Make me believe

Make me believe

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The calculation is only based on Auschwitz and far from all Jews were cremated.

No one is ever going to make you believe. You have made up your own facts already. But btw. there are other ways to kill jews.

You forgot shooting jews en masse and trench style multiple occupant “graves”.
I’m all for questioning history, but this has bigger holes than your mom.

At least 1/5th of the Holocaust took place in Auschwitz. Look at the numbers again. Does that look like 1/5 of a Holocaust to you?

Mass Graves where? No one's allowed to investigate them.

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>doesn't know that many archeological digs have come up with absolutely nothing when the searched for these 'mass graves'

I'm curious really (and I don't mean for this to sound sarcastic in any way), but where do you think all the people went? I mean, there's many people who had jewish neighbors, friends, etc. that "disappeared"/were taken prisoner. What do you think happened to them?

Actually, based on those number, it it were 1/5, 24 million Jews dies as a result of the Holocaust.

it's fake so you can't

Auschwitz alone had:
>five crematoria
>with 143 ovens
>with a capacity of 4756 corpses a day (conservatively)
>which is ~200/hr
>and ~3 per minute
>corpses were not cremated one at a time
>one account at Dachau claimed 7-9 bodies could be cremated in 2 hours
>if all the bodies were introduced simultaneously
>but cremation was not the only means of body disposal
>mass graves and open fires were also utilized
>sometimes on-site, but mostly off-site
>by the end, auschwitz alone could kill 2-3000 people per hour

We're talking about Germans, here. They were motivated and efficient. This isn't only possible, it's likely.

You ask 30 people who lived in a particular neighborhood, "do you personally know of any jews from your neighborhood that just disappeared" They all say the guy who owned the jewelry store on the corner disappeared so 30 people from the neighborhood personally know of a jew disappearing. This is equated with 30 jews disappearing. A very large percentage of the "missing" jews immigrated to the US and other countries in the 1930s.

>official and unofficial estimates
You know, user, many Jews were reluctant to identify themselves back in 1933. For obvious reasons. There are two reasons why we could identify more Jews in 1948:
>many immigrated to the US and Russia between 1933 and 1948, as refugees
>so we have records showing certain increases in Jewish population in these countries
>Israel was founded with over a million Jews
>most of these immigrants went from undocumented as Jews to clearly documented as Jews

>>We're talking about Germans, here. They were motivated and efficient

How can you believe this and still believe in dedicated "death camps" Which if you believe what has been told about them are almost the opposite of efficiency

They wanted to kill and humiliate these people and doing this at the same time, they have used their workforce. Somehow more efficient than just kill them at the right beginning.

sure some might have been killed but 6 mil is very unlikely.

why would anybody make up the numbers?

Apart from the fact that a ) No one ever claimed Auschwitz alone killed 4m people b ) that post confuses crematoria & oven...

...there are a ton of other things wrong with this. So much of the murder was done in mass massacres by things like the Ordnung Police (reserve police battalions), the Einsatzgruppen, and the local auxiliaries. That's the first thing - 6 million does not refer to deaths in the camps alone but throughout the 1939-45 period, including deaths in ghettos, in operations by these behind-the-line units, in things like Operation Autumn Harvest. (and if people try and dispute that - how can you kill millions just with bullets and knives - remember that 800,000 were killed in basically a summer in Rwanda in 1994 in that manner).

Also, so much of the burning was done in mass open graves etc.

This obsession with the 'mathematics' of the concentration camp is dumb as shit in places like here and Sup Forums, but as always, the average 4chaner wants to get info from memes and screenshots rather than opening a fucking book.

This place didn't use to be like that.



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Books written by shlomo shekelberg?

Which is it?
They’re not allowed to investigate them or they dug up exactly where they thought they were and found nothing.
So many plot holes.

Believe it or not, not every fucking book was written by shlomo or whatever you want to name it.

Plus I will take a book written by someone who has done some research over some unsourced image put together by an edgy teen in West Virginia.

