Sup Forums Cares

Sup Forums Cares

Alright Sup Forumsrothers I come to you on bended knee asking for just a bit of help.

I fucked up, broke up with my whore ex and am now riding a couch getting my shit back together.
I have access to a car and a job, I just need gas for 2 days until I get paid.

I'm not a troll or a THOT or scammer... just a Sup Forumsrother pulling it together after a horrible breakup.
$5-$10 is all I need to turn my life around and get back on my feet.

If you have a buck to spare thank you, if not thanks for reading this and I hope you have an awesome day.

You can ask me anything and thanks again!


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Bumping with random stuff

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yeah buddy

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anybody here?!?

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Nobody ro even say fuck off? lol

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im not giving up!

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you got this buddy

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Thx mane!!!

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Bump for OP, also i wish you good luck in this attempt. Do you have something to sell? You should try to give up for some of yours sentimental valued stuffs.

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Dont you die on meeeee lol

Thx Sup Forumsro I tried to pawn my chromebook but they kinda laughed me out of the pawnshop

I have faith!

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I posted a local CL ad saying id work for cash... no response yet

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I never knew 10 bucks could be so elusive... I wanna ask a neighbor but I dont know any of them

I was considering make a sign and hitting the corner? but I dont wanna beg irl because of shame... I want to work.

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I have a job lined up in the morning at LaborReady I just need the gas

Any ideas Sup Forumsbros lemme know... I dont really have anything valuable but I do have a car, just no gas

How about that you go to the nearest gas station and try to persuade personal into buying your watch, or iphone or whatever, for gas.


oh shit bud thats not a bad idea

Oh shit bud, thats not a bad idea

Do crime.

Yeah, do crime!

>I have a job lined up in the morning at LaborReady
Try to borrow some money from your co-worker. Only risk that you'll take is that your working colleagues make fun of you infront of everyone, which is very lame and childish thing to do. head up m8, and don't be in false fear from that fucked up act. We're all peoples, and anyone could end up at same situation.

Thx man... I will... just trying to get there. Thx for the kind words man!!!


Im not a criminal so I wouldnt know where to begin. Just bop someone on the head and rob them?!? I could never do that lol.... Im just not a crim...

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Now if there was a crime I could do without hurting anyone, that didnt use gas, then maybe... but I dont know any...

Fuck Sup Forumsro, it seems to me that i'm the only one who have advice for you. Both of those are from me, except crime.

I might try the gas station thing but we only have 1 in town and I dont want to get trespassed... maybe beg for gas there so people know Im not spending it on booze or whatever?

Mow someone's lawn for 5-10$.

>my whore ex
Do you have any pics? You already know where are you, and what is this place.

Good idea bud, I can do another CL ad? I mean I made an ad that basiclally said

"Human will do anything for cash"

But I dont have gas to get dicked around and they'll have to pick me up... so far just scammers and bots answering...

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ok Sup Forums theres a golf course across the street... imma walk over and see if I can do anything for money... be right back... please keep bumped with ideas...

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>imma walk over and see if I can do anything for money
>do anything for money
>anything for money
Don't say that, you'll become cocksucker for 1 dollar bill.

Spend 20 minutes going door to door in your neighbourhood, preface your proposal with "I'll drop the price if I can use your mower".

Maybe he's good at cleaning balls?

wish i could help. i'm dry for the month.
don't lower yourself. i've been down and out many times. you don't want to be associated with as a vagrant.
you could try buying a pack of cigarettes and selling them outside a gas station or convenience store for a buck a piece. or maybe recycle.
there's the letgo app so you can sell shit out of your house on the spot.
and there's always scrapping copper but that's risky and will cost gas money.

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ummm no one at the golf course spoke english... wtf...

Ty man, good hustle advice!

So just to recap:

I have work lined up for tomorrow, so Im lucky that way.

I have access to a car, so Im lucky that way.

Al I need is gas to work until Friday... so thats what Im trying to hustle up. I dont have anything to pawn and cant drive anywhere. Im on a buddys couch and willing to work.

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Try to go with that advice for gas station, and instead of selling your stuff, ask some strangers for the gas, and don't forget to bring empty bottles with yourself or something.

oh. so then just ask him to cover you until your first paycheck. that's a lot better than begging strangers. unless you're desperate you know what to do here. beg strangers.

No crimes on my watch! Piss-man is watching you!

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1$ for a blowjob? Never occured to me before, i'd be billionare by now...

lol its true... I guess Ive been here a long time it seemed easier to ask you guys then strangers

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THANK YOU Sup Forumsro!!!


I know it seems silly but that gets me almost 1/2 way one-way so thank you Sup Forumsro whoever you are. And whoever cant donate no worries, I appreciate your advice and kind words, and blowjob advice...

Bump for OP

Bump for op

Ty brother ok, Im heading to gas station to try

brb with update

Biggest kek ever

Wish i could help you OP.
I feel for you as i am in the same boat.

Bump for update

Sell car and get the bus to work.
And stop begging on Sup Forums you crusty minge

Bumping into you