What is it about a child that triggers conservatives into such epic tardrage?

What is it about a child that triggers conservatives into such epic tardrage?

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What is it about russian bots and chinese hackers paid pennies on the dolar to post here.

no hackers, dumbfuck. They're just idiot shills with a laptop

>anybody I dont like is a russian bot!


If the little girl wasn't so ugly more people would pay attention

I feel bad for her. She's being used as a tool for someone else's agenda. I doubt she's got much if any control of her own life.

that an aspie is more successful than them at manipulating people.

>if they picked a child we could easily sexualize maybe us conservatives would be more interested

ftfy pedo fag


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I think they think she's the antichrist here to take away more rights and further the totalitarian/globalist conspiracy. Like western governments stepping into wean their population off of meats, guns, cars and probably other freedoms.

t. confused eco friendly authoritarian centrist.

A child being undeniably smarter than them is something they can't stomach.


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No no no guys pls listen, listen pls. It's not gay it's it's IF i was born a female i could be able to show my ultimate appreciation of FRIENDLY appreciation by doing this act. No not gay way, bro way. Not bromance. Ok ok listen, listen. IF, just IF i was born a female and i would fuck a male it doesn't make me a faggot ok, ok? It's completely different and and it's not gay. Stop referring something i say to be gay you're just being ignorant. Clear?

Because she's right.

Not today, satan.

I'm not a conservative and I don't know what a conservative is, however if the girl was slightly prettier she would make for better marketing of her issue.

You know, like any other poster child advert.

Child? It's a foreign agenda targeted at our economy.

About what? Being Retarded?

Not sure, but I sure agree with you. Look at Obama, Hillary and Bernie. All of those aren't physically children but sure are mentally.

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It's only the fact that the media is treating a special needs child who is a high school dropout like the Gandhi of environmentalism, and she doesn't know what she's talking about. She has 0 ethos, doesn't use any logos, and relies entirely on pathos, which only appeals to the most simple minded people.

I think it is what lay people would understand as child exploitation for political gain. Leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of people that prefer logical and proven science-based arguments instead of propaganda and computer models based on flawed theories.

A small breeze can fuel their tardrage.

This was a failed attempt.

because she doesnt know what shes talking about and is probably just an actor

But people are paying attention, wtf

No-one needs to target your shitty economy for it to be shitty

Fuck off with ancient philosophy, it's the 21st century.
Also, public discourse is useless to have reasonable discussion, it's just for gaining supporters. Do you actually think that you can discuss current political issues, complicated as they are, within a few hour long discussion? Only retards think that the world is that simple.

Child, Teen pick 1

If a Republican becomes eco-friendly I will vote for him. Hands down. I can't vote Democrat they make everyone lazy and gay. Yang wants to give free money to everyone. I will not vote for that Democrat.

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the stupidity of politicians and media

Isn't she 16? Also, watching a few videos on YouTube and reading some InfoWars articles doesn't qualify you to judge models of actual scientists. You people are so fucking retarded. Disagreeing with the social sciences for whatever unknown retarded reasons and talking about how the ACTUAL sciences are the only fields of study worth considering. Except when you don't feel like it.

You could use a little gayness yourself, it seems. Care to post nudes?

Conservatives are literally trying to destroy all life on earth. How anyone sane can take them seriously is beyond me.

>half the posts on here are about her
>everywhere on facbeook, instagram, twitter, etc
>talked about on every major news outlet
>"nobody is paying attention to her!"

sorry shes not good pedo material for you, faggot

Stfu and care about other peoples opinions

Not sure if baiting or really stupid

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She is too ugly for them to fuck


Nothing, but promoting the fake as fuck "climate crisis" does, as does the left using children as bait for pushing their shit. Greta is just an uneducated kid rambling on about shit she's really clueless of like a 4 year old throwing a fit because they don't understand why they can't paint the dog.

the desperate will hump anything

Liberals think anyone not marching in lockstep with their distorted worldview and irrational fears are going to bring about the end of the world.
Lol. Just let that chicken little bullshit set in and wonder how they can take themselves seriously.

Cry somewhere else about people not wanting to listen to your stupid opinions. You've never read economic literature in your life and are stupid enough to care where people put their dicks. Subhumans like you have as much to contribute to an informed discussion about politics as my dog does.

Fuck you and your big dick

i mean, its obviously the truth

>lets chop down all the trees
>lets sell all our water to other countries
>lets not give homeless people healthcare
>lets allow our businesses to use overseas child labor
>lets rollback every environmental law that exists
>lets spend billions on war for decades upon decades
>lets sell weapons to fascists and terrorist groups
>lets not do anything about the opiate epidemic
>let allow corporations to dump pollutants into waterways and the ocean
>lets try and make laws that dictate what people do on their own properties, in their own bedrooms, and privately with their own bodies

Ancient philosophy still applies, and we are all indicative of it.

Do you think that anything is settled by screaming like a toddler who was told that it can't have a candy bar? Rational debate and compromise are the only way to arrive at a mutually beneficial resolution.

Nicholas Sandman just smiled and Libtards went full conspiracy mode

It takes 5 minutes to debunk muh global warming muh climate change
You'd know that if you had Logos, NPC

Reality judges them over time user

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it takes 5 minutes to debunk climate change? What kind of redneck logic would you use? Please debunk it, just for fun.

they don't like anyone telling them something they don't want to hear.

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I would...

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>actual sciences
You're confusing propaganda with actual science user

go back to flipping burgers you inbred.

>dem arms

[email protected]

Who is this girl? Some kinda pro incest child the Democratic Party is trying push on the world for family fucking acceptance?

How about you read what scientists actually say instead about hearing what Fox says about what CNN says about what said scientists say?
Wow, only five minutes? Well, you seem like a smart person. Especially when you're acting like reading a few articles makes you think you are more qualified to talk about science than people much smarter than you who actually dedicated their life to that shit. Also, I'm tempted to answer that it takes 5 minutes for a non-retard to understand why climate change is real, manmade and an important problem. Fuck off to a cave if you hate science so much.
Of course finding compromises is important, pluralism is a really good idea. Too bad that's only important to a parliament, not to uninformed retards that don't make any decisions in which you could compromise.

>unironically making the science has been wrong before argument

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Libturds btfo as always, and kikes be seething

>Fuck off with ancient philosophy

God god your stupid.

Yeah, believe or not, most of that shit was dead wrong. For example, Plato uses some really shitty arguments to justify his believes on forms. If I remember right, he directly justifies hies belief in the form of justice by appealing to some shit a priest or something told him in Menon.
I'm not saying that they weren't geniuses or that they found out about some really important shit, but maybe their analysis on social dynamics and rhetoric aren't currently aren't the best literature on those topics we have right now.

Projecting kike is projecting

Liberals fucking nail it over and over. Seriously I think they just wait for shit to calm down a little then they throw another 16 year old up on the stand and everyone fucking spasms to death again.

A 16 year old depressed retard is telling adults about climate change and what we need to do. Im not conservative, but can you think of a more retarded scenario?

So you cant read a picture loaded with data related to the claims you made
Well that explains this whole thread

I assure you she is living the time of her life, having her five minutes and all that. Plus making contacts that will make life easier for her from now on. Feel pity for those kids fighting wars or working their asses off all day, not for this spoiled kid

Please provide me some deepfakes with her.

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The sad part is you think you are helping her "cause" when really you are just annoying people, effectively making them dislike Greta in general. Who cares what she has to say anymore, seeing her retarded face every single fucking day is seriously pushing me toward "Burn the fucking world."
Good job.