your posts Laura posts? Or do you just chat as an user?

>After I solve a captcha, I'll stick with the same colored boards so I don't have to resolve it ever time. Usually get about three posts in per captcha.
i wondered what factors help reduce the captcha from appearing, but i guess that's a secret to stop bot posting

What the fuck I thought you were using a bot to do all of those posts.
You are autistic.

It wasn't them, it was me. And yes I am, thank you for noticing.

>Are all of your posts Laura posts?
In the context of my "Laura posting", there's three other characters I post occasionally; all of them bump threads.
>Or do you just chat as an user?
Yeah, I post as a regular user on Sup Forums as well. Not as often as I used to, the world's in such a state these days there's very little that holds my interest/that's worth discussing.
I've found that the more I post, the harder the captchas become. However it does seem to reset daily.
Also, I'm using SeaMonkey. The normal captchas on Palemoon (my other main browser) do seem to be consistently harder, however I got around that by installing 4chanx and forcing noscript captcha.

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Do you have any Laura rule 34?

Use your autism to code a bot so you don't have to sit there all day making manual posts.

Whoever created this ugly turdwipe character is shit at drawing. The only stupider person is whoever's a fan of it.


I would, but I did this on a whim. Also, I can't code for shit. That's why I switched to 3D modeling. Not that you asked.

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Should mention that I've seen others repost my Laura content. Probably like 95% of Laura posts are from myself, but just thought I'd bring it up in case there's any confusion.
That content exists alright, however I don't like posting it. If you want to look up the character yourself, her full name is "Laura of the Coastal Fox Tribe" (anons have complained how hard it is googling for something like "laura fox").

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To get the pic for the OP, I looked up "laura furry character" and then "laura twokinds" when I found the name of the series. I'm sure you've told me it in the past, but I blanked.

Why the name Laura?

don't lewd the laura

Plump laura got me hard. Wtf

I have a question for the based Laura poster

why aren't you a tripfag?

Not based Laura poster, but are there even tripcodes on Sup Forums anymore?

While I disagree and find her really cute, her appearance is not what attracted me to the character. Her story's a very tragic one and really gave me the feels.
Funny, I've been reading Twokinds since 2010, yet never really cared much about her. Only when I reread and thought about her story arc did I fall in love with the character. I guess /trash/ meming her helped things along as well.
You'd have to ask Markiplier's brother about that.

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sorry about this, I'm so fucking bored at work and posting her lewds help me stay awake. Also she's so fucking cute

oh yeah you're right doesn't seem like it

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Which boards are your favorite and why?

Wait, Markiplier's brother created Laura?

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DON'T lewd the Laura!

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What's your favourite colour?

last one because 3 is the perfect number

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Don't really see the need to tripfag, at least not for the moment anyway. If I was trying to promote some sort of operation or something on a board that supports them, then yeah, maybe.
Probably /x/ or Sup Forums, purely due to them seemingly having the most friendly anons.
On the contrary, Sup Forums and Sup Forums seem to be the hostile.
Yep. Thomas Fischbach.

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Hi Lauraposter, just popping into say I like what you do. I've seen you in my Pokemon Box threads once or twice. It's always a fun bit of color to see you drop in.

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i just wanna say hi Laura
your a good flavor to the site
and have a good day

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I've been hiding in obscure blueboards for a few years(/qst/ really is mistake), what is this shit?

wholesome thread is wholesome

It's an AMA for the based Laura-poster. The mysterious user who appears in dying threads to bid farewell to the OP, among other things. An essential part of Sup Forums these days.

As you came also in my threads, I say thanks, you're a bright of sun in every thread you post Laura, keep going user, I like it

>The majority of my posts are saged though
Heads up, entering "sage" in the options field does nothing. Moot disabled the functionality like 5-6 years ago

Am I seriously the only one that dislikes the Laura posting? I'm not even angry about it, I just find it annoying and it makes me sad to think about the person who spends all that free time on it

Hi anons! Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the feedback!
keep going user, I like it
I will! No plans on stopping anytime soon.
Also, if anyone can come up with new Laura post ideas, I'm all ears.
Basically what said. If there's anything you'd still like clarified, please ask.
That must have been changed back recently, saging seems to work fine for me.

