Fluoride is gay

fluoride is gay

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Good OP text

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Did fluoride make me gay?

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I'm truly sorry for you, Clyde. You're too good and too smart for this, and I hope that, one day, you'll listen and keep a truly open mind because you don't deserve to be sad and lonely. Nobody does.

No, but Atrazine does.


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Pokemon made me gay

You know, I want to say ”I'm happy, and healthy, and alive. I'm loved by many around me and feel supported in my life”

But I know you're just going to say something to the effect of 'that's what they want you to think. They want you to think you're happy because they've replaced your thoughts whole they're slowly killing you.' Or something like that.

At the same time I want to probe into your thought process and ask if you've singled me out as redeemable, or if you're calling out the names of others as well, in other places.

In either case, I'll be here waiting, when you're past this.

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Good morning

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Dick made me gay

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Oh wow i didnt know there was a male version of this pic. Nice

I'll always be here for you and my other furry friends, and if I didn't care then I wouldn't make myself look crazy in front of everyone. You are beautiful in every way, and you are happy. Please don't let them do this to you, baby. I care more than anyone in the world.

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Just leave already. Stop trying to keep him depressed, you sicko.

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Actually started with Pokemon too. though not directly, it's just when I started looking the look of dick while still denying it

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I'm sorry for all of you

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I like Junebug very much. Please leave him alone.

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Pokemon box made me gay really. This was the pic that converted me

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You don't get it, Clyde. He's wanting you to be depressed and lonely because he's a sick fuck who feeds off others' depression. He claims to work for a prison, but he's made over 3000 posts since September third, he literally posts all day long. He's not real, he's a horrible person and a sociopath, and a very good liar. I love you, Clyde. Don't buy what the evil person is selling. You're too vulnerable.

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No, you want to convert everyone else because you're a sick human being

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Porn is a serious addiction that makes you depressed, and wanting "love" which isn't real. None of this is real. The internet is fantasy, and you guys don't realize how bad others are, and how bad you are yourselves. I'm sorry, and I will keep saying these things until I force everyone to leave, go outside, get some fresh air, and do something with themselves; not a slave to the corporations and monsters that control you like puppets.

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>i am truley sorry for your lots

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3000 posts? Its beleivable but id guess more. Still impressive. And september. I really came on as prison user in late july. And before then i was a nameless user for like 5 years still a pothead teenager trying to join the marines

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That's only 136 posts a day. That number is very doable. That is less than a thread. I'm used to hosting a 150 image thread each night comprising of my own posts.

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That's a good one, I didn't really get into the gay until I got into furry stuff. But man I was eyeballing Pokemon dick really hard. It all started with and titties in middle School and now here I am

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Oh, almost 6500 in the last month. Wow, that's horribly sad. You're a liar and a sociopath.

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It has nothing to do with the number itself; it's relativity. How could someone who works in a prison make 250 posts a day for 12 hours a day? He. Is. A. Sociopath. He wants you to suffer and wallow in loneliness because he's sick.

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Aaah, that's actually a fun day to look back on. Thank you for the memories.

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>wuts a robut?

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Hey thats pretty cool. Is that like an archive search?

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I don't know where this 12 hours a day number comes from or how it is relevant. He has days off you know, just like I and most working adults do. Heaven forbid he does what he will with his free time.

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>"I've been here since July"
>posts are from September

I pity you

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Fuckin good times. Golden memories. So happy there

You're free to pity me. That's a right granted to you by your agency as a person.

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I didnt always have namesync you know. People were calling me prison user before namesync

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I'm sure you'd love to know.

He always says he has days off, Clyde. He says it every single day. Pay attention to when he posts because he does all the time.

You're a sick man, and I will force you wake up and see the light. We don't need monsters like you.

That's irrelevant because it doesn't negate the fact that you're a pathological liar and a sociopath. I have all the proof right in front of me.

