Ylyl THROWBACK.... randomly scroll deep and post em.... shits starting to become recycled bullshit from previous threads

Ylyl THROWBACK.... randomly scroll deep and post em.... shits starting to become recycled bullshit from previous threads

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Sounds fun

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OP, are you even going to contribute to your own thread?...

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Ight I'm out of here.

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haha u got banana'd faggot

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I lost immediately

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Unreadable mess, srsly

How did I get banned?

i read it just fine, your brain might be shit.

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Yea my bad I'm at work not trying too hard to read

Agreed, the layout of that is absolute shit.

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nice one, have this.

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try these

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Why don’t I get this

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This might help

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Doing God's work, greentext poster


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What is F11?

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You motherfucker.

F11 is a key that exist on most keyboards, with the right browser it will switch between full screen and windowed. When holding the key down it will rapidly switch between the two resulting in the image shaking on the screen.

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Thank you. I don't have one of those keys but that is a funny joke.

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thanks lori

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you fuckers need to step up your game

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DeWalt Cordless Thrill

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DeWalt Cordless Thrill

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you fuck