This is my wife with my close friend... AMA

This is my wife with my close friend... AMA

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She likes that he’s so much longer and thicker than me

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Are you too lazy to make her cum, or do you want your buddy to fuck you too?

I just like watching her stretched and he loves the feeling and power of making her his slut

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He’s not the only buddy to get this opportunity

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There’s also this coworker of hers

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this is her most recent bull. Dude is hung. He’s Italian and she gets wet just talking to him. He also fucking manhandles her. Face fucking, rough sex, fingers in her ass (when his dick isn’t there), cock slapping. You name it.

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Sure buddy

To which part?

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Is that you in front of her?

>This is my wife with my close friend

Now corrected.

This is my ex-wife with her new husband


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Anybody who fuck the shit out of my girl older guys prefered kik lakerda707

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It is. This is me too.

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Would love to dwarf your cock and plead your lady

Not all guys have to wear them

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These are all stolen photos from ‘notanormalcpl’ on reddit. Dude’s just larping

Or... it’s us and I’m bored and that’s why I’m sharing

Except you've been putting the same thread up for more than six hours now. And you ran the same thread yesterday. And your details have been contradictory.

Fuck off w this garbage

Just the ones with aids

Been a boring day and a half haha

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Nah she just uses him for dick

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Or close friends

What city u in

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How's it like to not be a virgin