Hey Sup Forums what is a good free VPN

Hey Sup Forums what is a good free VPN

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Pick two. Then ask yourself "What do I need a VPN for? If it was really necessary could I not just host my own?"

Like I'd help an incel discuss his plans to shoot up the opening night of Jokerâ„¢ on the dark web.

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For the dark web

It's cos I wanna go on the dark web

I've been using BolehVPN for almost 6 years. I use it to get around MLB blackouts and I haven't been raided yet.

Oh, so you're a fucking faggot who is trying to PAY someone for "access to the dark web."
NordVPN you fucking child.


I said free you fucking moron

You're too stupid. Just pay someone who knows what they are doing so you can browse your LOL DEEP WEB content, junkie.

>you're too stupid
>coming from the retard who emphasized he thought op wanted to PAY when he very specifically said free
>better damage control
y-you're too stupid user

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Then just host your own fucking VPN, retard. I already told you a Good VPN isn't free, and a Free VPN isn't good. Unless you're too fucking stupid, which I already said, also.

>implying i'm op
i even specifically said
>op wanted
how literally retarded are you dude
>staying in a thread just to fail at mocking who ever responds to his retardation
just kill yourself and end your obvious pain.

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No such thing as a good free VPN

Stop trying, you lost. Go back to r/brainlettechnologyquestions. You can't farm gold here or upvote. You're a brainlet retard who wants to buy drugs online but you are simply too fucking stupid to do it so you went to Sup Forums asking for advice.
I now recommend you just kill yourself, nigger.

How do host my own then?

>y-y-you lost user
pathetic faggot. keep crying like the retarded bitch you are.

Sounds like question for or Google.

Look who still doesn't have a VPN lole. You crying bro?


Yo this is so funny I'm op and your just yelling at some dude your such a fucking idiot

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What's wrong with a proxy?

I set up my browser to run through a proxy server in my browsers proxy settings. You can access virtually any site you want even the ones on the deepweb by typing ".to" at the end.

Been doing this for 2 months, not vanned. You are protected because your IP is hidden behind somebody else's so there is no way they can find you.

Just type in hide my ass proxies on google and you can find them.