Cuck thread

Cuck thread

Post kicks and share green text stories of your first time getting cucked by your girl

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Looking for people to do vid tribs to my girl as I share her lots of pics and vids a cum trib vid would get her whole set

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Kik johndough987 if you're interested in tribbing her for nudes

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Post wins!

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unsee cc/a1c873bc/


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Whose cock?

Drop your kik if you’re down to cuck me



thats one big pig lol

what do you think implies about your sexuality when you use your girlfriend's pictures as a ransom to see dick and cum

I want to be forced to stroke my little dick and serve cocks as a slave as my gf gets taken away from me

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Matthew.j87 little dicked cuck


My boss's


Wwyd to my 20yo gf?
>Haven't shared her yet but really want to

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her face is cute af

unsee cc/bebec65c/

She's mixed

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more cute without make up imo

He kept hitting on her after everybody was drunk at a work function

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Cucks send me your girls to my kik
25yo bull

She's just cute

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unsee cc/67e83dc8/

Anyone like the wife ?

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>unsee cc/67e83dc8/
very much, would cover her face with cum...

More want to spitroast her!

More of her?

unsee cc/81eefc9f/


Cucks, send me pics/vids of your sluts!

Kik: anonguy2230

More please


I'll give a greentext.

>be me, probably around 22 at the time
>left home at 18, came back when I was 21
>meet up with one of my highschool gfs
>start fucking on the regular
>eventually I ask her if she'd be interested in dating me
>she says she's not really looking for a relationship but she still wants to be fuckbuddies
>months go by of us fucking
>long story short she convinces me to have sex with her and one of her ex boyfriends cuz she always wanted two cocks
>agree to it, was into gangbang and DP porn so maybe I'll give it a shot
>weeks later she gets it set up
>we meet up at her apartment
>me and the guy are kind of awkwardly standing there
>finally get comfortable somewhat and she gets naked and masturbates in the middle of the floor
>tells us to take our cocks out
>take mine out and she leans up and starts sucking it
>other guy drops his pants
>dude is noticeably bigger than me
>I mean fucking big
>she kind of pretends to not notice but it becomes evident as "we're" fucking her
>it basically just becomes a marathon of him fucking her and her sucking my cock when she's not completely preoccupied with him
>eventually just kind of give up and watch and jerk myself off
>she's getting railed and looks over to me and says "that's so fucking hot" and I ask her what
>"you, watching me take this cock and jacking off to it...You like watching me get fucked baby?"
>pretty much go diamonds. confusedboner.jpeg
>tell her yes
>"go ahead watch me baby... just fucking cum on me when you want to."
>watch him fuck her for a bit longer
>she's moaning and yelling like she never did before when I was with her
>have to coom, drop load on her tits
>other guy keeps fucking her and she pretty much just starts screaming at him "CUM FOR ME TOO BABY" over and over
>minutes go by of her just gasping for breath as he fucks her even harder
>he pulls out and shoots a load on her stomach

that was pretty much it for the first time, can continue if anyone wants

unsee cc/eabfbef3/

I dated this girl who had a super slutty past. I thought it was kind of hot but had no interest in her staying slutty I thought it was all behind me.

Eventually she starts joking about wanting to fuck one of my friends.

One night we are all hanging out. She whispers to me "you are going to watch me fuck your friend"

I did not think she was serious at all until she walked over to him and pulled his dick out.

At first watching her suck his dick made me a mixture of nauseous and turned on. When she swallowed his load I lost all nauseous feelings and was straight turned on.

She did a strip tease to get him hard again and then she pushed him back and rode him.

There was something so fucking hot with seeing her take charge of another man like that.

The minute he left we fucked and I came harder then I ever came before

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Damn hot she needs to suck my dick

KIK - johnwhistle

Let's talk about your other half

Full body stuff?

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With her favorite bbc

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Kik johndough987 if you want to trib her for more

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Would fuck

More of her ass, stroking



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Pick her up and shove her little pussy down on my cock.

She's tight

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Keep going.

What's she like? Personality wise

Think she'd gasp or moan as I stretch her out?

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Anime, Linkin Park, weeb, needy art type

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Why aren't guys more into cuckquean shit? It seems to be a completely underrepresented fetish and I can't even find much porn about it.

Both, she's like a virgin every time

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That jaw... Argh!

Tight slut struggling to take my thick cock, her body shaking as she gets impaled.

anything with her getting fucked

Super into her. Any chance you got kik to keep sharing

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No, but I'll be here a while

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More pics like that one?

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Kik kingkenia
Wannabe cuck open for bulls and real men to take a look at my gf and maybe tell me what youd do. If interested also my ex and humiliate me bc she dumped me for another guy.

Any with cum on her?

used to get cucked by this

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I have cum dripping out

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Have you ever let somebody fuck her?

Not yet, no one has been serious

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she likes the cuck stuff?