Reminder that corporations lose billions of dollars whenever there is even the smallest change in legislature regarding...

Reminder that corporations lose billions of dollars whenever there is even the smallest change in legislature regarding emissions or pollution.

There's 10 anti-environmentalism shill threads up at all times on Sup Forums because it's in the best interest of corporations to do so. They're paying a few people to spam this shit all day and ruin our board because they want to implant ideas in you.

The idea is this is more offensive than anything that gets posted on Sup Forums.

Fuck the shills, fuck the Sup Forumsincels, and fuck the anti-environmental spammers.

Sage the threads, spam them with trash, down with the corporate shills.

Think for yourself:

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>reminder that ClImATe ChAnGe is literally made to cripple the west's profit margins while the east gives 2 shits about it
>inb4 DeVeLoPiNg CoUnTRieS
india has a space program and china is a super power and you're a literal brain dead chicomm shill and some how that's better to you than shilling for your own country

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Reminder that OP is a faggot


>There's 10 anti-environmentalism shill threads up at all times on Sup Forums because it's in the best interest of corporations to do so.

>corporations on Sup Forums


Nice "conspiracy" user. Tell us more about opinions fed to you by Fox News.

>NiCe CoNSpIrAcY
>while spewing conspiracy against MuH cORpORaTIoNs
are you even trying or were you born retarded? it is literally in the facts. look at the list or find the actual list yourself you literal mindless shill. the west is no where near top 50 yet they are the only ones trying to be guilted into it. you're brainless.

Can someone put a bullett in this puppets head already ffs.

>corporate shills
>on fucking Sup Forums

ok faggot

>it is literally the facts
>source: my ass
>ur reterdad
Sup Forumsretards everyone

>we are at the beginning of a mass extinction
I fail to see how that is not a solution to the problem that is proposed. Can anybody explain?

as if talking to a bunch of coombrains for hours on an internet forum would make any difference either way

good i want all corporations to crumble

>wagecuck detected

Just a friendly reminder that This girl is Abused daily, She has Aspergers, and is funded By George Soros, and is Anti Trump, Anti America, anti West and Pro Antifa!
She does not represent white people no more than Hitler did when the Nazis paraded young girls around just like this to get you to be brainwashed!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit reminder to fucking kill yourself you retarded tranny shill


triggered much?

michael burry has aspbergers, and everybody thought he was crazy when he predicted the 2008 crash. Aspberger's is useful for this purpose, you can process information dispassionately. Unlike you and your fucking exclamation points.

This girl knows what's up. You've been lied to your whole life, and I understand the reality is hard to take. But it's your right to keep your head in the sand like an ostrich.

how much do they pay you to make this thread everyday?

>this girl is the only one who knows what's up
>knowing what's up is a recent occurence
God damn people this day and age are retarded.
Please bring back isis.

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>india has a space program
Using that phrase loosely
>china is a super power
In what sense? Communist "slave" labor and over population?

Try harder user....

No, I will not eat bugs.

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Imagine thinking white nationalists listen to (((Fox))) or (((TPUSA))). Guess how I know you're from R3ddit.

Okay, where are the Chinese and Indians clamoring to cuck their own energy industry? They promote it for white liberal cucks, not themselves.

>This girl knows what's up.

She's literally just an emotional figurehead for a Swedish NGO. At least be honest about who's pulling the strings.

>Be greta
>Go on shitty yacht from Sweden to U.S.A to not use fossil fuel
>Reporters from Germany and Australia all take private jets home after trip
>In Gretas head "I did good"

Those fuckers now gave her another price. No matter if they praise or hate her, they all avoid action. Its ridicolus

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The sad little girl routine isn't working for you guys. Maybe try an 8 year old with Down syndrome to tell us why white people need to stop being rich.

this, even if all EU and north american countries were to stop all emissions, China and India could solo fuck the earth.

Welcome to Humanity. This is how we roll.
We throw tantrums, act wise while not acting at all unless we make cash that we can spend on lessening the impact of the pain of our insatiable desires.

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questioning infinite growth in a finite reasourcebase doesnt mean that she wants everyone to be poor you dip.

one Problem is the amount of human Need.
no one will Change a economy that produces billions of Moneys a day just because some poor fags care About the weather

B-but murica bad, greta iz smert u incel

everything is regulated but Money. Money is the Energy that moves humans. if u dont have Money to spend than Nothing changes.

Finally a reasonable statement.
Blaming producers even though the consumers would riot if said producers would not step up.
Anyone of those climate cucks posting in here need to get the fuck out because you have already lost by merely being present.

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First you control cartoon image board.
Then you control the world.

Story checks out.

I agree China's growth needs to stop. We should all stop importing goods from them and put tarrifs on them like Trump is doing.

what du u guys gues. how many billionares are out there protesting like that Little Girl?

Wish George Soros would abuse me by giving me money to state my political opinions which happen to be correct.

what if China turns out to be the next herrenrasse to expand through out the world. i mean their economy will be the next to make great again. the difference is they get their shit done. at least they put everyone in Cages who dont behave well

>Reporters from Germany and Australia all take private jets home after trip

What world do you live in that reporters use private jets? Certainly not the ones from Germany I know.

the fact that we are bullshitting the Internet About all of this is not a proof of common sense among us but simply one of unused capacitys through out the potential of ai trolling us down.