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>opposite of efficiency
They diverted a portion of their prisoners to labor, if they were strong enough to warrant it. Women, children, the elderly, and the unfit went to the camps to either be killed, starve, or die of disease. In a country at war, with scarce supplies, you don't waste them on prisoners. And if your administration is founded with Jews as a scapegoat, you aren't exactly going to treat them as humans.

In the early war, they did not have the death camp system set up. They mostly organized ghettos and let them die and dispose of themselves. But atrocities happened, and the hate of Jews was real. By mid war, the Germans knew they were on the losing side. So they went full-on death camp. The extermination of the Jews was their main focus. They believed this was a good goal in and of itself, but they also had to cover up the atrocities they already committed.

In a conventional war, with conventional goals, you are right: death camps are not an efficient means of winning. But if your main motivation is, or becomes, the extermination of a race, then death camps like the ones the Germans set up are extremely efficient. And there is no doubt that the Germans meant to eliminate the Jews; here's one of Hitler's last quotes, as recorded by his secretary on April 2, 1945: "National Socialism will earn eternal gratitude for exterminating the Jews in Germany and Central Europe." And in a way, they were right. Just look at Sup Forums.

What do you mean, i used wikipedia.
Look at most of the sources, they're jewish.
Not saying that they're bullshitting and pushing their agenda...

It's a 6 hour documentary, simply questioning the authenticity of the claims, and everyone's panties are in a twist.

They have to make laws for people who question their bullshit. Laws that put people behind bars, for simply questioning the bullshit. Says a lot!

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>But atrocities happened

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Your sources for what? All the books on the Holocaust are cited in Wikipedia? Huh?

God, a look even at Wikipedia would make the original image immediately obviously wrong. The image apparently makes it seem everyone was basically killed in Auschwitz, and bases its maths on that. Even a cursory look at Wiki will show that around 3 million were killed in ALL camps. The rest - through mass killings, starvations, the ghettos whatever.

Look up historians like Christopher Browning. Not everything you read on Sup Forums is true, for fuck's sake.

>The extermination of the Jews was their main focus
Because it's more important to kill homeless po people, than opposing SOLDIERS.

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>By mid war, the Germans knew they were on the losing side.
Germans weren't orchestrating holokek, Hitler was. And he was convinced he was winning until the last 5 mins of war.

Do you even know how to lookup information on wikipedia?

>And in a way, they were right. Just look at...

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What the fuck are you even talking about? Really? Seeing my whole argument is not to cite Sup Forums memes or that Wiki is not the end all and be all.

I said go read some books. BOOKS. Fuck. You lot all think are intellectuals but if it ain't in jpg format, you can't comprehend it.

>But atrocities happened
>they were well documented
>by Poles, Americans, Brits, French, Russians
>and fucking Germans
>in the Nazi regime
>no one seems to disagree with the first hand accounts
>audio recordings
>and German reports
>other than a few conspiracy theorists
>who mostly frequent such credible places as Sup Forums
>in between debates on flat earth theories

>he was convinced he was winning until the last 5 mins of war.
> Right before he asked someone to off him

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We wouldn't have cute traps if Hitler won and we'd have to fuck roasties instead of tight, pink boipussies.

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I've watched plenty of documentaries, read articles and looked up statistics.
This was a thing even before the "Sup Forums meme".
You'd swallow anything without actually processing what you've read and using your brain.

fuck off faggot

You first, incel.

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In what exact ways have I swollen things? Tell me.

What I am saying is that images like the OP's are the ones that have swallowed everything, because they completely distort and ignore everything else that is going on in 1939-45, and try and reduce things to 'logical mathematics'; as if nothing was happening outside Auschwitz, Treblinka etc. As if we don't have evidence from a hundred other places and participants.

Tell me? What have you read? What documentaries have you watched? Have you read Burleigh, Browning, Kershaw, Evans? Where have you found your statistics? Have you been to an archive?

