Ivy Thread

Ivy Thread
Found her old vids:
Will dump what I have.
Other anons should contriboot

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Is she asian? She definitely looks it. And thanks OP she is cute af

But... now after watching the videos... seems kind of off. Weird

I don't know if she is Asian. I just found her folder on my laptop and decided to dump after I stumbled upon her vids resurfacing

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I like those braces

Gorgeous latina wasted on this disgusting fucking fetish. There is no justice.

What fetish? She looks more chink than wetback

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Those are Superman panties

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I like her. She is cute and bold

I agree. There is something about braces that make a girl more attractive

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Sooo.... this Ivy girl has a bladder problem? I guess

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I know Ivy! Went to school with her. Who wants to know about her?

Why isn't she nked in any of these pics?

I hope she goes full circle and starts to do diaper porn, all while you can see the regret in her eyes.

Also waiting on n00ds

She was captured wearing a pullup diaper. So she does wear diapers. Just found this of Ivy

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Nice shoop. I'm aware of the ivy thread games, but I know it isn't true.

I didn't photoshop it. I just found it. The diaper thing looks legit and the only thing that is 'shooped' is the red wordings

fair enough, but there's literally no proof that it's Ivy. There's so many amateur diaper girls out there that the odds of it being her is minuscule at best.

and pullups are the worst kind of diaper.

Given her track record though, its not farfetched to think that she would wear a diaper if she does that kind of thing.
One thing leads to another

it's 1 in however many thousands of girls that do this.

Why is Ivy wearing a Pull-Up?!?!? I went to High School with her. WTF

take a picture of the yearbook, you larper

I'm not into that fetish but i just googled it. Apparently there is a big thing about that. Its called abdl

Are you having a stroke? You're not even replying to me.

Everyone is user. How the hell can anyone tell who the hell anyone else is replying to? But my reply was ment for you, user

You use direct reply if you want to reply to a specific person. the IP's didn't change and you wrote in the same way. It's really obvious that you are the same person. I also think that you're not that good at English since you just ignore what I write.

I'm new to this site and i'm foreign. From Guadalajara if you want to be specific. But to be honest if it wasn't for spellcheck i'd be fucked

Posting more Ivy

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She is cute

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She sort of looks like what Bailey Jay is trying to accomplish.

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Her diaper looks full

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Her shorts are wet around the crotch

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Well... she already might be doing it. Is she even alive? I thought she died

im new, someone TLDR me on ivy

#pissforequality girl. It was a Sup Forums prank she fell for and make her a pee/diaper girl after she tried to kill herself. Sums it up

that'll do, thx user.

Despite being a Feminist, she's actually quite gorgeous.
The story is actually fucking hot and Masturbating over and spreading her pictures greatly increases her humiliation.

Being known as "The Girl That Peed Her Pants" and "That Diaper Girl" is a good reputation kek The videos are humiliating enough! Hahaha Incontinent Ivy

Incontinent or not, I'd fuck the shit outta her.
Kinda kinky her peeing the bed while I'm pumping semen into her.

Keep posting Ivy!


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dont be so gullible, some pee fetish faggot paid her for content because she was a camwhore

just some guy with mental illness continues to spam this shit over and over, and she isn't even dead

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Is she one of the girls from BabyMetal?

KEK If she is still alive somebody find her fb and her this. We need this!!! Maybe she will come here in a diaper

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I'm into girls in diapers, I would probably have seen it by now.