Kik shutting down means I got rid of my fiancee without having to use any awkward excuse

Kik shutting down means I got rid of my fiancee without having to use any awkward excuse

I'm so happy, the news overjoyed me. This isn't a shi*post, I didn't want to reject him, I'll just tell him it was kik's fault not mine

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lol happy for you

Thanks user, he wasn't my first choice for a marriage and I lost my motivation, so I'm glad k*k did it for me

what a coward human being

He wasn't my first choice for a ldr marriage, I had someone else in mind but they hooked up with someone from social.

Quick disclaimer if this gets archived someowhere;
I had someone else in mind for marriage, and this person on kik was not planned and not someone I wanted. I didn't expect this or wanted this

Just say it to his face that you don't want to be with him you coward.

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how is k*k shutting down solving your problems? I assume you're going to cross each other at some point. or is this an online arrangement?

So you only talk through kik or what?

grow a pair and just be honest its better than being ultra fag coward whether you wanted or not

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I already explained in this thread, he wasn't my first choice for a marriage and I'm serious about monogamy.

Women like you deserve to be raped.

Already was, this husband also expects sex and I don't want it when it was used to abuse me

I wanted to be faithful to my spouse... and he isn't my first choice

That doesn't explain how Kik getting shit down gets rid of your fiance.

You were willing to put both of yourselves in a bad marriage because you didn't want to hurt his fee-fee's? You are garbage.
And you still haven't explained what Kik has to do with an engagement. This is going to be one of those underwater weighing things, isn't it?

kik shut down, faith in humanity restored

I only talked to him to k*k we were gonna meet up and get engaged, because its shutting down I don't have to talk to him anymore, I refused to give him any other contact methods of mine because of online safety.

Another unwanted marriage prevented,

Oh its not, its a marriage to a internet person situation. I thought I wanted to marry him when we met up, but now that I don't have to talk to him I realized I wanted to be left alone

Why are you a cave person? Dey delete muh app haha thank god because I can't handle basic communication lol XD. Fuck you, idiot

So you never met him irl?

Ohh you're trolling for real, word. Here's a (You) for you so you can cum, bud. Dumb ass narrative but whatever stimulates your cute lil brain.

no more grooming

No, but he was serious about meeting up online. I haven't told anyone IRL so I thought I would random people online.

Not tr*olling, we talked for months. I lost my phone so I haven't talked to him

I already explained everything in the thread... its hard rejecting people, its fine, he can get a new wife

You're pathetic.


I would say its the opposite, because I wasn't desperate for companionship, I was able to turn him down. the person I wanted to marry before claimed I was desperate, but considering I didn't want a new fiancee and he actively looked for one after our e-divorce, he was projecting

You got some serious issues. This guy dodge a bullet.

Not a bullet, I'm monogamous. I'm not sexually active and he is, so he would have left me anyway.

Remember you don't know people irl or online, and most people have to perform socially anyway

This broad is crazy.

kik closing? what happened?

Wow, he dodged a bullet.

They are going for the real money, cryptocurrency.

I'm OP, I'm glad I have power and control over my life online compared to IRL. I would have been forced to marry someone just because they see me in person

This is some weird bait

I've located the specific source of the batsuit insanity

I find thia shit too autistic to be bait.

I actually 100% relate to this. There is a person who has been trying to initiate an ldr with me that I am too afraid of to block or outright reject. Kik going down will stop them from being able to talk to me.