It's yours white boy~<3

>It's yours white boy~

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A .45 to her head and one to her belly, just in case.

I would demand a paternity test because I would never fuck a monkey



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Of course I will take care of it, and you, princess.

lol you know you are a virgin and will always be one

that sounds mega-cucked

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*tips fedora


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Most black guys dont even want black chicks.

Most I know have latina or white wives, only one I knew actually maried to a black girl was miserable. Ive had tens of black guys tell me theyd never get with a black chick lmao.

(I worked in a factory for years with a high turn over rate. I swear I bulshitted with every black dude within 20 miles of that place)

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There's a decent and growing chunk that only date out sure but the majority of black american males only date within their race

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id cry

>caring what male niggers think
blacks have the highest birthrates so obviously black men like fucking black women

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I can't remember having sex with you lady. But now that thing is growing in your belly, I probably have to fuck you inside your ass. So let's Fuck bitch

Nice udders

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No these are udders

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Want another one?

I'd cheat on my white wife for those tits

Would you divorce her to get them?

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tbh no white women are too good but it'd be hard to tell her no

Bad choice user

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lmao imagine having a child that looks nothing like you.


if it's a boy i tell her to abort it. otherwise i'd be fine being a father.

Sounds like someone a cuck would say

I know it ain't mine. Black women don't like my bearded face. I would tell her to go back to the last trailer she hooked at.

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hey hun you wanna breed me before our guests arrive or while they are here?

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>why'd you waste money on condoms dumbass?

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>cant wait till the hoes in my building hear i got breed by a whitboy!

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People like you make the world more of a shit place than it already is. Is something happened to you, no one would miss you.

Did I get drunk and fuck my slaves again?

>whenever i forget to pull out she does this for a while. she still hasen't told me why

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I'd give those udders some mixed babies to feed

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>malik is gonna kill me user, we havent fucked since he got locked up he's not an idiot- he knows weve gotten close

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>i told you i was gonna get some of that white dick the first time i saw you get on my bus

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keep the lights on user

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I love that pic, something about big black girls drives me crazy. That pic is my fantasy tho, black bbw sucks me dry and then spreads her legs to lemme knock her up.

I'd stuff her cunt like a turkey before she could finish the question user.

she didnt even have time to put her bra on!

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At this point there are few black women I wouldn't impregnate user. These two in particular though, I especially want to mount. I wouldn't cease until both of their pussies looked like overflowing twinkies.

I wouldn't want her to contain those beauties

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I want to taste her as she sits on my face

Big black women are made for sex. I'd love to knock one up

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Chocolate milkies , god, my cocktail wouldn't ever go flaccid around this woman.

literally no one cares about monkeys nor your monkey business here.

Meet Tinesha, (yes she's the reason i left Amy) make sense now?

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I would never fuck a nigger

They're made for heavy duty fun

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haha people who dont care about a topic go out of their way all the time to respond.... suuuuuuuure

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>"Cool. We still gonna fuck?"

damn i bet she would beat my white ass if i ever pulled out

The chocolate bounty versus the ivory pestilence

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this nigger is samefagging so hard.

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That's the hottest thing I've heard all month user

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I read that with the squeaky 15 year old voice of a ginger virgin.

Femininity idealized

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Pretty much this

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i like that
>white pestilence

honestly i cant wait until we rid ourselves of burden that is white women. we should have jettisoned them the minute the African continent was discovered

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You already fucked your sister, though.


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who would fuck her?

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Turn to the women that hungrily want your seed, hence why yellow fever and jungle fever are best.

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confirmation bias
statistically most people marry their own race

Stop THIS. This is GENOCIDE! Black women do not belong to WHITES! White WOMEN belong to black MEN!

>It's yours white boy
I know, I paid for it. Just as I paid to the farm next door, for his nigger mate with you, and thus generate more BBS, big black slaves

you just know she was leaking down her thigh


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Like a rabbit in heat, I'd clamp onto those monster milk bags and pound her cunt raw until I couldn't cream her any further. That big body demands a big helping of fresh spunk.

fuck um they can have them all as far as im concerned

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Miss me with that white baby, I am Mexican as fuck! See ya!

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yeah the reality of mixed race relationships is not what the jew porn shows you

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I'd love to impregnate that milf. How old?

perfect body dont stop.

>my ass broke my pants again

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If you took more than 5 seconds off from the blacked tab you have open, you'd realize white men are the most sought after on the dating and marriage scenes. Less than two percent of white women date outside their race. Regardless, I got a bad case of both yellow fever and jungle fever, so I'm out for both as opposed to white women.

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Looks like AOC