What's the proper way to respond to a girl that rejects you ?

what's the proper way to respond to a girl that rejects you ?
serious replies only pls.

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Move on like a big boy faggot

How old are you, a fucking 13?

This. Play it cool and act like it doesn't faze you.

Move on.

Break off all contact, begin enjoying your life.
Maybe do a begging calisthenics course to drop some weight and tone up, etc

..or rape, depending on situation

obviously you have to punch her in the face to reassert dominance.

Say "ok". Or "thanks for the honest answet. It's annoying when people talk politely around it." Done. Really, what else is there to do?

do this, no words necessary

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Find a better looking girl that usually works. Or buy some sex panther cologne, as 60% of the time it works every time.

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Just say can't blame a guy for trying. And be an adult. If it's hard to see her then don't. Just don't turn into a spoiled child that is vindictive and jelly. I make anyone look like a piece of shit. So just be cool. Btw married out of league girl by being patient. Goodluck.

Move on with your life and realize that there are a few billion other women out there


And walk away

Basically this, try not to let it show phases you and soon learn to not allow it to phase you.
Be a man and learn that women are not worth your effort & time for the majority of cases, until you find a rare female that is a decent human who loves you.

So true

something classy and elegant like: "i hope you die of herpes you rancid swine"

You chuckle, look them up and down and say okay in a way like you dont need that shit anyways... Then walk off

Send her a dick pic. Show her what she's missing out on.............a 3" micro dick. Give ger a good laugh.

Completly ignore her and act like she doesn't exist.

My ex is fitter than ever now and got 2 or 3 blokes that want her. I even heard she’s had a threesome. Best off out of it I think.

Steal her ss# and ruin her credit

"Best of luck out there, no hard feelings except in my dick"

send dick pic

"ok, your loss."

>k den

A pity. Your loss, someone else‘s win.

Walk away.
>She will wonder why you haven't given her any attention. If if bothers her enough she will hunt you down.
>She doesn't like you enough. If you keep bothering her it will just make her think you are a creep.

There's only one way to respond. Pic related

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I like this, will be using it

Say I was just kidding you stupid bitch. Then cry in private. Never let them see you cry


just dont ask take it as a rejection and dont "ask out for a date". simply throw shit out like "yeah i am going there and could use company". then you never have to worry about rejection. unless the girl is awkward as hell she will take the bait. if she is awkward as hell you can leave more baits. Then you will become masterbate

It’s sad that OP is probably serious