Black European Girl thread

Black European Girl thread

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2/10 Israeli bait. How much do you get paid a year?

About tree fiddy


Seems like an immoral but fun job. Do you do it for a paycheck or out of a passion for trolling goys?

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aslong as they behave, learn the language and learn atleast alittle history of the country then im okey with them

Gee...I wonder who lets BLACKED threads dominate Sup Forums.

Bruh, the thread failed. Try your jewish tricks again later.

I don't care if they learn the language or the history. Just that they behave.

Soros pays me 2½ shekels for each of your replies.

pls respond

I do it for the lulz

triggered Sup Forumscels

you're on Sup Forums

>Sup Forumscels never post on Sup Forums durrrr
derp more feggit

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woah.. powerful


if you dont think she wears this shorts for attention you are probably total lost in fantasyworld

It's jebediahs first day, go easy on him


it's what all the runners wear; standard issue.

pick one

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You know they make these threads just so they can keep blaming the jews. I don't think it works on most people, it's always some Sup Forumscel playing the 'jew' and a bunch of other Sup Forumscels pretending to take the bait

black people living in Europe are black Europeans, just like blacks in the Americas are black Americans. Do you deny the existence of white Africans?

true shit

>Do you deny the existence of white Africans?
africans sure do

to be European is to a white person of european descent, white africans are european settlers

some might, but white Africans exist and have for a very long time.

>white africans are european settlers
a person born in a given nation can never be a settler.

you're wrong
nice dubs

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thanks for tjækking, nice argument.

pick one you cant be both

you can't settle into a nation you're born into; a settler is someone who immigrates into said country, as in emigrating from another country into which they were born. A person born in a given country is not an immigrant, nor a settler.

how about European American? Ever heard that term?

Thats not a swede of European, It's a fucking nigger