My gf is voting for Elizabeth Warren and she now says she's a feminist. What do...

My gf is voting for Elizabeth Warren and she now says she's a feminist. What do? Where do I find myself a girl that's cute, Republican, and stands up for the right morals that America needs?

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I’m from the southern US and there’s no shortage in sensible women. If your looking for one that’s attractive and fits the criteria that’s about 20% of the women down there.

Right morals? Please. You and literally every other wannabe politician out there has basically never left high school.

Basically fuck off.

I'm getting my PhD in STEM at top 5 university faggot. I don't need some whore thinking about retarded shit like this. Next thing you know it's throwing savings into helping some bum on the street.

I'm not looking for some white trash that's just one step above some immigrant.

Pick one

Have you ever visited that area? There’s hardworking people that raised hardworking respectable daughters with right wing reasonable views. Don’t knock it till you try it my man.

I've been there, nothing but white trash that can't even fathom success in life. I'm not about to bring some decent looking girl along with family members balls deep in meth.

The two go together you retard, where you from? California?

Alright. Have fun with your feminist girlfriend then and ultimately be satisfied getting pegged by fucking leftist. You asked for advice and denied it because it wasn’t all you hoped for.

Clearly this fuckstain just wants someone to hand him a perfect woman.

Sorry I'm not some sorry low-life working some blue-collar job to support a family of 8.

This hurt leftist retard.

honestly who cares, your "morals" are changing from caring too much about shit everyone has been doing for eons in the dark anyway into just caring about human beings in general with no strings attached

Don’t underestimate blue collar job either. A tradesman can make decent money enough to wisely invest it and be comfortable for himself, vacation reasonably often, retire, and have something to leave his children.

Not leftist but good try.

If PIC is your GF.... post nudes, that will teach that feminist.

Yeah dude, nudes will totally ruin her life.


What is this leftist retardation?
I respect what they do, but why would I go that low?

totally ruined if nudes of her ever got

Maybe that’s just the type of women you attract ugly beta faggot

don't sell your autobiography here


Not that it’s low, there’s nothing wrong with working hard, but what makes you feel above someone with a physical skill?

look what i dug up

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Fuck does this have to do with anything

She looks like she smells like pee.

Physical skill? More like robotic skill.

Alright go try reddit with your bullshit. I’m out. I tried to help.

Alright go try reddit with you’re bullshit. I’m out. I tried to help but clearly I didn’t deliver your preferred answer.

Brotip: your vote doesn't count during a presidential election.


Obviously. Thanks for pointing that out.


Isn't that the girl that pooped her pants?

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Republican or moral. Can't be both.

try the country club, or somewhere else rich faggots hang out

ohwait... you think republicans care about something other than making the rich richer... try the mental ward, there might be a cute retard who shares your mentality

Yes, yes, yesssss. Let the butthurt flow thru you.

You think your fucking cute don’t you

Church, dumb ass. You don't have to believe the shit the preacher says.

This fucking guy I swear. “I need a right wing girl without the causes of being right wing”

Idk, church? That’s the thing with you dumb fucks, you claim that you want women who believe in traditional values and gender roles, non-feminists who will obey you for the most part, but you don’t resemble the other side of that equation as the spiritual head of your household. You want a woman to submit and be led, but you’re not a fuckin leader. So how’s that supposed to work? You find a woman who doesn’t exercise her rights and has her own dreams to do what, whatever you say?

Fuckin incel threads...

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Finally. Someone who can properly shit on this OP.

Any Trump rally.

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