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>That must have been changed back recently, saging seems to work fine for me.
Interesting, wonder if Hiro quietly reenabled it

Why do you sage though? Is it only for the more popular threads? Cause I see you bumping empty quality threads sometimes

>Moot disabled the functionality like 5-6 years ago
huh are you sure about this? I'm pretty saging works nowadays

What's to dislike? It's one of the more charming things to happen on this site. Like seeing an old friend pop in to say hello.

Ah, that's it?
So like alice, basically.
Well carry on, and visit /qst/ plz, they're rather creative, they just need traffic


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I like your posts user

That never happened
It's always worked
You're an idiot

What gender should we refer to you as? I tend to want to say she because of Laura, but I have no idea.

"Charming" is a weird word to use.
1. It feels like I'm getting involved in some guy's fetish
2. The obsession with a fictional furry character is sad
3. He's an avatarfag

Idk man. It's weird how it'll show up in unrelated threads, like they've just assumed everyone wants to see their weird furry waifu. Makes this place feel even more degenerate

It happened when the email field went away and became the options field. Moot was always pissed about people misunderstanding the Sage funtion since people thought it was like a down vote on a thread so it would die faster as opposed to it's actual use of just simply not bumping a thread in the index. He disabled it and called everyone retards more or less, and he wasn't wrong, sage brigading was fucking stupid way back in the day, but notice you never really see it anymore? Thats because people think it's gone from Moot's old announcement.

Charming is the word that describes it for me. It was just a curiosity at first, and now it's like "Oh hey, I got a Laura. Sweet."

Not necessarily. It's just a waifu.
Again, just a waifu.
Yeah, so? It's better than boring porn threads and Sup Forums overflow.

Moot threw a tantrum over it, but it was never disabled

Well technically sage floods do help to kill the thread, because they hit the post limit sooner without bumping as often.

Mainly so I don't fill up the boards with Laura posts. The majority of my Laura posts get deleted/archived with the thread, I leave the decision of saving the thread up to the anons who are already in it.
Who's Alice? I know I've referred to doll Laura as "Alice" a few times, but I don't think that's who you mean.
Meh, depends on how you want to address my posts. Some anons refer to me "Laura" and "she", others call me "Laura user"/"Laura Poster" and "he". I'm fine with either.
Goes without saying that the user behind the posting is male.

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Why do you bother
What's the point

I think there were two Alices. Both of them hid their faces, and posed in bikinis, and did threads just being kind to other anons. I think one of them had a cooking "show" of sorts where she would post short videos showing how to cook stuff.

Or maybe it was all one person. Can't remember at this point, it's been a while.

fuck it. i welcome all oc at this point. i don't even care if you're shit posting. bring back Sup Forums.
>i'm all ears
this dude got jokes.

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Well, I'm the OP so I guess I'll stick with Laura Poster, and he in that case.

>goes without saying
There are girls with waifus too, you know!

Hello Laura-user. It's been a while.

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Listen man, you asked me to explain myself and I did. Now you understand why I feel that way, and there's not really an argument to be had because it's just a difference of opinions.

As said, "just a waifu".
To say you're getting "involved in some guy's fetish", is to imply I'm getting some sort of sexual kick out of it. That's not the case. I'm mostly driven by boredom, loneliness, and of course, love for the character Laura.
>It's better than boring porn threads
Speaking of porn threads, the yellow movement months back is kinda what kickstarted my Laura posting. Back at it's height I started posting Lauras in random threads, but with a yellow filter over them.

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This is very believable

This is the most reddit thread I've seen this month, I'm going to vomit.

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Because it's OC and not just reposting porn or rekt bullshit? Leave pls.