Because believe it or not, some of us have.

>B-B-But atrocities happened
>they were well d-d-documented

>by Poles, Americans, Brits, French, Russians
>and f-f-fucking G-g-germans,
>in the N-N-Nazi regime
>no one seems to d-d-disagree with the first hand accounts
>audio recordings
>and German reports

It's about time to stop with the bullshit.

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>Adolf Hitler and the Wehrmacht High Command (HQ) knew that WW2 was militarily over by mid-1943. Once the results of both the Battle of Stalingrad & Battle of Kursk were in.
>According to German fighter ace Erich Hartmann , Hitler told him in August of 1944 that the war was militarily lost

Here, have some Hitler quotes. You'll understand his mindset and why he did not surrender. And why he felt justified in doing what he did.

"If you win, you need not have to explain...If you lose, you should not be there to explain!"
"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."
"Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat."
"The victor will never be asked if the told the truth."

Hitler was not stupid. He knew, fairly early on, that he was fighting an uphill battle. On two fronts. But surrender was not an option, and the extermination of the Jews was his legacy.

Go back to Sup Forums, you're too salty for Sup Forums

Sure are alot of Jews ITT

You guys are really rustling my shekels here, 6 mil jews died. Period.

Ehhhh that's a pretty big number user

Every story has two sides. How come when it comes to Hitler, we only get one? Because, there are LAWS, INTERNATIONAL LAWS, that prohibit anyone talking about the other side of the story. Since this a post WWII world we are living in, and THIS HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS of this war. But that does not make it FACT, it remains FICTION, atleast until the other side of the story is revealed.

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So many actual fights to fight, and you guys have decided on the Holohoax one. Which is one of the dumbest things to pick and fight on. But I guess it always feels nice to feel you have access to special, forbidden knowledge to offset the NEET-ness of life, by claiming 'give me access to the documents!!!!' as if any of you would know what to do with or how to read or authenticate a statistical table or almanac or order or report from 1940s Germany.

Funny guys.


Someone's granddad went into an oven

Typical. When you start to being questioned on real facts, tell them to go to the Gulag, or in this Sup Forums.

Go fuck yourself, you lying piece of shit

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Ah yes, Dennis Wise, the man who said 'without the internet I wouldn't have been able to make that documentary'. For people who want to scream 'why haven't *I* seen the first hand evidence and documents', you sure are ready to believe some guy on the internet who has never seen the documents himself either.

They didn’t kill them one by one, that math is retarded.

The concentration camp workers admitted what they had done (just following orders). You are retarded.


My grandad actually fought on the oven-makers' side, but it's ok, on Sup Forums everyone's either a Jew or a Bitcoin millionaire, so whatever.

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Nah, you sound like a jew

Cool, thanks for the insight, internet sleuth.

Don't engage with what's been said, but resort to the name calling. And then go shout about how the PC SJW horde labels everyone 'racist' to shut down debate.

You ain't much better, mate.

You aren't allowed to question the Jesus Killers. Even though the math doesn't work, or that Jews believe Jesus is burning in boiling shit in hell, or that Jews may marry a girl 3 years old AND ONE DAY, or that stealing from Gentiles or killing them is Acceptable, or Gentile women are born filthy as wild animals. TO START

>Make me believe
Jesus Christ, some people are fucking stupid... as if gas was the only way the executions were performed.

How is it NOT conceivable that at least 6 million bit it? Mass purges are fucking easy if you have the means; just ask Stalin or Mao.

Get a life, you nitwits. Better yet, go to a fucking library.

Calls em like I sees em

>When you start to being questioned on real facts
Do you actually think this is legitimately posing any real questions?

>ready to believe some guy on the internet who has never seen the documents himself either



Why? Hmm, why indeed?

Simply, questioning the reality/authenticity has all of you sweating like you are sitting in the oven. Simply asking, if there could be another side to that story, has you dying of nerve gas.

