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Put on a strict diet

Beat her fat tits senseless then rape all her holes after shes been cummed in by me ill tie her up to the lamppost outside and let everyone and anyone rape her as much as they like.

Kill her disgusting fat whore

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Who the fuck is this chick whale ?

@plantdead on snapchat

Tie her to a lamppost in the ghetto and leave her there to be abused by big black cocks

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Put her on a diet

Sell the brown bitch to syria and let them use her to the extent they want

Would consider fapping to her


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Does she trade nudes?

Whip her, then put her in a fucking machine and leave her there a day

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Nice. Have you tried to get any wins ?

Better picture of the whore

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Shove her head in the water and dry anal creampie her ass

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You can try she is a squirmy bitch tho i got these from her laptop

How should she be raped and vandalized?

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Tie her to a bedframe that’s hooked to. Car battery and after 25 guys are done with her fry her

Laugh at her face, then bring her a large mirror so that she can see why I'm laughing


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She’s got a pretty face but I don’t know
If that’s just the filters or not . She got the usual pretty face with manatee body

Wwyd to Harriet

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Post more pics user

Moar, just here to fap

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She has a pretty face but her tits are great

How old is she?

I would cuddle her...

I'm an ugly fat douchbag... She wouldn't enjoy it... That's all I wanna do..

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Idaho huh ? A country bumbkin chink ?

Usually when they’re fat they have nice tits I’m more worried about how her snatch looks

Did you fuck her user or just know her and stole pics off her laptop


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wwyd to taylor?

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kill her, cook her thighs and mid section and eat them and sleep with her head

Here's one of the last I have of her

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Know her and stole it

wwyd to ryleigh?

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wwyd to belynne?

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I'd help them figure out how to spell their names with less nigger

Yeah I’d fuck the shit out of her with no one knowing

Did you fuck her ?

My wife. I'll show her this so be creative

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She’s got a Nice ass user. What’s her pussy look like ? I’d love to fold her up and shove my cock in her

So fucking hot!

plantdead is not her snapchat or its been banned.

I heard once that she let a bunch of teachers from school fuck her after she was exposed so you're dealing with a class A whore

Last time i checked it was plantdead

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Her face is very manly looking. Ruins it for me

Wwyd my GF?.

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This Asian slut?

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holly fuck she looks like Lilly Luxe

Asian potato with some fat tits.

I'd fix that face

Nice. It’s good to know that a thick chick like than knows she’s a good cum dumpster and can take a cock. I’m assuming she does anal of course no?

Wwyd to this little cutie?

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show tits breh

Which one and wwyd?

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I'm gonna blackmail the chink with all the pics and comments so go ahead and be brutal on what you would do to her

How are you gonna do that? You know this chick?


Squeeze and pull on her saggy tits until she's crying from pain. If she resists, I'd smack her face until she complies, hold her arms back with one hand, and smack her ass until it's black and blue. After she's a miserable wretch, I'd throw her onto the floor and scream in her face how she's not as pretty as my exes. I'd trace over ever inch of her body, verbally degrading her until she's hollow with pathetic insecurity. I'd pick her up, pin her against the wall, grab her face tightly in one hand until she looks at me, tell her I love her but she needs to be better. Tell her she's ugly, but she has the potential to be so beautiful. "UNDERSTOOD?" "Yes sir." I'd kiss her hard and tell her to go make dinner. If it's to my liking, she'll be allowed to sleep in bed with me. If not, she'll sleep in the closet, naked, gagged and covered in cold water. While I eat dinner, I'd have her kneel beside me, holding my drink. She'll be instructed to recite slave vows whenever I snap my fingers, lest she receive brutal punishment. When I'm finished, I'll belch, signalling her to clean up, followed by a blow job, then a rimjob while she jerks me off from behind. While she showers and I recline after dinner, she'd be instructed to come back with a list of ten ways she's not good enough. She'd be my human footstool while I read a book until bedtime. If she follows my instructions correctly, she'll receive aftercare and affection, whispers of "Your beautiful soul is just yearning for a more beautiful body, little one. One day at a time, you'll improve until you too are beautiful." Upon waking up, she'll be instructed to kiss my lightly on the cheeks until I'm awake, to ride my morning wood until I cum inside her, (with any modifications to the routine as I see fit,) and to kneel on the ground beside the bed afterwards, head tilted down, eyes closed, open palms laid out to each side with extended arms, reciting her morning vows. If she begs to my liking she'll be given food.



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Get some more pics of her. I like that curvy cum slut. How are you gonna blackmail her. What are you gonna make her do?

rape her, rob her, resell everything she has on her in this pic.

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Ånal Råpe

Any interest?

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