Name my musical duo

Name my musical duo

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Bait for Bullies

jeez nothing higher than a 2/10 at that entire table

Conehead and The Brain Dead

Peanut and the Nutcracker

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more importantly go ask the laura-poster some questions

Chromie and the Domie

Jewish hairline

Siamese Dream

Predator and predator

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the third person on the left is the only real girl there huh?


i don't think any are



Trans Portlandian Orchesta

Skullet n balls

>Using a shopped pic

This is the original, bois.

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Backscalp Boys

Dick Nugget and the 7 finger forehead

Two Wut Crew

Mulligan and no-hair.

Fivehead Tony & the Purple Canoes

Lil Bald and Andre the Giant

Grab The Zyklon B

pinky and the brain

Queens of the Stone Age

40 (per) Cent

Kirk Hammett if Metallica never existed and he was left to his toy and comic collecting in the 80s (and friend)

Fucking kek

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Nation of Abomi

Limp Dicklet


All Ends Here