Girls you've fucked in the ass

girls you've fucked in the ass

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did she like it?

Yes, She asked me to start gentle

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Yes it was very tight. She liked it, she said it was a different kind of pleasure

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lets see her butt

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Fucked the girl on the right in the ass hard!

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My ex was the only one who let me

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>rando tattoos, no cohesion, various locations around arms

Yeah... sounds about right

looks hot

If true, explain the situation and how you convinced her.


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fucked her drunk tight ass

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Can you guess which one took it up the pooper.. and liked it. What gives it away?

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left looks like she wants it, right there...
right has slutty, trendy tattoo...

trick question... both are skanky assfuckers


Left looks like she takes it like a champ

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You're alright, user.

Mel loves anal

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loves it in the ass

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just a daily reminder if u have anal sex ur a faggot

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lets me fuck her in the aass whenever on period :)

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Ugly man

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where did you cum

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More of her please

i know her, there's no way she took it in the ass.

Asian slut, matched on tinder, brought weed home and let me assfuck her.

she swallowed afterwards so many times her breath reaked of ass and cum. so filthy.

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I've never had Asian asshole. I had a fwb that was fresh off the boat Japanese. I tried to get it inside her but never could. My greatest failure as a man.

Asian American from California. Incredibly submissive.

She took it in the ass.

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Not difficult to do. Most women will do whatever you want. Every once in a while you will come across a prude, but they aren't very common. Women are just as horny as men are. They just don't like to admit it for fear of being labeled a slut.

Very similar, I'd finger her perfectly fuzzy asshole and try to get it in. Probably tried 3 or 4 times. Her crying that Asian whine was pretty hot, but I felt bad for the discomfort she was in.

I'd blow a load on her forehead, why not?

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this one loved it. Half an hour after meeting her in person, I had my dick inside her asshole

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Does she let you fuck her pussy on her period too?

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no, all bareback. She had been dumped by her bf like a month before

This one

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That's great. I miss that about college, probably with 25 girls, used condoms with like 3. I have actually felt the defining moment with alot of partners is the first load of cum delivered in their asshole.


which fucked the most guys?
and which likes anal?

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Defining in what way?
This one was 23 when I started fucking her. 7 sexual partners before me, all used her asshole.

Good lord, more of her?

Her ass seems big, did she like it?

Fucked this

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Any girls here enjoy dirty anal?

Kinda like when you get her to do something just for you. Some girls live it and are easy, some are anal virgins, some don't like a raw cock sliding in their ass. Like you said sometimes it's an hour and sometimes its 3 months. Defining because I kinda get tired or chicks not into anal to some degree. It just feels kinda like an ownership moment when she makes those noises only when you are in her ass and that great relief when you pump her full.

Fucked her 18yo virgin asshole. She cried the whole time. Made me cum even harder.

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No, but love shaming chicks when the dipstick has a bit of oil on it.

No joke?
Dude when I went to that school for 3 years she had the nicest ass in the the whole school. I don't know how many load I blew to this bitch when I was 13 years old. I had a fucking rager for her.
She looks better with glasses and jeans on though. Glad to see she still looks good. KH not I c wat u did there

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do they play along?

yeah, I get that. That's why I could have never dated someone like this slut. If she gives up her ass for anyone, it means nothing. Fun to assfuck her, but that's it.

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amazing ass, does she like having it fucked?

meh whores. they all look used up. prolly on nigger cum 24/7 so they all take it up the ass and by that i mean they let use them all holes


both of these sisters took it in the ass

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I'm 50:50, I kinda like sluts....but I like that attachment. Like they hate to admit they crave being dirty with me. Now I don't have the patience to coax a woman into anal and it's nice to find her already into it, but in college I loved pushing sluts that would reluctantly give it up. I the more convincing I had to be the better the payoff in the end.

Was also DPed

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More pics?

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Anyone got?

no, just no

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Covering your dick in this girl's shit may be the only thing that would deter her from straight up eating it.

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This wannabe thug let me fuck her in the ass for 3 of my Xans a year or two back

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post those fat nudes

Top right for both.

OP more of this girl? Kate??

got any nudes of that giant ass?

older sister

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Fuck yes, more?

younger sister

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