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I've seen his schedule. A photo. Everything lines up. I'm sorry.

No, it doesn't. He made it up because he's manipulating you. Did he encourage you to talk to that one guy?

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He doesn't work for anyone. He is an evil human being and doesn't have any right to be here. You will burn, Junebug.

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>he is a monster, oust him! grab your torches, burn the witch!
Begone, group divider. Your evil deeds were portrayed in animes like Devilman Crybaby.

”That one guy” is impossibly vague. If you're talking about my loving relationship I am quite happy with, no, that predates him by some months.

I'm very happy with my special someone, and I've pulled him a little bit out of his dark place.

You're drawing lines which don't exist.

Its ok man. Everybody is ok. We are all ok. We are all friends.

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That's exactly what he is because my goal here is to spread light and love, and I shine the light on people who are too blind to see it themselves.

Yet you're even worse, and I can see it in your posts. You are an emotionless robot which is exactly what people like him want.

No, we are not friends. You are scum and I will bring wrath upon you if you don't leave him alone. I will burn you alive because you have no idea who I am.

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this feels like a good thread to random (shit)post in

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Your a lost man in dire need of love and attention. I wish there was somebody to hug and hold you and tell you everything is ok

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You will feel the full fury of Hell's wrath, and you won't even know it

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I speak without emotion as I'm holding back my sadness about you from shining through.

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That's what they want! They WANT you to hold it all in, he WANTS you too. Please, please cry for me. I cry for you every day night and day.

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I love that out of all the furry communities I have been in, this one manages to be the one with the most drama. Fascinating how having identities on an anonymous image board managed to do that

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I cried for you last night.

this thread

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Pink furry sluts are so fucking sexy

Because there are organizations that watch this place at all times, and people like him do exactly this; lie and manipulate people because they're vampires who feed off of sickness, loneliness, depression, and hate. They love the hate.

Thank you, please cry as much as you can. And please drink water, you need a lot more than you think you do because you're just holding it all in, and that only hurts you more and more.

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I think 4D chess is better suited for me

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I don't believe this statement that I'm about to make, but the idea just popped into my head and it's enough to make me chuckle at least.

Consider this "You aren't really gay unless you had gay thoughts/experiences before ever going on the internet and being exposed to gay ideas/brainwashing."

I was gay before ever touching the internet, so nobody can say I was manipulated into it by outside forces.

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I was gay for my best friend before embracing the internet.

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Wrong. You've been manipulated by chemicals in food and water supplies that forces you to think you're gay. I thought I was gay too, for a while, but I never forgot that I've never liked men, and all of my female friends have been lesbians because they actually have hearts and souls. Men as sick because that's exactly what society wants.

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And you'd be really, really surprised about those "outside forces". There's a lot more to this reality than they want us to believe.

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Your welcome to step in an sfur you know. No gay, no junebug

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Good afternoon friend

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I would if the Jews and other organizations didn't spam them to death to make everyone gay and depressed. I'll definitely be making sfur threads all the time like I used to, so people stay aware from evil subhumans like yourself.

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*Away. A proper Freudian slip

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You worry me. I really hope you can get some help man. Its not fun to watch you like this unable to help.

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Go to Hell where you belong

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Jesus Christ what the fuck are you even talking about

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>big female ass

yuck, just looking at this I imagine every obese slob waddling through Walmart. It's a mystery to me how anybody can like a female butt more than a guy butt, even boney guy butts are beautiful

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they took over the thread
i just wanted to hang out with the gey crew and have them ask me to see my butt.

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Yo bro post a butt

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It doesn't matter. I'm only arguing to argue which is what he wants. I have better things to do like play wonderful, happy music

Because humans are meant to make babies, not disease and STD's

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Don’t you think it’s time that we sent all the blacks back to Africa?

Let’s see your butt

I don’t think so, instead let’s talk about sending all the blacks back to Africa?

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Then go do those things.

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A good one to

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