Brutal/Extreme WWYD - r4r

Brutal/Extreme WWYD - r4r

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Ride the horse

Which ones the horse?


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Wwyd, no limits

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I’d strap her to that fence and let the horse mount her. Balls deep and cum inside her. Hope she lives so it can happen again

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The one with big dig (that blonde one)

Honestly it's not even something sexual. I've always wanted to torture somebody to death. I want her to wake up strapped into a chair and then walk up to her with a full butcher suit on. First I would shoot her up with meth so she doesn't pass out. Then I'll start drilling holes in her legs with a power drill. After a short break I'll take a bolt cutter and snap off all her toes. Then I'll dislocate her jaw with a hammer, leave the room and watch her on a screen for like an hour fighting the restarints and screaming for help with her jaw dangling until she's just hanging there exhausted. Then I would strangle her with my bare hands while looking her dead in the eyes. I will stop right before she passes out and let her recover. I'll repeat this for about half an hour. To finish her off I would take a Swiss Army knife and cut her stomach open, scoop out all the intestines I can find and watch her bleed to death.

I'd take her out on a nice date and slip her something during the evening, when she wakes up she's tied to my bed and I'm about to fuck her, I rape her as she futilely struggles, she doesn't even notice the extra guys entering the room until cocks are being shoved down her throat, I cum on her face and watch occasionally joining in over the next few days. eventually I'd take her round to her parents house and fuck her one last time in front of them


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r4r thread

How about IV meth + lsd every 8 hours. Increase dosage constantly for 1 month. Force feed grain and vitamin C. Insert GPS chip under skin. Release after 1 month in deep woods. Watch the show.

I would probably volunteer for that

Once the boat gets out where she’s have no one to help her she’s bound up, passed around and fucked by everyone aboard. When everyone is spent and she’s filled with cum she gets hung on the bow of the boat. She spends the next few hours being sprayed by the waves until we pull back into port. Her tits and pussy on display for everyone to see. She’s just a decoration for a cheap boat now. She hangs there in the sun being shit on by sea birds.

Shut the fuck up faggot

I would

I wouldn’t even wait to undress her I’d get her from behind quick without her having a chance to respond she would just orgasm

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I'd be chill with her and slowly gain her trust. Eventually get her to agree to walk by some woods late at night and I’d knock her to the ground. I’d strangle her and force myself in her ass. When I’m about to cum I’d switch to pussy. As she’s crying about her cum filled pussy I’d get hard again and sit on her face, making her rim me for her life.


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Alot of ugly in this thread

Anyone wanna trade on Kik, wwyd’s
Kik veinman93

I'd tie her down to a fucking machine and a powerful vibrator in place and sit back and watch her orgasm multiple times, i'd leave her there listening to her screaming as her body gets more and more numb, she'd be cumming constantly until she's just lying there practically brain dead, quivering as her pussy is fucked by a massive dildo continually driving all the way up inside her


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but still....

do you like "only pictures-wwyd threads"?

Follow her to her hotel room and sneak in when she sleeping .. when she wakes there’s 3 or four of us naked standing around her with raging hard on

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Capture her and remove her arms and legs, ring gag fixed in her mouth and I’d build a stand holding her upright with a massive rod which she sits on, it drives up her ass into her colon. Mount her on a wall in a public restroom next to the urinals, she spends the rest of her pathetic life being used as a cum dump and toilet. After about a week pay her a visit and use her one last time to piss on then hang a sign around her neck reading “free to a good home”

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Amputation, gore torture accepted but no death please
I’ll show more for good story

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I'd force her to strip, then I'd make her worship my cock and put on a dog collar to remind her of her place. After I'm done with her throat I'd kick her to the ground and kick her in the ribs a few times before I get to her asshole, I'd fuck her ass till it's bloody and gaping and then I'd wipe my cock on her face and tongue. I'd move on to her tight cunt and fuck her brains out, I'd make her have the most humiliating orgasm of her life.


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Offer her a plate of meatloaf.

Wake her up out of her sleep naked putting her in a choke hold .. her body jumping around with my buddy grabbing her legs and opening them up wide .. I grab her by the hair so she can watch my friends huge cock start penetrating her ... as she freaks out I let her know if she’s good it’ll be over quick

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In every wwyd thread no one answers me am i the only one who see this girl hot asf?

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I'd drug and kidnap her, place her into chains locked along the wall of a dark room, all 4 of her limbs chained. Stripped down, she'll wake up and start to squirm and scream, only to realize that it's useless. I'd come down quickly looking like I'm helping her out, cut her loose getting her to run. As soon as she begins to run, I'd chase her down, mow her over, and plow her to the floor. I'd love to see the look on her face as I begin to just thrust my cock into her asshole. The screams, the groans, the moans and the begging all just get me harder. When it's ready, I'd switch to her pussy and blast deep into her and I'd leave her there, dripping cum on the floor.


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begging for wwyd?

Yup price its her Instagram

r4r thread


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Catch her the pool at night when no else is around bend for over a table quick and tell her to shut up and just take it quicktie her hand down and have my way and her cream pies ... reply to the one above you

Take her out to a few drinks, and nice dinner, and get heartbroken when she ghost me.

Wwyd to my 18 year old GF? If you want to see more lmk what you wanna see

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Wwyd to her ?
I’ll smack her until she turn entire blue and fuck her while she’s crying in pain
And after, i’ll cut legs and Arms to turn her into a sexual worm

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Take her out for a nice dinner and a few drinks. We'd then go back to her place for a coffee. As soon as she finishes brewing the coffee, I'd take jug and smash it against her head. I'd then proceed to fuck her in the ass as she cries from the pain and burns.


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would ram my cock balls deep in her throat over and over. force her to swallow every drop of my cum.

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dead thread walking....