/rekt/ Thread

/rekt/ Thread

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Fake faggotry

Check the Catalog before posting a Thread Faggot

Bump limit reached on the other one you dumb nigger

Yeah, your dubs aren’t gonna get you out of this one. Press Alt+F4 and then kys.

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Thank you for this. By far the best rekt thread yet

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Oh my god how could you, this is so messed up, you should be put in jail for this masochistic shit

What? What is going on here?

Early onset dementia

The woman left the kitchen and couldn’t figure out what side the gas tank was on. Being on her phone the whole time didn’t help either.

Crashed so hard the car went from left hand drive to right hand drive

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Dubs? You're out too, nigger

I’m not telling people to check the catalog when the old thread is maxed out.

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Even worse, you don't know what dubs are...

You've never been in a car accident have you?
One time my uncle was driving a car (right sided steering wheel) and he crashed into a tree and his steering wheel, his body and his chair went to the left and he also turned into a woman.


that takes some balls to off yourself this way

Fuck, that's some tard strength or something. Those tables aren't light.

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So tired of kids and their new games that is all the hype.

I seen it

The thumbnail is NOT the actual video, the video is fucking gore and the worst shit i've seen.
Thanks faggot you ruined my day.

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I've been in one , I was the tree

Newfag lost the game.

That goes too far even for a rekt thread.

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That was an accident, he wasn't trying to kill himself. It's some retarded internet challenge

I don't get it, what the hell is happening?
The cat is humping a lamp and gets cockblocked?

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Kek just unplug it lol and what fucking animal was that

When are you going to move out of your parents house?

Real life episode of Tom & Jerry. But yes, just unplug the lamp...

The cat broke the bulb with it's penis and released nerve gas

Cool Story Bro

fuck the hue hue's dirty uncivilized asphalt apes


He gets shocked i guess

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trans dudes should be prescribed car crashes

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the lamp is one of the new generation gas powered lamps, unfortunately the gas cartridge that was put on it was a nerve gas one

Better with sound

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Beep beep weeeeee!

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Catch my bullets my nigga

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Catch my bullets nigger

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fuken savage

Trying to light sewer gas?

How people like this don't accidentally murder themselves?

fucking lost

This woman has no problem solving skills.

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Nice flip.

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It’s touching that you care. But I’ve been out for a while. Thanks for asking. Lately, I’ve been bunking with your mom. The stories of you as a kid are hilarious. I laughed. Your mom laughed. The couch laughed. We shot the couch. It was a good time.

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I shouldn't have laughed at that.

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catch my bullets nigger.

Houston, we have lift off.

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you can actually see how his expression of disgust and repulsion changes slowly into intrest and then into confusion about his own sexuality

I would suck her jucies off that hotdog.

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That darn nerve gas again.

When you nut and she keeps sucking.

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Nature is metal af

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Asian Female driver
I mean... there was no other way for this to end really.

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Fucker gets launched out of the windows unscathed, damn.

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flame on!

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moar cat gore pls

What a cuck, was asking for a pen and he gives a cheap shot

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