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what's the best way to kill yourself if you're not allowed to own any weapons

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whats up today?

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he was one of the reasons lilyfriend left

he was one of the reasons lilyfriend left

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shut up
you know I love you, bro

Just kill yourself already

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so does my family, doesnt stop me

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Just kill yourself already

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pretty much facing 10 years because I cant stop the drink, just gonna end it, I really do love you guys

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Dont threaten women with weapons

how old are you?

About to be 33

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I have to go to 90 aa meetings in 90 days, I've been to 5 and forged the shit for the last 9 days, I have to take a pee test every day and I havent for the last 6 because I've been drinking, I see my probation officer on the 8th, the last time I saw her she said if I fuck up again they are gonna revoke my probation and I'm going to tdc for 10 flat

Someone convince me to go do some work

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you convince me first hershy

Shouldn't have been a cunt

Wow thanks for you very insightful post, I remember being 13

I thought you didn't have to go to jail
do you want to talk about it in private?
If you need someone to listen I will always be arou d for you, 68w bro

fuck, just that seems harsh
can you claim that you have an alcohol problem and go into therapy?

I fucked up again my friend I'm done for

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I thought they were two different Emma Stone posters

fuck me if I know ....

I'm afraid I can't do that

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nope already been to safp twice (substance abuse felony punishment) minimum security prison disguised as a treatment program, my next step is actual tdc prison in Huntsville for a minimum of 10 years

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that's the best piece of advice I can give you now
are you even 68w bro?
just try to apply for therapy instead of jail

68w? I'm 1488

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Moar Gillian

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then we are both fucked
fuck man .... is there nothing you can do?
like tell your po you fucked up? it sounds retarded but we've arrived at desperate measures here

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oh ... well fuck me ... there is 2 of them o.o

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I already did she gave me 90 and 90 and classes 4 times a week and I didnt give a shit and drank anyway

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that dude is in the military isn't he? I don't think it's the same guy


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I literally love you guys, I will be committing suicide in a day or two

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you big dumb-dumb
is death really preferable to prison?

68w bro is ex military

yeah rip, I already accepted that I probably have to write this paper again

Yeah sure

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can I talk to you in private before that?
I need to leave now if you want to talk

Oh that makes more sense actually
but still a totally different personality and situation

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love that butt

>love that butt

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love that butt

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I spent the last 3 years off and on locked up, 10 years is a long fucking time, I'm gonna kill myself or move to my motherland

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What did you do?

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With peace & love, peace & love

Please go bust out a window on Drakes jet while flying at 40k feet

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gonna get my probation revoked

Spamfag indicates that your opinion is wrong. And to be honest I agree with him


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Yeah but what did you do in the first place?

I hope I can find some other Russians in American prison so we squat and play dice

actual serious post I am American Russian

I believe its more of a statement than an opinion

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i wanna bite into that thigh

bullshit charge for Agg assault

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Sexually assaulted a 90yo woman

yeah no

thats a cute rat

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thats a cute rat

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To be fair it is absolutely the correct statement, she's not attractive and you're an incel if you think that's hot

>thats a cute rat

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mellenee is 50

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id fuck her

Mellefresh is hot

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