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Then maybe get your eyes checked. It is telling though that you haven't engaged with anything else apart from name calling.

6 mil jews don't rustle my shekels

Do you want me to point you to a few places where you can go and see the documents first hand?

I can point you to things if you can read any of the following - German, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian. Just for a start. I will even tell you the call numbers of boxes and files to check.

If you can first prove to me you can even authenticate a document, because apparently the only things you guys can authenticate as real are internet documentaries made by people who have never been to an archive in Europe.

Which, surprisingly to people like you guys who are allergic to actual research, are open to anyone.

How dare I come to Sup Forums, this great coliseum of debate and sense, and call a jew out for being a jew

How dare I question something posted in Jpeg format! How dare I not participate in the anti-intellectual circlejerk of teenage failure!

I mean....I assumed it was part of your agenda

Assume away, still doesn't mean you have engaged with anything that's been said.

>If you can first prove to me you can even authenticate a document

Yes, you here are the certification authority as well, only if you say, I am certified, will I be allowed to view the Authentic Documents.

Stop, now! Your nose is already tearing through the screen.

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Can you even read German? Can you do anything that will ever even allow you to decide for yourself?

You are the guys who are constantly shouting 'show me the evidence!' and when it has been presented again and again, you shout 'no, I need to see it for myself!' but you wouldn't know the first thing to do with one if it was shoved in your face, because you chose to learn 5 words of Japanese due to your hentai obsession rather than learn something useful.

But at the same time refuse to believe anything that has been presented to you by people who HAVE seen the documents, who CAN read German etc.

My nose is kind of svelte, but your absolutely apathetic desire to be fed what you want to hear is definitely bursting through your drool-drenched onesie.


Well there was that part where I said you were a jew.

This guy is a certified cock smoker that's for sure.

Cool. It's nice that you have one talking point. Which, leaving aside that it is wrong in this case, really makes your argument solid and sound and unassailable.

Damn right it does. It's about time you left the cabal and saw the light. I'm proud of you user, even if you are contributing to the downfall of society.

“Official Jewish Story is that 4 million were killed in auschwitz alone.”

This is an outright lie and fabrication. Not a single reliable source makes this claim.

According to most history textbooks and the holocaust foundation in Israel, at least *half* of that 6 million were shot and left for dead in Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, Ukraine, and parts of Poland. In fact, the majority of the 6 million were simply shot and left there, or thrown into mass graves.

The “gas and burn” population was a relative small minority.

I am now Jewish and gay? I thought you guys loved Milo!

It would be nice if you also left your basement and saw the daylight, but hey, we can't all be winners!

they didn't even have time to fight everyone was just shooting at jews.

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I think the better question is, why does anybody give a shit if the holocaust actually happened or not?

You keep proving that every day, bud. And my basement is cozier than the synagogue you habitate in, so youre on youre own there. I for one don't condone sucking babies off, but I guess that's the difference between us, what with you being a jew.

>who have never been to an archive in Europe
But when they ask to visit Auschwitz, we will deny them entry, coz they aren't CERTIFIED! At least not by you, the supreme keeper of all Nazi Documens and facts! Pic related.

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Literally every single man hated their guts and couldn't wait to kill one.

Wait....this has changed?

Dude, you can just take a class and go. You can do it even as a private citizen. The Bundesarchiv is not in Auschwitz.

You are a funny guy, I will give you that. Shame it won't really result in debate, because it seems we have kind of reached your ceiling. Godspeed, user.

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No wonder they lost the war, phew 6 mil jews. According to some cock smoker here 4 mil actively being killed during prime war time. Phew.

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I try user, I try.

>what are 21 Police Battalions behind enemy lines
>what are Einsatzgruppen
>what are Croat, Romanian etc. operations separate from war
>what is Rwandan genocide where freakin' Africans manage to kill nearly a million in 3 months with sticks and machettes
>what is my comfort zone
>what is reading

nice try jew

>what is argument mode when I have nothing to fight back with

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