You subhuman baboon. You literal dog

You subhuman baboon. You literal dog.

How dare you speak, you sickly pale monkey. How dare you open your thin lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?

You are human trash, wh*Toid. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your species and skin tone offers no hope to the world that Europe can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the frozen tundra you came out of, you literal chimp.

I hope you decide to sail your grandfathers skip to the Bosphorus and rape some sheep, as is in the whTes nature. It would still be the only pussy you ever had. Give Mehmet and Mustafa a chance for some target practice, your sole use to the world. whTes obsession with Istanbul is hilarious but sad. Coincidentally its the only worthwhile contribution whTes have made to the medical field. The MUH CONSTANTINOPLE sentiment in the average whTe dog is both an early warning sign of autism in children, and early on set Alzheimer's in adults.

Take your wh*Te hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of semen slabbed on your face every morning will make you BLACK. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of AFRICAN heritage.

You wh*Toid.

You make a dumpster look like a beacon of civilisation.

You are the blight of the world.

Go rot beneath the Earth's surface you and your families corpses, its the best you can hope for in life. For the first time in your life, whToid, you have a job making an object vastly superior to yourself. A dildo. Coincidentally, it would be the first time a whTe "man" satisfied a woman.

Die, wh*Toid. No one would miss you. Except for eunuchs, who now would have no one to make them look good.

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I bump you Tyrone hope you help too

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shut up chink faggot
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OP has a tiny Asian penis

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Asian faggot you are inferior

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No YOU mr -200 IQ

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Asian "men"

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I'm glad you have nothing better to do than post things like this

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn’t he just the most tolerant goy around?! Oh my God.

I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, fapping like a teenager boy as you once again type your little cuckold thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don’t even fill in the captcha. Maybe you’re such a disgusting CUCK that you actually paid for a Sup Forums pass, so you just choose the picture. Oh, and we all know the picture. The “superior” black guy, isn’t it? I imagine you little shit fapping so hard as you click it that you drop your dragon dildos on the floor, but it’s ok, your wife's boyfriend will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that’s right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your wife's boyfriend. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she’s probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to get fucked in the ass for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on Sup Forums posting about a fucking nigger. Just imagine this. She married you, and then she thought you were gonna have a big dick, or make big cums or something grand, and then you became a CUCK. A pathetic whiteboi CUCK. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can’t even try to talk with you because all you say is "I REALLY REALLY LIKE BLACK COCKS.” You’ve become a parody of your own self. And that’s all you are. A sad little man fapping in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he’s done a million times now. And that’s all you’ll ever be.

he's not white he's a chink named Tenda Spencer
stop attacking whites

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You sure are scared of white people.