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It's distillated circlejerk, probably even self-jerk since OP obviously started a thread about himself.

newfag detected

go back to your porn thread Zoomy

There's been two or three, the current one-who is still active-does cooking show on /soc/, latest was like a month back, maybe sooner

It is reposting bullshit. I’ve seen this pathetic fuck bump porn threads.

Nah, I'm OP. I've just had a couple chats with the Laura-poster and decided to make a thread.

Ah okay. She should come back to Sup Forums. We need more OC around here.

i've got my eye on that one. (s)he's supposed to be based in or around manhattan. i still call trap. tried to lure it out east once to meet. smarter than (s)he looks.

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She claims to be a 30-something successful corporate woman, dont stalk whoever that is, man, they're pretty cool.

They sound nice.
Hello user! Must've been a few weeks since I last saw you.
How's things?
Not to happy about that myself actually. I currently operate on the basis of treating each thread equally (basically whatever happens to be at the bottom of the board at a particular time), so my overall effect on the board makeup is neutral.
However, I've got a plan for how to tackle the porn threads. Need to commission an image for a new Laura post though.

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Please tell me Pokemon Box is safe qq

Kill the 3d but leave my 2d lewd waifus alooooone

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pretty good, when have you started modeling,
also have you tried to model laura?, if you did you have to show us it.

>I've got a plan

I can imagine a day when we revere the based Laura-poster as the hero that delivered us from the repetitive porn threads. No more cucks, no more traps. Lolis can stay, but only because they've always been here.

>Hello user! Must've been a few weeks since I last saw you.
Ahhh not great. Got a fever. You?

Never tried to do Laura. I'm not the Laura-poster btw. Just the OP. And yes, Blender. I'm actually rusty these days. The guitar is old at this point. These days I don't have time to do modeling like I did, so I just goof around and make stuff like this.

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Should be fine. Depends on what the OP image is.
Apologies in advance if I ever post something in your threads that I shouldn't.
We'll see. Considering the first yellow wave didn't really do much, it won't be an easy task. Even with a lot of Laura posting.
Sorry to hear that.
Been keeping well, thanks. Not much has changed since our last chat.

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone audaciously claim they can overturn the rampant porn culture on Sup Forums..

i see, nice
also off by one

OP is almost always Gardevoir at night and Lopunny in the morning. You're welcome to say hi there anytime.

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I love your work Laura poster, also you're pretty fucking based and your posts are always refreshing and cute af. God bless

Where’s more posts of the new queen of Sup Forums??

>Sorry to hear that.
It sucks. Well, there's much worse news. Brother just got laid off ;-;
Have you been posting regularly? I couldn't find you the past few days.

Laura is a terrible choice to use. She’s too much of a slut to be a representation for the cause.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
Images like the ones you've posted shouldn't be an issue.
Thank you! May the Lord bless you and keep you too, user!
Here's Laura eating a donut.
Oh dead. Sounds like you and your family have been having a rough time of it lately. You have my sympathies.
>Have you been posting regularly? I couldn't find you the past few days.
Still post regularly, but I've spread out to a lot of other boards recently, so the number of posts on Sup Forums has dropped a bit.

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>Not necessarily. It's just a waifu.
>Again, just a waifu.
Christ, this is a whole new level of pathetic. The board doesn't need your cringey "waifu" or you. Fuck off.

>She’s too much of a slut to be a representation for the cause.
Don't know how you came up with that. There's nothing in the comic to suggest she's in any way promiscuous.
She did run away from her wedding, yes. But if anything, that was due to her autism.

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Sup Forums was founded on waifus.

Pic related and yes I lewd my waifu

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Yeah, I guess we have. Mostly brother though, what's a small fever compared to that x:
>inb4 I literally die from it
Ahh that'd explain that I reckon.

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Why do you bother posting so much and wasting time
What are you trying to achieve?

>t. user posting on Sup Forums