Ok Sup Forums, what are 4 items you'd buy at Walmart to freakout the cashier?

Ok Sup Forums, what are 4 items you'd buy at Walmart to freakout the cashier?
>No condoms
>Item has to be sold in store. (Check website)

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toys for dogs and cats, acid and razor.

What acid? I don't think Walmart sells many corrosive stuff

Wd-40, baby formula, anal lube and coffee grounds

Loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter

I'm not chemistryfag, you should buy any acid that can decompose solids such as metals with minimum effort.

nails, baseball bat, hammer and trash bags

That's two items sperg

Maga hat, toothpaste, a book other than the bible

Gun shirt, tooth paste, a book other than the bible

Bra, panties, CD from generic female pop singer, and a small makeup case.

Jesus saves shirt, toothpaste, a brain

Plastic kiddie pool, rubber gloves, fleet enemas, rubber hose

Rope or paracord, hammer, tarp, and a hacksaw

Forgot the hack saw and rubber gloves

that would be hacksaw, rubber gloves, acid and trash bags

Trump Towel, toilet paper, toothpaste

Pregnancy test, rope, ductape, ammo.

Donald Trump bobblehead, toothpaste, shoes, The Cat in The Hat

Hoodie, ski mask, gloves, kitchen knife and rat poison

Roses, Champagne,Rat Poison,Shovel


Rope. Duct tape. Gloves. Knifes

Rope, bleach, white sheet, moon pie
She'll cream her pants instantly

Rat poison, prune juice, adult diapers, and a get well soon card

Yeah wow hope someone isn't building a tent

> test gr
> when positive bind gf
> gag gf
> shoot gf
> ?????
> profit.

Should freak out cashier.

a chair, rope, vaseline, and a single large carrot

a creamy, a steamy, a dreamy, a log

3 jars Vaseline and rubber gloves

laxatives, a box of brownie mix, a funnel, and mouthwash

Me too thanks

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I’m sure they sell muriatic acid



You've clearly thought this one out.

K&Y Jelly, Baseball bat, Disposable camera, Rope

For those that think you can't buy acid at Walmart...
Klean Strip Green Muriatic Acid Gallon, Size: 6 x 6 x 11.5

A pregnancy test, lube, and a single clothes hanger.

Liquid Lightning Buffered Sulfuric Acid Drain Cleaner, 32 Oz, Clear
$9.97.$9.97 from WalmartStore pickup offered+3 stores

Someone explain the meme I don't get it

Fuck you mother

good luck with fucking an ancient corpse

Yeah well fuck your dad, buddy. You spergs need to die.

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I aint yo mama retard

Good one

Yeah but why not lube, a douche, a car battery and electrical wire?

Fruit, veggies, water, lean chicken.
That should shock them as im not a fat fucking ameritard

Very creative user, it's not like your answer is boring or anything! ;)

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Don't forget to thank me later for this one sir. You will not regret it


>im not a fat fucking ameritard
so wouldnt it be more confusing to buy garbage food as a fit person?

Womens dress, high heels, happy birthday card, rope or ammo

Fuck off glow in the dark nigger

laxatives, a box of plastic utensils, wet wipes, and a set of party hats

Duct tape

spiderman underwear, hedge clippers, pain pills, and boxed wine

Jesus Christ

Cucumber, razor blades, baby diapers, personal lubricant

a mousetrap, condoms, a sewing kit, and a bag of ice

Silicone caulk, a turkey injector with needle, everclear, and a magazine about bitches with big fat asses

Post body you fat sack of shit

Doughnuts, doughnut holes, superglue.

bread, antifreeze

cucumber, condoms, training bra, sympathy card

Sleeping pills, for the forced factor.

Bleach, duct tape, black 3mil trash bags, and an axe.

Any four items of quality, if Walmart has such a thing.

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Plastic bags

Shotgun ammo and a sky mask.

zip ties, rubber tubing, pruning saw and a propane torch. Might need to add some heavy duty garbage bags.

*ski mask

Dr pepper
Hot pockets
Cheddar jalapeno Cheetos

Duct tape
Razor blades
Large tarp

>anal lube
there's one kind of lube you virgin